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Telepathic Messages : Rubens Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

Issues of Polarization
By Christ Michael thru Rubens
Apr 20, 2010 - 5:27:52 AM

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Start of communication: 12:05

Rubens: Who am I communicating with?

CM (Aton): This is your Beloved CM.

Rubens: Good morning Father; how may I assist you?

CM (Aton): I am here to tell you of the good news that you will no longer have to wait that much since the changes announced are already about to manifest, as we told you. Thanks for doing the work despite the many obstacles encountered. You, my scribes are to be commended for you have been very consistent in your work despite some distractions and, in essence, I am very proud of all of you.

Now, this goes to the issue of polarization which is what is you are currently witnessing in your societies; many are no longer able to navigate both sides of the fence and find themselves irresistibly drawn to their natural tendencies. Bear in mind, my children that you will see an unequivocal positioning of many to the side that we term as that of the malevolent ones, those who are not in alignment with my Will.

Do not be surprised by them since they will reveal their true face to you after so many years of pretense. They are becoming bolder and bolder in their stance and will fight with much violence for they know somehow that their time has ended and before they take the last breath, they will use their last remaining strength. It is as it must, my children. Do not become fearful and remain centered for this will not last long. The energies streaming through your planet are of such intensity that this must take place.

We are at the point where decisively, most of the building blocks of your societies are going to crumble at a much accelerated rate so that we can start the rebuilding after stasis. The rats are coming out of their holes in great number and you should not let that distract you for that is what they must do. The fires of purification are burning very intensely from below the ground which is no longer safe for those rats to remain there hence their emergence from their hiding places.

Do not be disturbed and see it as the beginning of the cleansing which will lead to your becoming completely free of the bonding of a long episode of slavery; Let the coming purified air penetrate every fiber of your being; Take deep breaths of the fresh air so you never again have to breathe that filth which almost choked to you an agonizing and slow death.

My children, Fear no more for I, Your Creator Aton, has deemed it necessary to end this charade once and for all. Mother Earth is more than deserving of shining forth, free of the tantalizing pressures exerted by many of its ungrateful guests of the surface. Many of my children are going to have to learn and grow on different grounds than that of Mother Earth for it is time to end their maltreatment of a very understanding and loving mother.

As a whole, only the children who have listened to the wise counsels of their elders and those who somehow have the potential to become like the others will be able to remain on the surface of Earth.

This is not a spanking as many alluded to but, much more of a drastic measure to assure that all in this allotted space are in alignment with my Will or quickly learn to do so. It is just what must be done after a long stance of patience and continuous loving tolerance. All must come to an end as must also my almost unending patience.

I bid farewell my children and extend All of My Love to you.

Rubens: I am eternally thankful to you dear Father.


Candace: This polarization is part of entering 4d. The light get lighter and stronger and the dark blow their corks and get nasty.  No more fence sitting. This will be a shorter experience than normal on other planets, because of the severity and strength of the dark here, and we must have opportunity for a level playing field.  But this polarization is preliminary to building light and life, as the light MUST grow in strength to bring on that hallowed state.

There is much goo out there right now about "tolerance" of all behavior and there are lightworker groups buying into this, SADLY. You have all seen supposed channelings and writings encouraging you to not raise a fuss. RAISE a FUSS. This is keeping back the 911 movements so important to this country. Some is fear, others is just not making a fuss and assuming some day, some way, it will happen when enough know. Well, enough do know and are not standing in the power of Two or More in My Name.

This teaching of toleraance is black ops, completely. The light are thus tolerating behavior that is destructive to the basic fabric of society, which is FAMILY first and foremost.   Look around you and study this. It is everywhere. How many folks are grouping together in STRONG lightworker groups in all necessary arenas? Not enough yet, because of infiltration and fear. But this will be assisted before stasis where possible, and definitely after stasis. The light MUST stand up.  So many people on this planet don't even "know" what is right, and it's inborn if listened too, except of course the robotoids have little sense of what is right, it is NOT inborn in them, depending on the amount of genetic manipulation.

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