Incoming Energy Waves
By Nebadonia thru Rubens
Sep 23, 2012 - 11:53:58 AM

Incoming Energy Waves

Nebadonia thru Rubens Sept 21, 2012


Hello Rubens; this is your sister Nebadonia, yes, the same one, consort of your brother CM.  I am here to announce the arrival of  waves of energy  and the ensuing precipitation of series of events that must occur on your beloved planet Gaia.  What such arrival does is to allow all elements to align themselves properly as if by divine hands so that the manifestation of the 3DD that you are so expecting on Earth can take place in the fashion that it ought to without creating havoc on your ground; that is not to say that there will not be any catastrophes occurring during and after such event but , there is sort of a cushioning of multiple blows (as conceived from  your point of view) so that we do not provoke a lot more than needed in terms of geological events and their consequential departures  of ones on the ground.

This is a much needed happening for it as has been forecast some time ago and it is a divine occurrence that must take place in order to create the atmosphere needed to have an adequate terrain that will see the beginning of a long process of entering into Light and Life.  Yes, dear, as you will know it that is the aim of all that is to occur.  I, Nebadonia, Creative Spirit of Nebadon am joyous at the prospect of that which will become soon your long awaited turn of events.

I am Nebadonia and greet all of you good bye in the hope that we shall see one another soon.
Adieu my children


Candace: several of our other telepaths have also received notice of serious change and have posted small notes on the forum.


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