I Cried a River
By S333 and Vince
Mar 26, 2010 - 7:50:56 AM


S333 - I Cried a River

Hello Dear Ones,

What has been done to you? Do you know? Do you care?

It is with the deepest sadness that I watch over your lives on Earth and visualize what it would have been like if the Dark Ones had not hijacked your reality. It's no use crying over spilled milk, but nevertheless, over the centuries, I have cried rivers over you.

Your societies are futile and pointless, for they have strayed very, very far from the path, which it was intended for you to follow. Let us take your modern musical ‘entertainment' for example. The great majority of songs covered by the Popular Music genre are written and performed by people under the influence of narcotics and/ or alcohol, many of whom have addictions to various sexual practises, and a desperate hunger for money, fame and power. That isn't a healthy scenario, and is all part of a sophisticated mind control program dedicated to keeping you from finding out the truth that you are people in a Virtual Prison.

Money is the god which is worshipped; and fake money at that. Most of the gold which once was used as currency, and then to back up, paper notes and coinage made from metals of a much lower value, has been stolen by the Dark Ones. Most of your major government systems are in debt to the bankers, who still get substantial percentages of your earnings just to service these debt mountains. But, that's what happens in a world run by crooks.

I see good people sagging under the weight of this debt which is imposed upon them, and I mean the good and ordinary peoples of Earth, the very ones the Dark Elite want to get rid of. They want to have a vast cull of people, so that they can regulate the number of people who are allowed to remain under their vile rule on your planet. That is not within their remit, and so what they are up to in gradually bringing this about, contravenes Divine Law.

There is in existence a Warrant granted under a Divine Decree which permits the removal of the Dark Elite from their positions of power, to be taken from your planet, and Earth to be reinstated to the pristine condition it should be. Execution of this warrant is imminent and ongoing, so there will soon be some major events involving the natural world, and which will cause much surprise amongst your population. By these events in concert, you will know that your Father God's warrant is being enacted, and that times are changing for you.

You cannot move a greenhouse without breaking a pane or two of glass; and if we say that Earth represents a very large greenhouse, then inevitably more than just a couple of panes of glass are likely to become broken, and there may be an element of ‘shock and awe' about the coming times, but that is unavoidable.

I know that what is about to happen is for the ultimate benefit of the whole of mankind, and not just for the greedy and corrupt few; for we have shed enough tears for you and now is the time for action.

And so it is.....................


This is a message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and transcribed by Vince.




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