Update #21
By CM thru Rubens
May 24, 2010 - 2:48:51 PM

Update No. 21

Monday, May 24, 2010

CM thru Rubens

Rubens: Hello CM. Mood is strange, isn't it now?

CM: Yes, this is indeed I, Aton,  and yes we are in a strange mood, if you could say that, due to the plight of Gaia; she is having some difficulties and we are aiding in the process so she could be relieved and get this going as it must. You have seen some minor activities occurring on the surface but, not at all yet, that we had anticipated. As more time elapses, more the push is going to be painful and violent. So dear ones, although it is kind of strange to tell you not to lose patience for what you are expecting as it will happen but, at the same time , in light of the number of departures that will occur, we are not really happy in making that statement.

This is an extremely delicate operation, if you will, and we are carefully helping Gaia to go the last mile and get it over with.

Again, we have made the necessary arrangements for the evacuation process; we have even fine-tuned the process so, once the geological events manifest on the surface, do not expect to have any pauses or periods of rest because they will be ongoing until it is done. Pray if you will or remain as calm as is possible at this point because we know that you are holding your breath.

That is all I am willing to say at this point.

My Peace be with you, dear ones.

This is Aton and I place my seal of approval on this brief update.

Rubens: Many thanks.

Candace: I was informed recently they are supplying assistance. Also I requested some "pics" inside my head of what is going on during meditation today and I was given some. There are more CME's coming, which I know, there was one earth directed yesterday, and another today about 20 hours later.  If you are a watcher of Stereo, if a CME is earth directed, it appears usually on both Stereo A and B. To the right on B and to the left on A.

Also I was shown coastlines, which oddly in one was definitely EAST South America, which  would imply that what we have been told that the Mid Atlantic Ridge may go. Also I was shown the size of the waves, quite huge, but I can't measure what I see on the "camera" inside my head.

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