Grandfather Speaks Thru Peter!
By Grandfather (Sanat Kumara) with Peter
Mar 8, 2010 - 7:45:52 AM

Candace: These arrived yesterday or so. The channel is Peter. Grandfather is Sanat Kumara, Solar Logos, and father of Esu. He was called Grandfather by various indian tribes. Peter is a firekeeper of the Lakota tradition. These are the first 5 pieces submitted for publication.  He has been connected to Grandfather for many years. Now Grandfather is giving him material to publish and I am happy to publish it! 

Grandfather 1 - 5:


Grandfather 1

Me: Aho Grandfather. Grandfather, my heart is heavy. It is one of these days which are starting so well, Grandfather, and are so disappointing at the end. And it's not, that the day itself would be disappointing, it is rather, that each morning I see God's wonderful creation, but during the day I observe how mankind maliciously destroys the very same. You know what I mean, Grandfather, day in, day out, and I often get unbalanced and angry on such days, and I am having a hard time to forgive and to love. A brief update, Grandfather, would be such tremendous help, if you like to I will be open.

Grandfather: "Aho Mitaque Oyasin, this is Grandfather. Aho Khola.
There is thick air on Urantia. So thick, you can cut through. You are not the only one feeling this, all who went on the quest of finding their luck in themselves feel this tension, this crackle, one way or another. All is different now, you are free now. All being here now, have a potential, a future. What you see is confusion. Confusion of reality and the idea of reality. It becomes precarious if both interact and one achieves deep insights of paradise order at work.

You have to liberate yourself from fear, lust, jealousy and from transitoriness. Only if you are free, you are forearmed for the things to come. Think of it, everyone being here has potential. The thicker the air, the easier it is to cut. The tighter you stretch a rope, the stronger is the force once it rips. The rope on your earth is worn out and overstrained. We already see where it's going to rip. Many like you can see it as well. We protect you, often in the simplest way, in ruining your plans. This is so easy with you people. All it takes for you to give up is a small pebble on your planned path. How could it be easier.
Find your honor, values, love.

You might ask yourselves: How can I love if I see destruction? Think of my own son. He loved, even in the very moment of his own destruction. What do you think is the meaning of the bestowals for you? What do you think, just because somebody is called Jesus, would he live an ideal and attained wisdom through that and earned rights? What kind of an elitist behavior this would be. Jesus didn't live in an elitist fashion, Jesus lived the norm, the status quo, the standard how it should be, as every common mortal can live without major efforts. Some walk ahead, many follow and some go through. Jesus went through and in doing so, he went ahead. Think of that, children, when you see destruction, the tear in one eye, for the pain and the sadness, and the laughing in the other, for sympathy, love and forgiveness.

We will provide more information at a later time, but I shall leave for today. Aho Mitaque Oyasin."


Grandfather 2

Me: Aho Grandfather, I come before you in a humble manner, and I ask you to look this way for a moment. Khola, Grandfather, would you have some time for me, Grandfather and comment on the things happening here on earth. thank you Grandfather.

Grandfather: "Aho Mitaque Oyasin, this is I Grandfather, I am pleased to communicate today with you. You asked about a comment about the state of being of your planet, Urantia. She is doing well and she thanks for asking, for being concerned with her well being. The dark ones try basically all they can to make you forget where you are, make you forget who you are and where you come from. They did this over many millennia, and they got spoiled with success. But now, things changed, the evil is gone, they just didn't realize that yet, but they will overtime and they will ask to be reintegrated into your society, at least some of them will.

Mother earth herself goes through a phase of relative calmness right now, waiting for things to work out on the mankind level. She is so patient, how patience can be. She loves you so very much. She is a real mother, doesn't condemn nobody of her children, not even those hurting her day after day. And every night, when you are sleeping, she cries to recharge her heart, which is her core of inner earth. Your scientists believe that earths core is metal, molten rock and gas, but it's not, the earths core is her heart, is the organ beating the pulse of life in space and time. Tune in with her and your ride will be softer and gentler, she gave lots of warnings for those with eyes to see and those with ears to listen. Mostly the animal family respected that offer.

