Update #16
By CM and S333 thru Rubens.
May 22, 2010 - 4:33:57 PM

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rubens: Confirm again please.

CM: Dear Rubens, this is CM, your Creator Son of Nebadon. How is that? (chuckle)

Rubens: LOL. Funny! Where do we start (Still lol)?

CM: As soon as you compose yourself, we will be able to give you the update which you should make No. 16. (smile) I like your attitude now better than ever dear one.

Rubens: That makes two of us.

CM: We know that the conversation on the forum revolves a lot around possible delays; we are not going to entertain that much but, we still insist on the very solid possibility of the Big One occurring within hours. We are not seeing much of a change in terms of decreasing chances but rather an increase. We are not in the business of gambling with you or anything else and trust that when we give some timeframe, it is because of greatest probabilities that we observe at that time which are always subject to change due to the fluidic nature of your reality.

We believe that you should prepare for the eventuality spoken of because dear ones, when it happens, it will shock most of the inhabitants beyond belief because, short of a complete reversal, that has the possibility of one of the greatest change experienced so far in this century. Mother Gaia is in need of such movement in order to provoke a needed cascading change; imagine one of your loudest and strongest sneeze which is capable of delivering almost an electrical shock to your system but very much needed at a time, THAT would be the approximation of such a movement from Mother.

I am not going to give further explanation of the subject of geological changes because I would like to surprise you a bit on that; if what is intended is a surprise to you ones whom have been warned, imagine what type of effect it may have on the unsuspected masses. If we understand anything at all about you ones living on the surface of the planet, it is that many of you still have a fear of Mother Nature as you call it and when you realize that there is definitely something deeper happening on the planet that completely escapes you, the unknowing ones, that will shock the "be Jesus out of you", no offense to Esu nor myself...(laugh).

Dear ones, we understand your apprehensions towards the coming events and we remind you that one of the reasons that we gave ample warnings over and over again until you got tired of them, is exactly to prepare for this moment that you should be able to view objectively without having a sense of anxiety that borders panic. YOU are supposed to guide the others through those tumultuous times; therefore, you must find the centering sense of poise necessary for the task at hand.

Do not lose your equilibrium dear ones for we are the end of the battle and you should be at ease considering it is almost over. We are not dismissive at the emotional upheavals that you have gone through and being on the terrain reinforces our understanding of the ordeals that you have had to face on too many occasions. You still need to remember what the agodonters are about; our beloved Machiventa was such a splendid example of that when he was isolated in your world; he managed to maintain his stand through the quarantine in the middle of the rebellion. YOU also are able to do the same and better considering that Shan is no longer under quarantine and the circuits are wide open for communication. We are here communicating, are we not?

Pull yourselves by your bootstrap and take a deep breath in the knowledge that you are in the midst of what you incarnated for; it will become clearer to you as you make your stand and renew your spirit of commitment.

We continue to make progress in all fields. Although the ones we have detained are not cooperating at the pace that we would like; nonetheless, we are making progress with some revealing, although reluctantly, much needed information to expedite this. The infiltration is bearing results that are quite useful and we are making attempts to coordinate the geological events with announcements that will be necessary. The difficulty in that is that Gaia is in control of her movements and we must wait on her to finalize arrangements.

You do have possible hints as to how we may take possession of the airwaves; think about it. Watch your skies for unusual activities. I will let someone else fill in some blinks.

S333: Yes, dear ones, I jumped in as soon as I could to tell you that we are indeed making headway within those groups such as the department of defense and others under that umbrella in order to influence decisions that will have a direct impact in your social and political environment. You are unable to give too much detail for that would be counter productive to plans.

Do not worry dear ones, they are at a loss as to what to expect since they know that we are in their midst but it has become almost impossible to detect our presence since their minions are having troubles aligning with their objectives and showing much reluctance to follow through with orders.

The difficulty in being in the density of your world makes it even more pressing for us to move at a steady pace to bring everything to a close.

We shall not say more.

CM: We, Aton, Creator Son of Nebadon and S333 give our seals of approval to this message.

Rubens: Many thanks to you gentlemen.

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