AA Raphael and Sanat Kumara through Peter
February 6-8, 2011

Peter: Raphael, I feel your presence and so do I feel yours, Grandfather. I am ready to take a message if you are up for it.

Raphael: Peter, my dear friend, this is Raphael. Indeed, it is a big pleasure to be with you once again and help to clarify some of the many questions people around this world are facing.

Solar Logos is extremely difficult to understand on this dull and still quite dark place you are dwelling on in these days, as you have your own ideas of logos which you created because of the absence of Solar Logos on your planet during the period of the Lucifer Rebellion.

The concept of Solar Logos is one of the highest and somewhat most unrevealed [concepts] to you. Some of your community have more access to it than others, but nearly all of you are not aware of it. Would you be aware of, you would have to immediately leave this plane, as those high vibrations the Solar Logos dwells in, could not exist on the low vibrational plane currently being your home.

Solar Logos is the ultimate expansion of the thought process a creator uses to create. Solar Logos is the foundational structure of anything built on Love. It keeps everything together, yet it lets all go. Solar Logos is the consequence of His first breath.

While many believe that logical thinking would be the essence of science, enough to prove thesis or antithesis, it is merely a childish game, as Solar Logos could be found closest in the field you call fuzzy logic. Solar Logos is the total consequence which consequently leads to choices, to opportunities.

Solar Logos makes sure that any given choice always leads to the same learning experience. It is the templates your thought adjusters and guardians use when presenting potential growth to you. Solar Logos can switch direction but it's always straight. Will has its foundation in Solar Logos, and so does Free Will.

Now, did I confuse you enough my brother?

Peter: Pretty good, Raphael, I wonder where you are going with it.

Raphael: I guess I lost you already along the way, as this is not about going nowhere. This is about the only realm you have for your being, which is the now, the present, exactly this moment, this very moment, nothing more and nothing less.

The here and now it is, that you should seek out to be your place of activity, as that is what it is. Future and past are two ideas of the same dilemma, which is the dilemma of the now. So you look back, you remember the past, searching for answers, looking for experiences to help you with the now, or you scan your fantasy, which you call future, to see if a desired outcome could help with the decisions of the now. This is how you were taught. 

Many get lost in the past or in the future, but remember where you actually are: it is still the now. Where are you and when is that, when you think back or upfront? From which point in time are your thoughts wandering off? It is from the now, the present, because that is the only time you exist.

When is it, that you breathe? Do you breathe in the past or you breathe in the future? You breathe now.
When do you think? Past or future? You think now.

So in all the tragic, it is kind of an irony that so many of you suffer just by shifting your reality from its place of happening. Sometimes you want to be somewhere so badly, that you do not realize that you are already there. We understand longing, we understand feelings of lost. They are supposed to be urging factors, they are supposed to keep bugging you, no more and no less. 

Which is the moment in time you are receiving pictures of the past? Your processing of past or future always happens in the present, and any learned experience whether it was learned in the past or dreamed of in the future, is just as good as your ability of interpreting it right to utilize such experience now.

Even if you would time-travel, the moment of your being still would be the now. The past is gone, beloveds, it is over, you can not change it, and the future never starts and never ends. Blessed be the simple soul just living the moment without a troubled mind. Blessed be the children, as they do not know time, but loved and respected be those discovering the truth while walking through darkness.

Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini. The truth is simple, my brethren, and so is the moment of now. Once you concentrate on this, you might find out that there are no needs in the now either. There is nowhere to go from the now, it is where the silence is, the emptiness, no-thing-ness, eternity.

Now, this can not be understood with logic, as human logic builds on experiences and observations of the past, forming a straight line into predicting the future, meanwhile bypassing the present. This is Solar Logos, consequently leading to further challenges, as the one understanding it still has to deal with what is.

The now is where your ready to go backpack is, prepared for any challenge which could possibly arise out of the now. If the future is your issue, stop predicting it, and if it is the past, get on with it. It is childish to not give up what is long gone already, neither is it very smart to limit your own potentials.