The people, my friend, are in dire straits, they still believe things would change by sitting at home. Entertainment and drugs are the primary cause of unhappiness as they are empty shells of empty thoughts, empty rules. Some of you have heart, some of you go far, many, many don't. But the day of choice is getting closer, the rope, pulling the energies of heaven towards this dark place in the universe is fixed and ready to be pulled to stop and re-spin in the direction of her will. Yes, she has a free will too, just hers is conscious and so she was asked  to go in our paste, and she decided to do so. You have no idea, how lucky you are, and if the rest of us would be humans, we would be yellow in our faces as of jealousy for this mercy. After all you did it.

But don't be afraid, this was planned way ahead and earth had millennia to prepare for this very moment. Now, you had the same time, just your focus is kind of measly and your thoughts wander easily into the realms of fantastic ego constructions. This has to stop. We need you to focus on the light. Imagine light surrounding you, pressing through your pores, energizing each and every cell of your body on it's way to your inner core, to reactivate and tune it to the frequency of heaven.

Oh, my friends, you will be so happy and understanding your whole past experiences as of necessary tools on your path to ascension to realign your will to the father's merciful will. You will not be able to stop smiling and laughing inside your glowing heart. You will burst into giggling like a new day is born from the night before. The black makes space for colors and the wind blows your thoughts like a tumbling ball of dust over the plains. Run with the wind, be the sun, the tree, throwing shadow to release the heat which source you are. Yes, you are the heat. You are the sickness, mother earth is suffering. You have lots of healing to do and there is many creatures here to assist. Believe me, they are literally lining up volunteering. Such an event is rare, even in this universe. The potentials are extraordinary for all, so know, that this is not only your challenge, this is an endeavor of heaven, and so you have the most powerful allies you could possibly have to help.

I am Grandfather, please believe me, that I come to help, because my son asked me for this. I would be a sole observer otherwise, with or without you a planets ascension is worth while watching, but I am glad, he asked me, for this is an honorable thing to do. He suffered big, as big as his love was and is for you, his children, brothers and sisters, and I have never seen more trust in anybody so unbelievable cruel, that their hearts one day will open to the fact of love being spread all around them. He knew then and knows now, that you are good in your core but blinded by wealth. Your sun is a symbol for your shining as you receive sun-rays over many, many kilometers through space and time, they still warm and nurture you, so do the rays emanating from you, outwards into the universe, nurturing and warming the father and all his associates. They thank you and they will pay you back for your courageous step ahead, for without this trust, without this love, nothing would be as is and everything will be understood later in time.

So straighten up and ask for guidance, keep on moving towards the light. Don't look back. You have to be reborn from the sun to become a higher universal man. Don't worry, the rays go straight through the clouds made by the dark cabal to hinder those rays incoming, but measly is their work, just seems successful from your perspective. We, who can walk on clouds, don't see much success in such a terrible idea. But it's better to have them occupied with some useless technique, than being available for more murder and war and negativity. Yes, my friends, always think your thoughts to the end, don't be satisfied before that total solution, which you can only find deep in your heart and soul. Don't you know, the sun lives in you. Without it, you would not be alive. It is simpler than you think, life is not so complex if you involve spirit in the explanation.

Through spirit you breathe, through spirit you sound, and through spirit you love, and that emanates back to the heavens, where it is being recorded for later references. Each and everyone of you has a file in sonarington, where it's cared of, because we don't loose files, they are safe in our hands, no computer error will accidently delete what you think and do and feel and say, all is recorded infinitely. That, you can't alter, only we will erase these files once the soul is born in the light, to help others to sacrifice for the higher good, to put on hold it's own development, so to speak, to boost yours, since this is what the universe badly needs, to get on the right path again with all it's parts, including the one you play. Get aware, that you play a part and there are no extras in this play. There is no directors either, this will play out as it will and all will live what is, weeping and crying or laughing and dancing around. Fire burns itself to the ground, is strong and weak the same time, and it burns when the moment and the factors for it to burn are given and it can only burn as long as there is food for it and oxygen. Take away one of both, the fire dies.

