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Telepathic Messages : Vince Last Updated: Jan 19, 2022 - 5:26:20 PM

Decision Time - Light or Dark
By S333 thru Vince
Mar 7, 2010 - 11:28:31 AM

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S333 - Decision Time - Light or Dark


Hello Dear Ones,


The time is fast approaching when everyone on Earth will have a choice to make, and that is; are you of the Light, or are you of the Dark? The choice is yours, and yours alone; for you must use your freewill to come to a decision, and like many things in your lives there are various features of each pathway to consider.


Let us look at the Dark way first, and consider some of their offerings. They have money to offer you, if you will only do their bidding. It isn't true wealth, just paper fiat money which they control, and it will buy you a business, a house, a car and a yacht; and all the other trappings of your material world. But it comes with strings attached, which you are never free from. These strings are dirty, crooked and will leave you trapped; because this money comes with a heavy price tag, which is economic and spiritual slavery. From the lowest foot soldier right up to the leaders, they are all tainted by the Darkness. So much so, that they think their way is normal behavior, instead of a gross distortion of Divine Law.


Notice that we do not pick out and refer to, texts from your religious books and practices, as many of these contain passages written by men of the Dark to help keep you under their control, and this is intertwined with the parts that are in harmony with Divine Law, so as to make it confusing to know which is true and which is false. Now, this isn't an attack on the religions of your world, just a statement of fact; and you are free to believe whatever you want to, without being criticised for your views.


The way of the Light is very different, and there are no easy money lined pathways to the glory that is Love and Light. It requires you to make sacrifices regarding your material wealth. It requires you to learn many lessons in life, and most of them come the hard way, for there is no better way of learning the truth permanently, and without doubt. The Light way offers peace of mind, harmony, light and love; and many people would currently be hard pushed to recognise its magnitude and beauty.


I do not wish to influence you one way or another, for you must draw your own conclusions from each side's offerings; but I say to you that there are some major changes coming to your planet, and as a result, you will find that the present situation will not continue. It is not in the understanding of most of you, that there are cycles of being, from start to finish in the magnitude of many thousands of years, from the beginning of a civilisation to the time of its maturity. When the end time arrives, there are those who move up through spiritual progression, and those who take the other path.


It is rather like picking tomatoes from a plant, where the ripe ones are harvested, the others are left to ripen, and the bad ones are discarded. In this case it is only the bad ones which are discarded and left to rot, as there will be a proportion of the unripe ones which will eventually become ripe, with yet another portion being rotten.


And so, our harvest of humans; who have reached the required level of spirituality and are ready to shift up, is very close. We do not decide who they are, they do. They decide whether they are of the Light, or of the Dark, and thus it is a very democratic spiritual process. As you are, so you will be.


Those who are ready will join a new civilisation on an upgraded and restored Earth; those who are not at the minimum level required, will go to other inhabitable planets; and the rotten ones who have gone beyond the point where rehabilitation is possible, will be uncreated. Those are the options, and the time is near.


Watch out for major weather upheavals, earthquakes and more; then be aware that what you call ‘normal' life, is ending; and a new reality for each of you is almost at hand. At that point, your choice of whether to be of the Light or of the Dark is of utmost importance, for it determines your next phase in the cycle of evolution.


To those of you who will say this cannot be, I say wait and see. To those of you who ask; how, what, when and why; I say wait and see. To those of you who read this and think the message is fiction, I say wait and see. You won't have long to wait, until events make it quite clear that major changes are afoot.


And so it is.............................


This is a message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and transcribed by Vince.




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