Update from Esu
By Esu thru Rubens
May 21, 2010 - 9:46:07 AM

Friday, May 21, 2010  Update by Esu thru Rubens

Rubens: Yes, dear brother Esu. What's up?

Esu: Good to see that you are at ease. That should make things much easier in terms of relaying the messages to you.

I am here to talk about the last minute changes that we have made in terms of preparation for the imminent Big One. We have decided to bring a few ships a bit lower in your atmosphere in order to better respond to the tumultuous changes that are afoot; the ships are cloaked of course. We shall be able to provide a much quicker response. We are urging those in the affected areas, which may be many, to please respond to the urge that you will have to get into the beam of light which is a transporting device that will take you to the ship as with an elevator, as already mentioned by Candace on numerous times.

I am again on the ground conducting the business of persuading many to change their minds or be removed forcibly from their position in order to neutralize their potential of being a threat to us. They are indeed making this more difficult than it is but, so be it.

Rubens: Anything new that we need to be aware of?

Esu: Not so much except that you are much closer to living through the changes we alerted you to and that you need to make the last preparations as soon as possible since time is running out for that. The surges that are reported on the West coast are due to the solar influence affecting your grid since the magnetic field of the planet is fluctuating at a much rapid rate. Certain regions may experience extended blackouts. Make preparations for that also dear ones. It is not going to be a comfortable period to go through. Imagining the situation and living through it are two distinct sets of reality.

Rubens: Is the market fluctuating right now to take the final plunge?

Esu: As far as we can see, yes it is as if a person taking the last breath before expiring for good. As CM explained to you, this is a necessary step to take in order for many to come to the realization that there is something very serious happening that requires their attention.

Rubens: Are the controllers doing anything to counter-act your offensive?

Esu: They no longer possess many options at their disposal and they already know that this is a losing battle for them, but some are not worried about that since they very much want to throw a monumental fit that will take us down with them. Wrong! That will not happen because we are in their face and they are unable to make any moves that we are not able to catch; sure they render things more difficult than they need to be but we are matching their every move with forceful counter-actions.

Rubens: By the time the Big One occur, do you believe that you will have complete control of the terrain?

Esu: We are hopeful that it will be so but, we are not so much worried about that because we always have the capability to finish carrying out our plans post the Big One. Perhaps by then, they would have given up already and facilitate a much smoother transition.

Rubens: Anything else that you would like to add?

Esu: Yes; it has taken us a lot more time than anticipated to arrive at this point but, we want you to know that this is the end of the entire ordeal and we must move to a different phase altogether; we are moving forward and nothing will stop this. This is it, dear ones.

Rubens: Thank you brother for your time and effort.

Esu: Until next time. I am Esu, your Planetary Prince

End: 12:56

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