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Telepathic Messages : Rubens Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Company Men and Women
By Rubens/Creator Source
Jun 1, 2012 - 6:55:43 PM

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Company Men and Women

Rubens/Creator Source at the end.

Hello company men and women.  Did you get to set the standards high for your company today?  Will you get a bonus soon again?  Did you make your boss proud of you again? Oh! the company has already reached a quarter of its yearly quotas…Fantastic.  At first glance one cannot find any faults with any of the questions above and from the market’s perspective, everything is GREAT since the numbers are more than promising.

Brothers and sisters, take a good look again:

So not only do you measure the employees’ time in seconds, but you also combine that with “clicks” which by military standards is as applied to you “the number of steps from one point to another”; Wow, what a precision!  So when Helen (fictitious name) cannot return to work at all, after she worked for almost 25 years with the company, you see her as an excellent foot soldier who has done her job well; Oh yeah! She earned around 40 Gs when she started years ago and now she is in the top 90s; the company was good to her.  Never mind that she will never be able to walk at a normal pace again with her grand children, at the young age of 56 but, she also has a severe case of Rheumatoid arthritis; but of course, that does not mean much to you in terms of human potentials, that are greatly diminished now (physically speaking) because you paid her well. Right???


Mr. company man, you are barely 41, overweight and looking like you are 54, earning about 165,000 dollars a year which by the way, for the woman Suzan, your wife, is not complaining about at all; never mind that little John and Suzie do not know you since they barely have seen their father in more than five years; oh yes, the family takes an awesome yearly vacation to the most expensive resorts around the world and the children love Disney.  Suzan complains to her best friend that she does not know who you are and your beautiful children think in that same line.  Tell me Mr. company man, when you take an early retirement in about 9 years, out of shape, worn out, although driving a Bentley around town, the envy of many, do you believe that will mean much to Suzan and, by that time grown-ups,  John and Suzie, the apple of your eyes?  They are on campus now and find one excuse after another to avoid “coming home” which, to them is more like “polished hell” since they know you as much as the grocery man in town.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with earning a living because one simply must; after all, there are bills to pay on a monthly basis but, when you spend more than half of the time allotted to you on Earth in the pursuit of MONEY for the sake of it all.  Where is the sense in that?  When it is time for you to enjoy that so called “retirement time” you are almost an empty shell, popping pills daily for so many ailments that you have forgotten what ills you already because you cannot wake up from the gross confusion those chemical concoctions have caused to your mind and your body itself is confused from so many angles.


What about the relationships that you have continuously missed with your loved ones because you were too busy working?  You have never spent much quality time with your father and mother who trained you well, in the art of work mis-ethics; your children know that you are their biological father but never could call you Dad, this very affectionate name given to real fathersr.  If by then, your wife does not divorce you, she may be far out there in alcoholic land and drug-infested paranoia, courtesy of the family doctor who is an avid proponent for the big pharmaceutical companies, the newest Gods on Earth to many.


When is enough enough? When are you going to learn that your journey upon Gaia’s surface is a blessing not to be misused and abused? When are going to see that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn and grow.  Wake up and smell the coffee!!!


The worst is that, in many cases, you chose to come here on a higher quest.  On a few occasions, you did ponder about the meaning of life but, shook it all off and went about your business saying to yourself that this is not for rational men but, rather for fools who sit under a tree, meditating and chanting in Buddha-like stance.


You have been fooled by the fools who came before you for Creator Source wrote a script very different from that which you are accustomed to.  Poor Joey who works on your lawn and garden, earns about 35 thousand a year is really a Creator Son, in disguise, learning about the human plight so he can better administer His Future Local Universe…Skinny Windy who does your wife’s nails at the beauty salon, in town, is really a High Melchizedeck Daughter who incarnated on this planet to lite the spiritual candle upon the human heart.  Raul, the delivery man for the postal office is really a Trinity Teacher Son, coming to bring the field of psychology to a newer and higher evel to heal and reduce traumatic shocks to the human psyche. Those are but a few of the many angels of God incarnated here for the purpose of uplifting the human conditions until humanity enters into the Epoch of Light and Life.



[To much of my surprise, Creator Source, injected Himself within the piece]

You, company men and women, have toiled with the life of many whom you considered beneath you and unworthy of your attention.  On many occasions, you have called many that I have sent, the low life who are only worthy to shine your shoes or clean the plates that you have eaten from; little did you know that those are my faithful children who came to steer this world in the right direction so finally Urantia can regain her rightful place with many of my other children.

It is almost time when you shall repent, coming to the  awful realization, that you have become vermins, that are more than a nuisance to your brethren, who will booted off this planet to continue your learning elsewhere more suited for your childlike behaviors and many times, utter savagery.


Turn away now and I may reconsider your case, depending on its severity.  Make your last days count.

Rubens and Creator Source


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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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