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Telepathic Messages : Vince Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

A Cashless Society.
By S333 thru Vince
Mar 10, 2010 - 8:38:39 AM

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S333 - A Cashless Society.


Hello Dear Ones,


Over the past weeks we have tended to concentrate on the Dark Ones and their minions, to entice them to defect to the Light; and so it must be said that there is quite enough information out there for them to follow, before the curtain comes down on the last act upon Earth in her current state. Come to the Light, or stay with the Dark; you choose.


Now we want to explain about Service to Humanity. If you won several million dollars on a lottery, many people would consider that they had ‘made it', and that never in their wildest dreams would they have expected that to happen, and they feel very elated as a result. There are many people in your society who achieve multi-million paydays through salary, bonuses and expenses, and they seem to be in a form of seventh heaven.


But, there is another form of elation, and this time it is ‘real' elation and not just a gassy bubble caused by money. This real elation is caused by being a Servant of Humanity, and there are a surprising number of people in your reality who achieve this state every day. Many of them are poor, badly dressed and live in some of the worst conditions imaginable. Yet when we see them, they emit a golden glow of pure light amid their material squalor; for they Serve Humanity.


At present, your society has to have some form of tokens of exchanged, in order to carry out transactions involving material objects of a diverse nature. In other more advanced societies, there is no such concept as money, and they are all the better for it.  A baker will produce a certain number of loaves per day, because he wants to. His ingredient suppliers deliver product to him, because they want to; and the farmer grows the wheat, because he wants to. (There are societies beyond that level who live on pure light, and don't need to eat, but that's for another day.)


Everyone is expected to make a contribution to the needs of the society, and because they don't need money and have the profit motive, they work many fewer hours per day than you have to, and have a great deal more free time to devote to more elevated pursuits.


There is no rule which says a bag of wheat is worth $20, or that an hour of an individual's time is worth $50. Everyone puts into the system that which they are able to, because they are driven not by money, but by Service to Humanity. This is a society run on Spiritual principles, where everyone has reached a minimum level of spirituality required to live in that world; and so if a person makes an inadequate contribution, or none at all, then they will automatically readjust their commitment to making their contribution adequate again. This system also takes into account permitted breaks in commitment due to adverse circumstances faced by the individual.


This is a model of a society which is self adjusting to the needs of the community, and works perfectly without outside regulation, because it is in tune with Divine Law. It is also the model for the society to be working towards, when Earth becomes replenished again.


For a time there will need to be an exchange system, and gradually this will fade away as the group spirituality of the whole becomes elevated to the required level. By that time, the ‘I' and ‘Me' of financial greed will have been fully expunged from the global community, and you will know that all is well.


But, I hear you say, that's a bit Commie, isn't it? Well, it isn't a Big Brother state sucking the financial life out of you and providing you with decrepit services, as the party officials sip Vodka all day. People give to the society, because they want to, not because they are forced to.


In your world, if a man has an idea for a new product, he borrows money to develop it and patent it, then he produces it and sells it, so that he has a substantial income and assets and a luxury lifestyle. But in the next town, there are people without housing and food, they are his brothers and sisters, but he ignores them and continues to grow his business to make himself richer and richer; while the poor ones get all the poorer, for that is the underlying reality of Capitalism and the Dark agenda behind it.


With a society living within the boundaries of Divine Law, everyone looks out for everyone else. This isn't a nosy prying into the private affairs of others, for it works at a different level. It's about making your commitment to the society as a whole, and helping it flourish. Each gives according to their ability, and you know what? The society is far more diverse than yours is.


All the while your folks are seeking to find enough money, or aiming to get even richer; all the material needs of the Spiritual Society are met, and there is so much spare time available, that people enrich themselves in Spiritual, Cultural, and Pleasurable ways. They are far richer in all respects than you are.


This then is the model chosen for implementation on Earth, after Stasis, and when the time is right; which is the only timescale which is appropriate. Until that time, there is a developmental period working toward that goal, where money will be required for exchange purposes, and how soon that remains in place is dependent on how well the society grows and adheres to the principles of Divine Law.


The process will start quite soon now,


And so it is............


This is a message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and transcribed by Vince.




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