You never were alone, you would have not survived if it were so. You never were cut off spirit, you would have not survived if it were so. Don't let these things be used to manipulate your will to move towards your destined power, your destined place in the web to be part of all, and to function as good as perfect as it is possible for you to do. You've got all you need. Use it, use it. The heavens and the universe and all it's creatures, surrounding earth in a circle of love are counting on you.

You are the ones, my friends, you all are the ones. You are the heros you waited for. You are the arms and hands and bodies which will save you. It's hard, we know, we watch you, we feel you, but you succeed day after day things heal. You are your healers, you are the aliens come to save you, don't wait, be. Aho Mitaque Oyasin.

I love you all, I am grandfather, please consider these words of mine are there to assist you in ascending faster than you would otherwise do. My love is with you, goes out for you. I am love. I am Grandfather. Thank you."


Grandfather 3

Me: Grandfather, are you there and willing to talk to me? Such a beautiful, beautiful morning, thank you.

Grandfather: "Peter, Aho Mitaque Oyasin. This is Grandfather. Let the sun warm your aura.
Oh my friends, spring is coming, and with spring goes the winter and the cold and also the silence, the calmness and the dark. Days are getting longer, nights shorter. Know children, in your heart of hearts, never-ending sunshine is just around the corner on your world.

We are ready to go, all is set, so what are we waiting for? We are waiting for you, for you to come on board, for you to grow over yourself into the heavens without leaving the earth. You know the saying, look up to the stars and take care of the streets. Now this is how you have to live. You have to have your head above the clouds and your feet right on mother earth, because you are the link between the earth, the material planet, and the spiritual world, because you are both, creatures with the ability to connect through spirit. One day you can walk between the realms, and take the path of your own choice. But first, we have some work to do. Your dark ones, they don't let go of the old, long gone paradigm. See, your paradigm didn't exist in the middle ages anymore, and still, they were so good, so successful that you kept it up until now. You might as well believe the earth is flat, you might as well believe one day the heavens fall on the earth, you might as well believe that God is no more. So it's time to turn around.

Now how can we do that if so little of us are awake? How can you do that?

Well first, just get on with life and live it to the fullest potential. Live it out loud without screaming, kind of a whispering loud. Rather demonstrating than real talking. Rather not doing than getting laws of restriction.

Mother earth is ready to embrace the spring. You wonder why it took so long, you wonder why winter seemed to not end. Well, even the seasons are a symbol for your state of being. You don't want to let lose of the winter, you choose the cold, the dark, you choose the wet and you choose the length of it. We told you before, you can and will have eternal sunshine, eternal  light and love, but you have to open up for it, you have to let it in, you have to open the blinds, open the windows and the doors and literally LET US IN, for we can't come in without an invitation because of your free will, we are not allowed to interfere. Some of you have a whole group of creatures standing outside your doors. Thanks God, that they can't freeze, they don't have feelings like this. They do have feelings, but not like cold, warm and stuff like that. You as well get over all this feelings.

It's your ego, that weakens, day after day, and realizes that its time of reign over you comes to an end, like the dark ones are starting to realize, that their time of dominance comes to an end, like all things come to an end, the good or the bad.

Jesus, my son, said once on his last bestowal as a child of you, all things have its time. There is a time to get sick and there is a time to heal. There is a time to speak out and there is a time to be in silence. There is times to move and times to rest.

Now you have to find out, what time it is and act accordingly. Try to be right, push it, try to be always right, how your heart tells you that it's right, how you thought adjuster confirms your feelings in showing only one thing: does it bringing you closer to God or does it bring you away from your one source. Now this is not so hard to do. It's your third eye which looks to the inside. Now open it wide, to see all the hidden truths, the hidden treasures and the hidden attributes of your self. Look for them and find them and tune them to the will of the father and the frequency of the universe. Just tune them right. You don't swing or vibrate in a sinus curve, you are much more vibrating like a curve with distortions and wave-breakings, uncontrolled amplifications. But you are not in a mirror cabinet. The earth is not a game, is not a play, it's very real and connected. It's you, playing the game when it's real and denying to act where it's a play. You laugh about the things we cry about, and you weep when we are laughing.

