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Telepathic Messages : Peter Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Grandfather #8
By Sanat thru Peter
Jul 16, 2010 - 5:35:04 AM

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Grandfather speaks through Peter

Grandfather 8

Me: Grandfather, I am coming before you in a humble manner, asking you to look this way. Grandfather, please comment on what is going on with us in these extraordinary times. I feel we could use some insights to be able to proceed with whatever we have to do. Thank you for this moment in time.

Grandfather: Aho Khola, this is Grandfather Sanat Kumara. I was waiting for you to ask to communicate now for quite a while, and I understand, that you went through a lot of things yourself, but remember, as I taught you, when it seems to be the hardest, it is the best to do it anyway, because a whole lot of benefits come out of that pushing yourselves just a tiny bit more, to lift the rock on someone's chest, just enough that they can wriggle out on their own.

Well, it is harvest time. We told you that it will happen, and so it is, but many of you Workers of the Light are falling for the same old structures, which enslaved you for such a long time. We are here to help, but most of the work has to be done on your side, after all, you caused the mess, in just not being yourself and through that becoming the pinball for other's agendas.

Now, something like this cannot be wished away, cannot be talked away, and it cannot be prayed away either - this needs actions to be taken, and those actions start in the way you are dealing with yourselves.

We watch you down on Shan with mixed feelings as you keep on following. Following, my dears, is for others, you got to go ahead. "B" said the other day: "you do not have to lead as others will follow" ["B" is a teacher from Monjoronson's staff, assigned to our Mystics Circle], but you sure can choose to walk ahead, walk ahead in your spirit, your emotions and your faith. But you tend to leave exactly those things to others, and your problem starts right there, as those others do. They do lead, you do not have to tell them twice, they lead - you follow. So on the one hand, we see the opportunities for growth, on the other hand we see you letting those very opportunities pass by with few of you actually even considering the opportunity as such.

This is troublesome, since we see you on a soul-level, and your souls are speaking a different language than your actions do. Your soul might cry for help, as your body turns for help to those exploiting any means of weakness, as your body turns to help from the physical realm.
There is no help in the physical realm. You outgrew that phase long ago, you are no human babies anymore, you are grown-ups, at least considering your cosmic ages, and as grown-ups you have to act accordingly.

Let us cut strait through to the core of the problem:
There are too many followers. This is anchored in your weak societies as convenience, laziness and the erroneous idea that someone else would know better. You follow because you do not know, and you disregard the option of looking into yourselves for the answers, as too much work, as too painful to look at, or as plain ignorance of the very roll you as individuals play. So it becomes apparent easier to follow, but follow who?

The crux here again is that it does not matter whom you actually follow, someone with the best intentions or someone with the worst, as it is the act of following itself, which strips you ones from finding the truth in your hearts, only to be known to those who dare to explore for themselves, who dare to step into the unknown, who dare to make mistakes, but mostly, who dare to touch their own hearts.

Do you believe everything a teacher says, or a doctor, a politician or a religious leader? Do you blindly believe the TV-reporters, books, and your car mechanic, or let alone someone you asked for the direction? Beloveds, you might very well get lost along the way. I am not saying no truth could come from any of those sources, but you should be aware of the fact, that it can always only be a fraction of truth, and even that would be colored by the one speaking it, by his or her view of the matter, embedded in their emotions, their spirituality, their faith - so what would that be good for?

Well, it can give you kind of a road map, an idea of where to look or how to prepare, it sure can help in finding like-minded ones to share your experiences, to learn from each others mistakes without having to do them yourselves, it can be a great way of spreading benevolent energies, but walking, you still have to do on your own.

Remember the saying: "Two or more in my name". It does not say, one in my name and one or more following. What are you, birdlings, who eat the pre-chewed food their mother chokes up? Still, you would have to digest them first before you would get the benefits of the nutrition. What would it help, if the bird mother just comes to the nest and digested the food herself. Would that feed her children?

