Prepare Thyself Zion
By CM thru Peter
Mar 12, 2011 - 5:02:06 AM

March 9th 2011

Voice over speaker: Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. 
We welcome you on board of Spaceship Shan on our virgin flight to Light and Love. 

Please ensure that your spiritual belongings are safely stowed away in the overhead department and that your seat belts are fastened. In the likely event of a change in atmosphere pressure, truth masks will automatically drop from above. In this case, pull one of the masks towards you and press the opening firmly over your heart, then assist others.

We ask you to switch off any telepathic communication equipment now. They may only be used again when the fasten seat belts signs are turned off.

Captain C. Michael and the crew thank you for traveling with Spaceship Shan and wish you a pleasant journey. (elevator music)

CM: knock, knock, Peter, it's Christ Michael here.

P: Christ Michael it is good to hear your voice again.

CM: It is good to reach you again, all of you. As you can see, I am making the round, visiting some of those who channeled me before. You will be able to read those messages one after another, and in the complete, they will make even more sense to you.

So I will follow up on Kibo's last message, and yours will be followed up by someone else.

You sang that song together with Les Visible at the tree-house party. The lyrics went: "it is over soon", and so it is. I would not let you guys use those words in such a divine circle of friends as attended the tree-house party, would it not be but the truth. 

Of course this was mostly a hint for you, but as I have said through another channel, just because some things are not published or not heard does not mean they are not going out and it is not heard at all.

This wave we are awaiting is much more than the initial wave sent out by the First Source and Center, as it collects all positive and supporting energies transmitted by uncountable individuals all around the universe. So, not unlike a real wave as you know it, this one gains momentum and strength through adding your benevolent energies to its mass, and it is your energies, from each and everyone of you, which will help to wash away those aspects that are hindering First Source and Center's plan.

A wave which comes to shore, also gains hight and strength through the incline of the ground, and when it comes to the surface, some will experience it as a tsunami, washing away everything in its path. 

But I tell you, if you keep your hearts open to me in this very moment, the surge will fill you with Love and Light, while the tsunami outside of your inner being might be experienced rather as a normal wave: it will hit you in relation to who you are. 

To be on higher ground now, only has the advantage to be able to help others to cope with the impact, as there is no place high enough in altitude, to not get some wet feet. 

As I compare this wave to the waves on your oceans, it is at the same time unlike anything to be of comparison. This wave is me, as I come to claim my creation. It has been said that I enter my creation and that is right, indeed. It is the blending of heaven and earth, of the creator and his creation, and you can feel the joy or you can be the joy, you can feel me coming in or you can be me.

Many of you experienced an idea of that wave already when you asked me to give you a hug, beloveds. When I do so, the feelings of timeless bliss and eternal peace and joy are mutual. I feel the way you do and I look forward to a permanent state of this hug, but this wave is also a "radar/sonar ping", sent out from the Center of the Universe to feedback on the actual number of God's children. (Not unlike the census at the time of my last bestowal)

Now, that you are approaching this first wave of divine Love, I ask you to prepare for one more situation. I ask you to practice your steadfastness. This wave will be used by the darks as well, in order to speed up their plans of the game. The nasty will become nastier and the evil will play out big time, so it is of utter importance that you, my brethren, know who you are and who you stand to.

Things can get scary at moments, and we have seen enough souls falling for their fears. This event will be a shock for many, and the darks are very aware and are using this state of unprotected subconsciousness to infiltrate such individuals. Also, many were groomed for this situation, and would unleash their disturbing "programs" once triggered awake from their slumber, therefore we need each and any single soul able to resist those energies, to stand in their dedicated spots of service.

Go back and reread the "course in miracles", it will help you to stay yourselves when the material world surrounding you starts to fall apart. You are not what you possess, and we love you for who you are, not for what you do.

Beloveds, First Source and Center heard your cry. He decided to cut short now and sent out His first wave. One day you will know all the details, but for now, you have to be the summit of Agondonter being, stepping into the unknown, convinced without knowledge, armed only with your spirit and your heart.

All the universe's eyes are focused on you, beloveds, as we all will have that dessert together we all had to wait until the last one of you finished the main dish. The tables were cleared and wiped now, and time is getting ripe for the crowning of the meal. After that is served, eaten and digested, you will finally be able to come home.

So buckle up, this is the ride of the rides, and each seat is a front seat. You are warming my heart, my warriors, little ones, you came a long way with many odds against you. I thank you for your diligence along this rocky path, I thank you for your trust, and I thank you for your Love. We have flipped the medal and you have polished it, and now the gold shines sparks of Light in the dark, illuminating my path home to welcome my bride.

I leave you with the lyrics of the alto aria from J. S. Bach's Christmas Oratorio, a work of such beauty and hopeful anticipation, this scribe always wanted to share with you. May it sweeten your hours of awaiting my Love. I am Christ Michael, Creator of Nebadon. I put my seal on those words.

Prepare thyself, Zion, with tender emotion,
the Fairest, the Dearest to welcome to thee.

With what yearning must Thy heart today be burning,
welcome thy dear one with loving devotion.

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