Turn around, I say, upside down, backwards, walk on your hands, so to align with where you are. You are so upside down, you are speaking crab and you are thinking with your genitals. Now if you walk on your hands, things will be aligned right, and you see, sometimes it is good to exaggerate even a mis-doing. It's like on a stage, where you have to exaggerate the actors makeup so that the expression which is wanted by the director can be seen from the last row.

Now this is not a play, though you are playing it - then play it to the fullest, friends, play it to the fullest, exaggerate and show grotesqueness, the exaggeration , the plumb humor, the stumbling walk backwards. Scare the audience, scare the truth into them through demonstrating consequences of their actions. Show them the consequences of their words, tell them about universal truth. Don't tell them what that truth is, as you merely know anyway - tell them, that this truth exist as they exist and that this truth will exist after they pass and it existed before they entered, even though, the strength and overall validity is intertwined with each and everyone of you and each and everyone of us.

We are one, we belong together. From a technical standpoint, some of us could not exist if it weren't for you, and all of you wouldn't exist if it weren't for Michael and Michael wouldn't exist if it wasn't his father thinking of him. As Michael is the will of the father so we are the will of Michael. Now what shall we be, and with we I mean us, including you - what should we be?

Should we be independent, do we really want to be independent again? Is it that you want to go on with the rebellion? Is it that you don't want to see, where it brought you, what it did to you, and there is no such thing as rebellion having a soul, being an entity, for rebellion is something which comes in existence through somebody rebelling. Now why would you rebel in the first place? Is there anything missing, could there be a reason, being embedded in love and spirit - oh, that's not enough, you say, we don't only want the whole world, we also want Gods job, because we think that he is special and so if we can't be as special, than we have to deny the existence of every other thing we call special, or we can deny our own being special. Oh, you people are so black and white.

Did it never cross your mind, you could be special and not special at the same time? You could live and dwell on the earth and in the realms of heavens at the same time? The dark ones were hiding it all along in front of your very eyes. They labeled it secret, which is another magic word, for if you label something secret, then people can read it or see it with their own eyes and they will not understand, because their brain is conditioned to obey secrecy, like your brain is conditioned to obey so many manmade laws. Obey the one law you all know of, that is the law of abundance. It's very simple and you use it every day, on all levels. You want something, you have got to do something for it - as simple as that.

 You want bread, you have to go and buy some or make and bake some, and that might implement you having to make money to buy or to grow wheat to bake, and this may again implement that you might have to become an apprentice to learn a profession or to learn how to grow your own grain. So one thing leads to another and all is equal important. But the most important step, essential and initial step is the step itself.

Now in your world, people spend without hesitation a good portion of their income for the well being of their cars, their houses, even their barns, and you invest time and the pursuit of perfection when mowing the lawn or stacking the wood. You spend, invest days with figuring out a problem, where the solution would have been to not create the problem. You spend lots and lots of energy to cover up the wrongdoings with the only purpose of keeping that misguided path open. You don't spend an adequate amount of your income for your own machine, your body, which you don't even own. You don't bite, generally speaking, into how you could get closer to the spirit living in you. You don't possess the patience to sit in stillness and wait for the answers to show up, you rather construct them yourself, being well aware that they are only compromises of a pour manner [kind].

Ohh, would you only use those energies for the pursuit of getting to know spirit and realigning you with the fathers will. I told you last time, you would not stop laughing and smiling. Just transform and direct those wasted energies and invest in your future already. And if you can't do it for you, do it for your divine parents. Because these are the potentials they made exist for you. Don't be nasty children, your society doesn't have to align with the latest offspring just to make it fit. No, you should align with the will of the father and your society should better aim to fit this divine will. Don't be slaves of your own ignorance, don't suffer under your own confusion. Just clean up, children, start your spring-cleaning, you will soon need a tidy space inside you and you badly need a tidy space around you.

