Corrupt Channelers & Translators
By S333 thru Vince
Mar 8, 2010 - 7:05:58 AM

S333 - Corrupt Channelers & Translators.

Hello Dear Ones,

When we of the Spiritual Hierarchy write our messages, they are intended for all of humanity in your world to read, and by so doing, each and every one of you has the right to read them, and make up your own mind as to whether you believe it or not. The channelers who work with us to receive and transcribe our messages, do exactly that, and do not add their own content.

That is until the Dark Elite threaten some of them, and get them to insert Dark disinformation among the truth, thus destroying the purity of some of our messages to you. Then there are the translations from the language in which the message was written, to another one; and here again the Dark elite have turned some of the people involved, so that they now write Lies.

These are people who know what the truth is, but have chosen to write lies. They could simply have stopped channelling or translating, but they chose to deliberately mislead you and that is very wicked. Even so, we respect their God-given freewill choice, for that is their right. It is unfortunate that by so doing, they are depriving people on your planet of the chance to read the truth.

We know who these people are, but we do not wish to persuade them to cease their Dark practices, for we respect their right to do whatever they choose, and for whatever reason. We must point out to them though, that by choosing the Dark over the Light, they are going to miss a wonderful opportunity to go forward to a new spiritual and ethical society on an upgraded and cleaned-up Earth, and will have to make do with either another inhabitable 3rd Dimensional planet, or be uncreated, according to just how corrupt and rotten they have become.

But, the path of Love and Light is also merciful, unlike their Dark Controllers, so there is still another option. They have the chance to confess their misdeeds in front of the cameras, and tell how they were bribed by the Dark Ones into betraying their readership, and planting disinformation. For in reality, they have hurt the one person they should really care about; themselves.

They know very well how to contact us, and if they want to be welcomed back into the fold of Light and Love; go forward to new spiritual heights and help build the new human civilisation, then they should choose that path. Otherwise they will spend many more thousands of years in Duality, on a 3rd Dimensional planet, with others who have betrayed and corrupted your present civilisation. The choice is yours my friends, and the window of opportunity for you to repent is small, so don't miss out on your last chance.

We should also point out that it is still possible for people to spot the fake and corrupted messages, for they no longer ring with the truth, and many people can see them for what they are. Remember that you must use discernment to see if a message contains disinformation, and this message is a good place to start.

And so it is.................... 

This is a message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and transcribed by Vince.


Candace: Well,  that we are in 4d and with the new tough energies coming in, it is obvious that some who played on the fence, got off, as that is what 4d is about, and are showing their true colors now.  There have been some "surprises" thus in the venu of channeling. But some of these were showing obvious little hints long ago. The intense pressures of the incoming energies are making them into very angry people in fact, and the deception is now out on the front page.

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