No, beloveds, it is you who have to do the digesting, regardless of who stuffs what in your hungry mouths, how could you know, if it is even good for you as long as you do not do the tasting, chewing and digesting, heck, you even have to observe what is coming out of your rear to get the whole picture. And, by the way, isn't it also quite a sensation, to taste, to gain the powers and energies unfolding once your digestive apparatus starts to do its thing? I heard from many, walking your plane, that this sensation is one of its kind, which we celestials would miss greatly, if we would know how it feels.

Truth becomes real, only once you experienced it, once you found out about it through observing the shoes YOU are walking in. You can never walk in anybody else's shoes - as you wear them, they are yours, because shoes do not walk alone, it is you who moves them. Think of this, it is a unique opportunity for you ones of the Light - learn and grow!

Now, there are many, many groups we work with, and like any teachers who have a real interest to see their students grow to their highest potentials, we use whatever it takes to help them to develop the skills required to reach that highest of goals. I can tell you, confusion is one of those means. Confusion brings chaos, and out of chaos comes wisdom. Wisdom again can be utilized to grow spiritually and a heightened spirituality gives you tools to master your lives, and once you are masters of your own lives, YOU ARE MASTERS OF YOUR OWN LIFE, and that was the goal, remember?

As above so below. You Warriors of the Light are not a detached group of the world you are living in, you are a microcosm of your society, and as such there are different roles to play: One might have to take the roll of the teacher, one might have to take the roll of a student, one might have to play the roll of the "bad guy" and many take on the roll of a tumbleweed, leaving the course of their endeavor to the direction the wind blows.

You all wish to play the roll of the "good guys", the teachers, the wise and the shining ones, and here is your chance to bring your house in order, to get your stuff together, to eliminate the very structures you wish not to see anymore in the new world, by not repeating them and living them in your own little society. If you will but not follow anymore, who could possible become your leader, and vice versa, do not lead if you cannot handle followers. Leading and following are two stone-old structures people like to enslave themselves to. And enslaving it is, because leading takes you away from your inner path, as you become responsible for those you are leading, and following takes away the urge to find out for yourself, as you gave up your self-responsibility and thus look for truth outside.

Please do not understand me wrong, both can be temporarily beneficial, but "temporarily" is the important word here. All things have their time, and now it is time to grow up, take your lives in your own hands and walk. See, you developed a conflict when we were leading, you questioned us, yelled and threw a tantrum, so we pulled back a bit, to let you breathe and digest all this information, which we were aware of must have been quite overwhelming for you, and what do you do? You look for the next best opportunity to fill the gap with your own manmade conflicts, you just replaced our input with the input of someone else, just this time one of yours, you really must not like silence.

Silence is the moment between two thoughts, two words, two things. In silence lays the opportunity to listen to your heart, to discern the previous received bulk of information, before the next input comes along. Silence is the one thing, humans, as we can see them, do not like. They feel un-easy in silence, as if they would fear that someone could actually hear their thoughts and their feelings and they would expose their true self.

Listen up, people, do not shush away silence, do not replace it with anything anymore. Silence, a pause, still-standing, no-happening, no-thing-ness, are God given moments to listen to the otherwise inaudible, to feel the otherwise not feelable, to see the otherwise not seeable, and to experience the otherwise hidden truth. We test you, and we know, you do not want to fail. It is never too late to turn around and keep on walking, no matter how hard it may appear, just take one step at a time, and do not forget to pause, to sit down and rest, to sleep, to dream, to listen, to feel.

We will do whatever it takes to trigger your own understanding, some ways you might like, other ways you might not, but nevertheless, behind the obvious all is valuable teachings for you to grow. Take on this challenge and the lessons shall ease, do the right mistakes, not the wrong ones, listen before you talk, and if you follow, follow your inner guides, even though, they rather would like to walk as equals hand in hand with you, co-creating the path as you walk it like friends and brothers would do. Love and forgive, and do not forget to forget.

Forgive and forget the things which bother you, for your own sake and that of the Universe, I am Grandfather. My heart goes out to all those who have heart, and to those who use it, my love goes out to all.
Aho Mitaque Oyasin


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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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