So start with yourself and clean up what has to be cleaned up and expand to the outside from there. It might be helpful to clean up your direct vicinity first, but it is not necessary, even though it might assist you greatly. Get your house together, inside and outside, your thoughts and your feelings, your words and your actions. Align them with the will of the father and enable through that his work to be done as you and many other pledged to do. The father counts on you, we count on you. We need you in this, because we need your experience. And stop punishing you, as it is the experience of the suffering which we, up here, cannot make.

I am Grandfather. I love each and everyone of you in their own way. I respect all of you. Will you respect us, will you respect your true origin and will you live and steer your life accordingly? We sure hope, and we know, eventually you will.
Aho Mitaque Oyasin, thank you."


Grandfather 4

Me: Grandfather, speak to me Grandfather , please speak about the waiting, the state of waiting, since it seems sometimes the only thing we can do, even though it seems wrong to wait. Speak about that, Grandfather, that we can shed some light onto confusing matter. Thank you.

Grandfather: "Peter, Aho, this is I, Grandfather. It has been over a week that we talked. I was looking forward to our next session. It is good that you ask about the waiting, because many of your siblings have similar concerns about this questionable state of being, waiting.

A warrior has to know when it's time to act and when it's the time to sit down and to do nothing. This is one of the attributes of the warrior. You are all warriors. Warriors for the father's cause. My children, you know when to act and when not to act, but don't mistake not acting with waiting. These are two pairs of shoes, including two pairs of socks. If you wait, you might lose the very reason for your waiting, because waiting is an unnatural, constructed way of not being. There is no excuse for not being. If you sit and wait, imagine what happens all around you, is the rest also waiting or does it go on with whatever it's mandated to go on. The only one not being with it, is the one who waits. Waits for what? For better times to come? For a better situation to arise? For better circumstances, worthy to get up and act? Now rarely those come, so, in the end you might sit there until everything is over and you didn't participate how you were supposed to. See, my friends, you all, each and everyone of you in each and every moment of your lives, your whole life is arranged around this mandate which you pledged before you came.

Now you heard, that some of you are here to use your special skills on a specific day in your life, reflecting the divine will, but that was not entirely right, because - you are - always - every moment of your earthly life - every moment of your eternal life. You do as you agreed to, since if you don't, you would not have the right to exist.

Friends, I told you before, life is not so complicated. It is you, who makes it's accessibility into a heart-ship. It is you, planning away opportunities, and it is you, who has the free will. But each and every cell in your body does as it needs to do, to make your body run the best it can under the circumstances which you and your free will give it. As this seems to work out for you and the will of your DNA keeps you alive, then we are at a point of no return, because you already accepted Gods part of the gift, Gods part of the contract sealed in your heart. Now it's up to you to do your part, and that should be always, as you don't offer your bodies a vacation neither for you wouldn't survive even the slightest absence of this cellular level will.

Absence of will is death, and that you can transpose to all the aspects of mortal life, even your earthly death is an illusion, as you are merely [inaudible] change roles, what's changing when leaving the mortal body is your reconnection and balance of your will with the fathers will.

Ja, on the morontia worlds, you will be one again and look back and all the waiting, the phases of hesitation will stick out like cancers on your otherwise aesthetic appearance. You would not want to accept this throwing away of your own integrity, your own possibilities which God provides in each and every moment.

I understand your question, I understand your confusion in observing the absurdity of your society, your brothers and sisters behavior, towards themselves and towards the one source. And most of you, hoping for stasis to come sooner than later, waiting puts you in an artificial state of stasis, which is dangerous, so to speak, of its human origin. Stasis deals with vibrational frequencies of life in a mortal form. Now you, who are having trouble not to help yourself whatever sexual temptations bridge a certain circuit, how would you want to overview your own frequencies of life? I would advise to leave that to the ones assisting the divine in that plan.

