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Telepathic Messages : Vince Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

A Sense of True Freedom
By S333 thru Vince
Apr 11, 2010 - 5:10:50 AM

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S333 - A Sense of True Freedom

Hello Dear Ones,

If you go back a hundred years or more, people bought things because they had to; well ordinary people that is. Food clothing, household goods and things were what you bought, and there was precious little choice too. There may have been two or three brands of a similar product, but that was about it.

Then later on, the Dark Ones decided it would be a good idea to create ‘consumers' to sell products to. Now, I'm simplifying things here, but the history is published if you want to read up on it. Anyway, the ‘consumer' was born, and gradually you all began to be able to buy more than two or three brands of the same item.

Then they called their existing brand ‘original', and brought in several other flavors, colors, or fragrances; so there were many other types of the same product. This product explosion meant retail stores and the warehouses which supplied them gradually grew to the giant proportions you know today.

Following on from the more mundane products, there were products invented to solve problems you didn't even know you had, and all manner of gadgets. Many of these gadgets were really sexy little items, and they have become a crucial part of your everyday lives, to the extent that many people would be totally lost without their cell phone or mp3 player.

But the object behind this consumer product explosion wasn't to make your lives any easier, it was to make a relatively few people very rich indeed. A certain well known computer operating system is a case in point, whereby the manufacturer and founder became super rich, and at every invoicing stage there was a tax point, which fed back into the Dark Ones revenue stream, fuelling the global financial system.

Many people will see nothing unusual in this, but it is vital part of a financial slavery system which benefits the few at the expense of the many. It is vital to the system that every product, and every component of that product is made at the very lowest of costs possible, irrespective of who loses their job when manufacturing plants are closed and production is switched to another part of the world; and in many instances those workers in developing countries are little more than slaves to the production lines. That's what is considered normal and good practice in your world, so that the Dark Ones become currency rich and the majority don't.

Well, times are about to change, and after the major geophysical changes to your planet have taken place, and those of you who are staying with Earth have awoken from Stasis, that period of suspended animation; there won't be all of these products which are presently taken for granted and global brands will be a thing of the past.

It is in the best interests of the planet that things are produced near to where they are used; using sustainable and wholesome components and ingredients. No more junk food; no more products from a hemisphere away; no more products designed to impair your health; no more products designed to enslave and divert you; just local items for local people. And when you find that life is much more basic and physically challenging than it is currently; you will come to value and appreciate that which is available and harder to come by, and you will all be so much richer for the experience.

It will be neither Capitalist nor Communist; as you currently understand those terms, but it will be about people being equal and there being a commonwealth belonging to the people, of the locality; region and country. Nobody will be better or worse than anyone else; just the Sons and Daughters of Father God, and the differences in your abilities, personalities and looks appreciated and valued as different aspects of the whole.

God is Love, and with all the Darkness and Pollution removed from Earth, you will all have the chance to build a civilization within that love; in harmony with Divine Law, and you will experience a sense of true freedom, the like of which you can only dream of at present.

And so it is............................

This is a message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and transcribed by Vince.

Candace: Also, regards the manufacture of things that are good and needed, we will make the very best, to last a long time. No more toasters that crap out in a year or less. There will be needed refrigeration, in some variety of sizes as needed, but not all these many,many brands of cheap goods.  And we won't need as mentioned, a lot of stuff they created to make us think we needed it. Try making a list of that which you have and do not truly need!  Deodorants, perfumes, cosmetics, disposable diapers..........which are hugely polluting and wasteful.  And many are dangerous to health.

Make a list of the empty or dangerous "foods" you consume. Also make a list of the "convenience" foods you use that slave laborers create for you. Stop now using them! That sends a message. Study what others put in their shopping carts in the stores.

You do NOT require "pop," jello and other empty foods. You can learn to actually COOK at home.  How many of the robot peoples, and even yourselves, buy prepared foods because you do not know how to cook?

Look at the cheap "artworks" you purchase and place in your home, often made in slave factories around the world.  These are NOT art. Look at your Christmas trees. Most of those ornaments are NOT art. Neither are the cheap lights hung on houses, nor the cheap satanic stuff of Halloween. WHY DO PEOPLE BUY THIS PURE CRAP. It is such, ponder it. You are programmed to buy it.  You can't even improve on nature beloveds, regards the "Christmas Tree" whether you cut down or purchase a real one, or a plastic one. Boy those plastic ones are really really ugly. Why do you buy them?

One day art will again be custom made and shared around. You will also desire more living art in your homes, PLANTS.

While our computerized world is a marvel for these times, and I depend on it for my work, how many of you chase after every new device?   This keeps you from your spirituality and it keep them rich.  I remain satisfied with my portable CD player which I can carry around my waist if out someplace.  I do not have to spent time downloading music to it. I don't actually want those other devices.

We do need modern conveniences, we are entitled to them and should develop them, but we should also make them to last.  The thugs bring us new updated computers when they were given the technology a long time ago, to have made long lasting computers with a lot more memory.

This current computer is a double core.  It should be single core  256 processor not two ancient 32 processor.  The thugs did not even wish to write code for a 64 processor, it was easier to just put in two of them as an upgrade. I am not complaining, this computer is far better than the old one that was just recently destroyed.   But they keep forcing us to upgrade because of the money they can make.

We could have long ago had long lasting electric autos, and had the thugs cooperated, even long lasting electric monorail and antigravity craft.  They convince you, that you need a new sexy car regularly. And people want this, but it is wasteful and not sustainable to our planet.  We must enter the period of sustainability to enter Light and Life. Ponder what is NOT sustainable in your life.


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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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