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Telepathic Messages : Vince Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

All the World is a Stage
By S333 thru Vince
Apr 9, 2010 - 9:23:55 AM

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S333 - All the World is a Stage

Hello Dear Ones,

Every single individual is different and so solutions to problems can't just come out of a box on a ‘One Size Fits All' basis. But, I know there are many of you on Earth today who are waking up to the idea that their employer is a Dark Energy organization, and they very much dislike their jobs; some to the point of hatred. Not everyone can just walk away from it and do something else for a number of reasons, but many of you would like to very much.

The structures of your societies are such that if you remove too many people from those organizations, they would just cease to function. It has taken many thousands of years to get where you are today; and how you are all controlled to some extent by the so called Illuminati; and that has been because they weren't booted out at the beginning and at suitable points further down the line, because humanity looked the other way.

Look at it as a brick wall, and if you take too many bricks out of the wall, it will collapse. Isn't that what we want to achieve? Yes, we want the system to collapse, but in a controlled manner. The best way of achieving the desired result is with the help of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and we would ask you to be patient for a while longer as the little cogs and wheels turn to the correct position and trigger off the real Shock and Awe event.

There would be no point in assisting the process by all quitting your jobs, as that would start a premature collapse and would cause great hardship to your fellow human beings, and still your Dark Ones would be in your presence and you would not be rid of them. For those of you with families who depend on your income for their wellbeing; this is a personal responsibility of major proportions which you willingly took on, and you can't easily walk away from that.

But there you are, chained to a job for a Dark organization, and you hate every moment of it. Ask yourself if you would swap places with a ten year old child slave in Africa on a cocoa farm, climbing trees and cutting cocoa beans for ten hours per day; or a similarly aged child forced to scavenge on a rubbish tip in India or Nigeria? They too have the dirty end of the stick, and they really have no choice; they are stuck in the middle of poverty and squalor. If you are disheartened by what you are forced to do by circumstances, then spare a thought for your many human brothers and sisters whose lot is worse than yours.

When we say to you that changes are coming and they won't be long either; that is what we mean. But so many of you look at your calendars and clocks, and you wonder when it will be, and why it hasn't happened. I say to you once more that the matter is in hand and it is progressing well, and it won't be long now.

Compared with your occupation, changing your planet in a major way is such a complex and vast task, that it has to be done right the first time. It involves a great number of beings who are currently waiting off-planet for the ‘Go' command, and it also relies on certain other planetary alignments elsewhere in the Cosmos. The desire is for change which will bring a new and more beneficial environment on Earth, and the removal of all the pollution and darkness. There will be geophysical events worldwide, which will signal the changes, but if you look carefully, you will see they have already started. The pressure is building up and these are just the initial and small events; the bigger ones are to come.

If we were to slam in the changes all on the same day, it would achieve a different outcome to the one we intend, so there is a gentle but increasing gradient at the moment, to best achieve the goal. It cannot be measured in the number of hours, days and weeks, because the only time that matters is the overall project time, and not the number of rotations of Earth, which is how you measure time. Look at the skies, look at the Earth, watch the animals; and that's how you'll see the signs of how things are progressing.

Then the first day of Shock and Awe will arrive, and you will be without a shadow of a doubt that the planetary changes are here, and many people will be frightened; the Dark Ones will be equally affected, as no amount of money will save them from sharing the experience.

Like us of the Spiritual Hierarchy, you are all actors on the giant stage of events, and until your part in the play arrives the best course of action is to carry on as normal, keep your heads down, and when the big events happen you will know that the time has arrived. If you are of the Dark in any way, then use this time wisely and turn to the light, because there will be a better outcome for you and your family.

This is mainly addressed to people who are not of the Dark, and who are working for the many Dark and Semi-Dark organizations and who dislike how they are made to work by your society. If you are involved in the crooked and vile activities which directly harm people financially or physically, that's a different matter; and you should seriously consider turning away from the darkness towards the light, before it becomes too late.

And so it is....................

This is a message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and transcribed by Vince.

Candace: the dark WILL be sharing the experience, because they are NOT given the option of running to their underground shelters and leaving the mess they created. Ponder that, and they just might have to find the concept of cooperation.

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