Don't wait, children. Wait for what? Wait for Godot? You know, after all this years that this book was written, that he's not coming. But you don't give up, don't you? He might have been late in the book, he might just show up after you read the last sentence and closed it and put it back in the shelf. But what if Godot would wait himself? Would there even exist hope? Godot simply can't come, because he's always there. It's just a question in what form one looks for him. Isn't he there with the whole play? It's basically about him, isn't he there almightily, bigger than he could be there in real form.

Oh children, what is it with the pearls they throw under your food to nurture your soul besides your physical body? Don't you see them? Do you not look what's on your plate? How could we help you if you don't even listen to your own prophets and wise. You're asking for guidance and you're getting answers from those guiding you, and then you decide to wait for it to unfold. Well, don't you want to buy your lottery ticket to help out your father to make you a million, he's got to do that for you too?

What if you see it in relation: there is big necessities to provide people shelter, food, love and warmth for pure survival and health, and there is wants and wishes for toys, gadgets, convenience. Which would the father attend to first? Which would you attend to first?

See, if you don't know where to go, don't wait, help somebody else and you will find your route. Put yourselves aside and you'll start to see clear, where your next step is a plus on your list of ascension. And ascension, my friends, appears sometimes like going back, but you still make a big step towards the light. Always be on the move, children, even if you don't know where to go, go anyway.

You can move without moving any physical parts of your body. Never stop. Never be satisfied. Never reach perfection, just aim for it, for if you reach a state of perfection, this aspect of yours is ready to pass, it's work is done, there is no reason for it to further exist.

Life ain't so hard, but you got to be open for it taking unprecedented terms, and that's the beauty, that is beauty, and beauty is in motion. What is beautiful, a painting of a beautiful woman, or the beautiful woman herself? The painting shows more than the beauty caught on canvas of the woman, it is combined with the perception of beauty from the painter as well as the one looking at the painting, while the beautiful women herself only shows, demonstrates beauty of the fathers will, the beauty of his creation. It might be differently perceived, but it is of universal beauty and that we call truth. The beautiful is the truth, as God, even though nobody of you mortals see him, (and we can see all of your images of who he could be) and let us tell you, all of you, exceptional all of you, you have a picture, an image you carry of him of untold beauty, absolute beauty, he is perceived beautiful, because he's perceived as true.

This is how we see you - you are - and that is beauty in motion.

Oh children, you fit so well to your earth. You fit so well to your situation. Have mercy like your mother has, and be. Thank you for your attention, I am Grandfather, be my love with you, gentle as the wafting wind and strong as the powers of heaven. Aho Mitaque Oyasin, thank you."


Grandfather 5

Me: Grandfather, I love you so much, could you speak about our relationship and why you wish to come through me and the importance of that? Thank you.

Grandfather: "Aho Peter, this is Grandfather speaking. You're asking about our relationship. Well, you have a grandfather, you have actually two grandfathers. They are both in heaven, you knew them both and you loved them dearly, didn't you? These grandfathers are your real grandfathers, which have been here in a physical form and were part of giving birth to your parents, which again gave birth to you. So everybody has a grandfather, everybody has two grandfathers. Now you met your grandfather long after he passed. You meet him in the place where he passed, symbolically. That is beautiful and you guys were laughing a lot. Now this is how a relationship to a grandfather should be.

Now, I am your universal Grandfather, because in a way I gave birth to your parents, symbolically, I was part of that, as my son was part of Christ Michael on his last bestowal on your earth. This is why you call me Grandfather and this is how I revealed myself, especially in the native american tradition.

Now remember, we pulled you towards my altar, and so we did your wife. Time was of the essence and you needed to be introduced to the old tradition, the simple life with nature. See, your whole life was your education and you learned skills, important for the correcting time. You are a warrior, perfectly honest, you are my warrior. In these moments we have to work with whoever is available and educated enough to spread the message and to carry the wisdom of the elders of your world. These indigenous people instinctively did lots of things right, while they missed others as they were only humans in the same way your modern society is, nothing more and nothing less.

