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Telepathic Messages : Vince Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

A ‘Dark Ones' Update.
By S333 thru Vince
Feb 22, 2010 - 3:27:20 PM

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S333 - A ‘Dark Ones' Update.


This is aimed at the Dark Ones, and in particular, those who work for them, and who feel trapped and can't get out.

If you are thinking of jumping ship, let me explain to you some of the things that break Divine Law, which you may have been involved in. This is not an exhaustive list, as Divine Law is extensive and even applies to things and concepts which are not currently present in your lives.

Any form of theft including corporate fraud, theft of property, money and other resources is a definite no-go area. If it doesn't belong to you, your company or government, leave it alone. Many so-called takeover bids for companies fit into this category, as they are strictly immoral, break Divine Law, even if they are technically in line with your statutes. Cheating people out of money and property is a particularly nasty crime, and especially so when, like lambs to the slaughter, the unwary are sold mortgages and insurance they have no hope of paying.

Money lending is another area, from loan-sharking through hire-purchase agreements to unacceptably high credit card interest rates; all these are fertile areas for you to break Divine Law. And as I've said before, it's going to cost you big time in the long run. You are NOT going to get away with it, please understand that!!

Drug growing, smuggling and dealing are big transgressions, even if they are run by CIA & MI6 ‘official' distribution channels. This is just as awful, and if the faceless men in suits who run these outfits think they'll get away with it, they won't. You see, if we leave your own country's law enforcement and judiciary out of the equation, one day, you're going to die.

Everybody does it; you all get born, and you all die. And then most people think; that's it you are dead, nothing! Well I am of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and I know different. When you die your body decomposes, but you don't. Your mind/soul complex (for those with souls), continues for ever, and when your review of your most recent life takes place; and it WILL, you are going to find out that what you've done was wrong, and in the next and subsequent lives, your expectations for a happy time will have to be downgraded significantly.

We are going to have a clean and revitalised new planet, and there is no place for those who steal from others and worse. Anyone who pays or arranges for the assassination or murder of another is as guilty as the assassin. Rapists, paedophiles and torturers, they too are in the wrong.

There are those in the Military and their contractors who are involved in some deeply distasteful activities, some of them so dark that they happen underground, and then there are the Child Abductors who feed this horrific activity, and you know who you are.

There are those who are scientists, doctors and engineers, who spend all of their time trying to find new ways of killing, maiming and making humanity sick, not to mention the people who plan and pay for these activities to be developed. Then there are those whose idea of democracy is to tax the people into submission, and fix their elections so that your candidate gets elected; it isn't moral, it isn't of the Light; but it does contravene Divine Law.

Then there are those who rape the planet for every last ounce of hydrocarbons and materials, to make the maximum amount of your worthless paper money, which the so-called Global Elite kept printing after they stole all of the real wealth. Were you one of those who helped them do it?

The subjugation of a nation and its people, by those who rig the Government and the Establishment, requires operatives to carry out the orders, and others who just look the other way. Is that what you've done? And then we turn to Religion, another tool of the Elite to subjugate the people, and rob them of their resources, based on false doctrines. Popes and Archbishops are subject to Divine Laws as well, and they are NOT the true voice of God on Earth. Many very wicked deeds are carried out by members of religions across the world, and we know what they are, and who did them. And as for suicide bombers being welcomed into Heaven for ending the lives of some and maiming others; I am here to tell you that their welcome is immediate reincarnation into a very dark and musky place, so that they may ponder upon their vile deeds.

Perhaps you don't believe me about reincarnation and having to pay for your misdeeds? That's your problem Bub!!

But if I were you, I wouldn't want to leave it until your present life ends, as that may happen much sooner than you think. When you allow yourself to think about what I've said, ask yourself if you want to get out of what you're doing? If that small voice within you says ‘yes', then the sooner you turn to those of the Light to help you get out of there, the sooner you stop creating negative karma; and that's the first foot on the ladder to your rehabilitation.

And so it is.............

This is a telepathic message from S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy, received and transcribed by Vince.






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