Ultimate and Final Words
By CM thru Rubens
Jun 22, 2012 - 11:43:03 PM

Ultimate and Final Words

This is Your Creator Son, Sovereign of the Local Universe of Nebadon, your place of inhabitation which Urantia is a part of.  As you can assess, Siraya and The Ancient of Days, came ceremoniously to give the dark ones a final warning, or promise and you, who must continue the journey were congratulated on your steadfast stand against an almost insurmountable resistance from the sick ones who refuse to let go of their illusory sense of control and power.

I must say that they have surprised us in their obstinacy and sheer madness in pursuing their course.  We have exhausted all possibilities as pertain to offering them a way out and an opportunity to express regrets and make amends; In vain, have they persisted in their madness and we must say that it is truly pitiful to see that they have wasted so much to effect significant changes on Urantia for the benefit of all.

It is now over and we must move on.  We are going to effect those changes necessary to bring about balance to Urantia and its children.  We are going to instruct the inhabitants on what has taken place on the planet for so long with their unconscious approval and paint to them the scenario that has been placed in their face which only needed final adjustments to come to full implementation.  You, the inhabitants of Urantia would have not been able to shake the shackle of slavery that  you already had around your neck and legs.  We are about to undertake an operation undreamed of by many which will serve them as a template so that this aberration never takes place in My Universe and hopefully the entire SuperUniverse of Orvonton.

You are the subjects of a lot of talks in the entire SuperUniverse and even beyond and this has to come to fruition no matter what because a lot has been invested for a long time so we can bring it to a successful halt which is truly the beginning of a wondrous journey ahead of you.  Let this be a reason for celebration for indeed there is plenty to be happy about; yes there will be many tears shed as well but, in all it is much more about success than anything else.  Let this be imprinted into the very core of your mind in order to never allow it to take place anywhere else so when the time comes to serve again, you will be better equipped to deal with it swiftly and efficiently.  Once again, let me remind you of the importance of this moment that you currently living which will accelerate quickly to the end.

Peace be upon you all and let the end come to an end.

This is your Creator Son, Aton the Sovereign of Nebadon



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