A Question of Identity.
By S333/David and Vince
Mar 19, 2010 - 1:31:33 PM

S333 - A Question of Identity.

S333: Hello Dear One,

You wanted to ask me a question?

Vince: Yes, I did.

Why did you decide to be known as S333 and/ or David, and who are you really?

S333: I knew curiosity would get the better of you at some point, but at least it is for Spiritual reasons and not material ones. I shall explain.

I am a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and I am involved very heavily in the upcoming Earth changes and the transference of a number of humans from your present reality, to the new reality on the upgraded Earth after the changes. We have been working on these changes for a long time now, and we are at a crucial point at this time.

My name and position are just labels and of no consequence to the matter in hand, so I picked out a friendly number and said you could call me David if you wish. Neither of these identities are my real name, but are adequate for purpose at present. Your Dark Ones have caused major changes in the past, and we did not want to re-jig all our plans again, so I picked these out.

We had expected the messages we channel through you to be received as the ravings of a non-entity, but we were surprised when they developed a following. Some who followed were Light, and others were of the Dark. Then there came attacks on Abundant Hope and you, simply because of the work of a nonentity, by those who usually throw the sticks and stones at us. Then, came falsely-written works purporting to come from you, and the ravings of a man who now lies and does not recognize the truth, regarding the false translations into another language, and he was reading things into my messages which weren't actually there. We know who he is, and so does he.

But what the Dark Ones hadn't realized was that by attacking and falsifying my messages, they were displaying the signs of fear which they always get when confronted with the truth. You see, they know the truth, and hate it; but if they had left it alone and not attacked it, they wouldn't have given the game away, as to how frightened they were. They should have just ignored it, but they know the power and wisdom behind the words.

If I had called myself ‘John Doe' and said I was ‘Senior Angel in charge News Reports' or something similar, then we would have expected the usual attacks. But, little old David S333 stirred up some dust in their backyard, and we are delighted. We also were thinking of you, as we know that you pride yourself on getting my messages down accurately, completely without any thoughts of your own, and by cutting yourself off from some of the so-called ‘channelings' on the web, which are the fake doubletalk and corrupted messages put out by many other sources of Darkness.

What you don't know doesn't hurt you, and that gives you the freedom to concentrate on the real task of transcribing our work. I will eventually reveal myself, and my rank, but that will be after our battle with the Dark Ones is complete and we have triumphed. Meanwhile, you will just have to make do with what I gave you, my dear fellow.
Vince: Thank you 'David'.

This is a message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and transcribed by Vince.




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