Forthcoming End
By CM/Aton thru Rubens
Dec 28, 2011 - 3:59:10 PM

Forthcoming End

This is your beloved Aton, Sovereign Creator of Nebadon

I have come to you to let you know that the bell rang and the well-anticipated push of the button is upon you, meaning that I am to push it shortly, yes the famous shortly in your time frame means exactly that, shortly.

It is with pleasure that I am announcing the close of the first major period of my correcting time and as you have heard from Uriel the time is upon you. I am most pleased with those who stood steadfastly in the face of enormous challenges and never gave up. Your just reward awaits you and you so deserve it. To those who have not paid attention to the innumerable attempts made to steer them in the right direction, time is up and you too shall reap your just reward , except that it is of a nature different from what you have expected. I am pleased that we have no regret as to what was accomplished and all has been utterly done and nothing else remains.

I will be waiting with open arms for many of you who are true valiant and worthy warriors. A celebration awaits you and you will be pleasantly surprised.

This is the moment that you have waited for and nothing shall change that from this day forth. I am going to bid farewell to many of you for that is what shall be staring you in the face for where you are going will not be anything that you have ever imagined yourselves to be faced with for you are so inebriated with your malice, stubbornness and a truly false sense of importance that is the least that you deserve.

Many times, have I come to you in earnest to see if your heart would mend and see that you change your ways in service to your brethren but, you never saw it differently and you adamantly refused to bend to my will which should also be yours. The sense of power has driven you mad beyond belief that you thought that you could actually govern this world as you see it fit. Poor delusional ones ; with lightning speed will come your just reward and judgement. Enough with you malevolent ones.

My brethren and children, come home so we can celebrate this long journey and then rest before you re-enter in service.

Many thanks and see you soon

Your Sovereign Creator Son, Aton.



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