But, I fell in love with their children-like dealing with the piece of land, piece of creation they were mandated to take care of. They are the holders of discipline as they lost it when they would have most needed it. Your suffering, my friend, is gold worth, and you suffered enough to be of service for the one and first source. You are balanced enough to carry these messages which are just one more contribution to Michael's teaching mission as there will be people reading these transcripts. Remember, you are not the only one, but I choose you a while ago. I put you through the physical school of one of my grandest warriors and you had no clue what to do, and you did it anyway.

It was also me, who brought you together with Monjoronson and Machiventa. When I let you have read "Global Sustainability" I knew what would happen. You came here for that reason, that was what you were asked and that was your decision to serve for the highest good. This is so much worth, children - if it's only one, it's better than none, ten are better than nine and a hundred will easy become five-hundred and thousand, hundred-thousand to all. This is how we work, one step at a time, one soul after another. We call you, it is good if you respond and it is good if you don't, for we knew if you would or would not, but still we allow possibilities and surprises, for the future holds things that we don't know.
The teaching mission goes on, no matter if you follow, no matter if it fruits or not. This is a mandate beyond your understandability. Know, my dear ones, the good always wins, always.

Now, we are literally sitting up in the stars. How could we reach as many as possible human beings, where you are so important in this endeavor of the divine source and center, because every little thing you accomplish is counted as an accomplishment in heaven. You are part of the scheme. Don't you understand that? So we need to reach you, one way or another, and we don't let any path untried. That my friend, is our relationship to you, nothing special, just you responded, and that's all enough for us to work with you and through you. That doesn't make you a better person or a more liked human mortal. But we celebrate each and every soul, hopping onboard the steady tucking train. We really do, as we would with any other soul responding to our call.

Peter, you responded on so many levels. Your whole being was resonating with the call, as you only waited for this to unfold, to present an opportunity to you. That's all, we present, we reach down - you respond and reach up - that's all, friends, that's all.

I, Grandfather,  have spoken to many and a small number recognized me. The tradition I stand for is not as mainstream as others, so I am in the extraordinary situation of having a special force created to plow over mother earth and all the artificial ideas inhabiting her, to plow a pathway for Jesus to return. As many more souls plow that path the time will be for him to come.

Know, dear ones, you're all part of the same scheme. This one works with words and talking can be understood by him, since his ears are educated to listen. His naiveté makes it easier for me to come through him. He knows that he knows nothing and that's a foundation worth building on. Take my words through him and don't concern the origin, for it is the words that counts more than the one saying them, and it is the meaning behind those words, which in the end has to be taken in, transformed into ones own reality.

You like established things. Well, all things have to be established at one point in time. Think of that, and it's always your time which seems less important than others, but it is not, because time has no importance. We can't fail and so don't you. Sometimes you just choose to fail and that includes growth possibilities, because only your free will creates the agony to overcome this very will to be able to join with the father.

So take this messages as they come through whoever they come. Don't kill the messenger, spiritualize the message, suck it up, eat it, drink it, hear it, read it, feel it. How does it resonate with your heart and your indwelling father fragment. That should be your only concern. I will speak frequently through him, as he keeps being available, before he goes on with what his mandate asks him to do. The correcting time needs to work with anybody open for change and this one always saw the necessity of this change of the paradigm, and now, after many years of grooming him gently and holding him back on all the other levels to not intervene with the divine plan and not to risk his life, his energy and his skills for a temporary success, he went through that without much wining and so good things are about to happen to him. He's consequent as a human being can be and he doesn't like being talked about in public for his humbleness is his character. But I speak anyway, since this is a lesson for all of you. Working with us should be the status quo. Nothing special, but we got to start somewhere and we sure didn't start with him, and we won't end with him either.

I am Grandfather. Go now and live and enjoy and be. Aho Mitaque Oyasin."

Me: Thank you Grandfather.

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