Out OF Love For You
By Rubens
Sep 18, 2012 - 6:45:38 AM

Out OF Love For You

For quite a while my dear brother/sister, you have asked many disparaging questions and made many unkind remarks in an attempt to diminish me and/or my words because, for some reasons unknown to you, I have become a thorn on your side that you feel needs to be removed.  The following are a few of those insults in the form of questions and affirmations you have thrown in my face condescendingly over the years:

Who are you?
Why God would choose you to receive messages?
If that was God for real, why did those things not come to past?
Did you study for this anywhere?
Why not me?
Are you OK?
Are you crazy?
Why is it that the church knows nothing about that?
Do you think that you are that special?
You suffer from schizophrenia
You need to see a shrink
You can write science fiction to make a lot of money
You have a very fertile imagination…and so on so forth

I could give you a myriad of answers to your questions and affirmations but to put it simply, OUT OF LOVE for you my brother/sister, I took it upon me to inform you of impending events that you yourselves have caused to materialize so you could reverse the process and attenuate the blows that must come to you.  I take your discouraging remarks with dignity because I do understand that you do not know what you are doing; you and those similar to you have no clue as to what and who you are so, as a loving brother/sister, I have come to this world to help you save yourselves from the hell that YOU HAVE CREATED.  Out of LOVE for you, I have agreed to take your scorns and teach you how to become loving, graceful children of God.

No matter how many times you call me crazy, I will continue to work with you, so that in the end, when all is said and done, I can happily cry with you when you suddenly realize how much of a fool you have been to those who wanted nothing else from you but an acceptance of their LOVE for you.

God works through and with me so that I can bring my sisters and brothers who have lost their way; I am here to help re-assemble the lost flock; I am here because I know there is no separation between me and you and your suffering does affect all of us, children of the Light, despite your ignorance.

OUT OF LOVE for you, I keep tending my hands to you to help you climb out of the precipice where you so selfishly and obstinately plunged head in through your self-deluded creations.  No matter what, I will love you despite yourself because I am your brother/sister.  It is the Will of Our Father that I bring assistance to those who need it the most and my dear brother/sister, you are among those in need.

Stop wasting your time telling me that I am crazy because  I will continue to lend a hand to you until it is so completely clear that you are beyond reach and that all my efforts are of no use to you since you chose REMOVAL and/or UNCREATION.


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