There is nothing to win nor anything to lose in the present, because in the now, you are but perfect beings, always.

Let go of the judgments you put on yourselves, let go of your fears. Was there ever in your lives a situation which you did not master? No, otherwise you would not be here anymore, would you? So what was all the worrying good for? all the hoping, all the remembering? What is the worst that can happen? - Nothing!

Be the simple minds that you are and go with the flow of the never-ending moment of divinity. That is where we are, this is where God is and this is where you are, always. It is just a matter of consciousness and of accepting that life is more simple than you wish it was. You need nothing to walk with God but you. This has always been like this and it will not change as this is one simple truth.

Solar Logos (Grandfather): Aho Khola, this is Sanat Kumara. 

Listen up people, we are in the last moment of the times known to you, as they are only existent as an illusion projected onto this realm. These are the times of tell. These are the times you prepared for. Now get up to stand tall. What are you waiting for? Do you need me to repeat? The time is ripe and the time is now.

We Kumaras are warriors. Many of us walked this earth in human flesh, many lost their lives to keep my altar alive. Many lost their lives so that you have a place for prayer. There is no need to thank them anymore, as those got their rewards righteously so in heaven. You thank them in doing your job and you thank them in living up to your fullest potential. And this is asked for - now. 

Keep it together, people. Who of you can tell me right out of the box, how many people are in their vicinity, what kind of people, do you know their intentions, feel their presence, know where they are located and how to be reached. Do you have five people you can trust?

If I ask you to bring me sixteen saplings and bring them to me yesterday, will you find them in the dark? What did you prepare for people, and where is that preparation now? Do not let us down, in those last moments of struggle with the dark, as we do not let you down, beloveds.

You are throwing a tantrum and complain about timing and broken promises. Well, there was no dark event of any big proportions happening for you to see, was there? So it should seem to you, that we did our part of the promise. We play your little games with you, having patience, love and humor, but you need to understand, that solutions can only come through co-creation in an utterly holistic way. 

All cogs must be in place and operable, cleaned and oiled to make such machine working. There is no place for compromises, there is no place for delay of action, and we see little action being carried out on the so essential human level.

It is time to grow up, to mature instantly, to grab your shield and weapons, hold them tight and be the avant-garde, the summit of higher universal men, the beacon of light to guide those with eyes to see, the helping hand for the blind, the rock in the surge.

Mature, take your pencil and paper, your canvas and instrument, and be the highest human possible, lead by example and heal with a touch. 

Listen to your heart, be aware of your body and use your mind to finally be the rock HE intends to build the coming times of Light and Love upon. It must be built on you, as you are going to be the ones carrying it forth, experiencing it.

Many of you come from other places, though you are all here at this place in this time. You have all you need to get through this, all the skills, all the virtues and all the blessings. So I ask you again: how long will you make us wait?

Do not look for mistakes and reasons for the delays outside of you. Do not look for them in the past. Get over it all, you had enough time to deal with those. Now it is time to take action and to step into the unknown, naked, in the dark, free of any emotions, living wisdom and love, being the extended hand of the Father in all its consequences, one with His will, whatever it takes.

Either you are ready now, or you are not. Make place if it is the latter, step up if it is the first, but act now. You who chose to sit on the fence will realize soon enough that there is no fence underneath you anymore. You will wake up hitting your butts on the ground.

Act now, people. Act now and act wisely. Utilize now what we have taught you, utilize what you learned about yourselves. Everything you have and know is sufficient to do what you came here to do, there is nothing more to accomplish and there is nothing more to say.

The bells are ringing, whistles blown. With a mind sharpened like a knife, with a heart strengthened and knowing, those cross the lines who are bold as love.

I am Sanat Kumara. Heed these words. I am not here to make friends with you, I am here to fulfill my part, but I love you all very dearly, and I trust that by now, you know what I am talking about. You are as much a part of this as am I, think how powerful we can be together.

Take my hand, as I am taking yours. Aho Mitaque Oyasin.

Peter: Aho Mitaque Oyasin, Pilamaye Grandfather, and thank you Raphael for your time and patience with me.