Feel the Difference
By S333 thru Vince
Apr 8, 2010 - 9:06:25 AM

S333 - Feel the Difference

Hello Dear Ones,

Can you not feel the difference?

By that I mean things are changed in your reality. Whereas before your Christmas 2009, the Dark Ones had as tight a grip on things as ever, but now that grip has loosened significantly. They are still around, but they no longer have complete control as they once did, because the Light energy has now become so much stronger than it once was.

In every nook and cranny of your world, the light is shining and this is because of you, Dear Ones. It was as if you had been asleep for thousands of years, but now you are gradually waking up to a changing reality. Not only that, but many of the Dark foot soldiers and officers have quietly decided that just as soon as the time permits; they are changing sides from dark to light.

As a result of so many people who are considering their position and those who have already done so; the once tightly configured Forces of Darkness are now a collection of loosely connected islands of dark energy in an Ocean of Light. They still go through the motions, but for so many people caught up in that sordid business, the party's over.

But, now is not the time for those of the Light to relax and take time out, for the conflict isn't over yet; nor will it be until every vestige of Darkness is totally swept away from your planet. Yes, it is true that once we are all in Stasis, Earth is to go through a cleansing period to achieve this, but if every light minded person were to vanquish the forces of evil, then by the time Stasis is declared you would be far more forward than you are at present.

There are so many things which help drive this process forward, so let us mention a few; as you may be able to help drive the Light further into the areas of darkness which remain:

Try to smile and be happy, and have a kind word for other folks.

If you know someone who is of the Dark, send them your thoughts of love. They may have harmed you, or stolen from you, but the only way to prevent them doing the same again, is to send them love and light for they don't have enough in their lives to offset the fear and darkness.

Please remember to give things; a gift of your time and love to another is a wonderful thing and brings about kindness and love, even in the darkest of hearts.

When you finish your day, and have your review of events, why not concentrate on those areas where a little bit of positive thought could make all the difference to the amount of love and light therein. This is positive thought projection, which some people call prayers; and however small the amount of positive thought you can give, it is never wasted, even if you never see the results at the surface level.

Perhaps you'd like to have a day when you don't eat parts of dead animals? That's a real dark area in the way animals are treated, and just one day every now and then would bring some very welcome relief in this area, and contribute to the light energies of your planet.

Everybody has negative aspects of their lives, however large or small these are; so if you try and find some of these, identify what they are and how best they can be turned positive, and then you will have taken a major step forward.

Read between the lines. By that I mean don't automatically believe what information is given to you on TV, radio and in the newspapers. The Dark Operatives hoodwink you all the time with disinformation and downright black lies. What are they really saying and why do they want to obscure the truth? Most news is liberally sprinkled with lies and disinformation, and it's just waiting for you to come along and find out the real truth; and when you discover it, there comes a real sense of achievement.

I could go on forever with lists of how to increase the proportion of light, but then I'd be doing your work for you. That's how the Dark Elite got powerful in the first place, by pushing on doors to see if they would open; and if they did, was the space inside defended? When they found it wasn't they grabbed it for themselves. Over a very long time people just looked the other way, which allowed the Dark Ones to add to their resources year on year. They weren't more powerful than you; just better organized.

But over the decades and centuries, they gradually took control of one thing after another, until they owned most of what was worth owning, and then they were real powerful. You have to take control of your lives in the best way possible for you at any given time. If you don't take care of your own business, someone else will.

Join with us of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and let's bring the maximum positivity and light to every corner of your planet. By so doing, we can banish the Darkness forever, and then all of your lives will be truly wonderful compared with how they are now.

Will you not join with us, and walk upon the road of light to victory?

And so it is............................


This is a message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and transcribed by Vince.




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