Grandfather #7
By Sanat Kumara, thru Peter
Apr 17, 2010 - 8:32:20 AM

Grandfather Transmission #7 (through Peter)
Dear Candace, just got this one in. Love, Peter

Grandfather 7

Me: Grandfather, may I offer you a smoke, [Tobacco is a holy plant in the native american tradition, it's smoke is being used to carry up the prayers to the Great Spirit] Grandfather, to sit with me for a moment, and to maybe give me an update to what is happening on the earth and in the heavens. Thank you.

Grandfather: Aho Peter, my dear one, this is I, Grandfather Sanat. Thank you for the smoke, I appreciate this.

Have I not told you, to be ready? Have we not sent messages all over your world, to prepare [you] for what is about to be unleashed? Now it's here, and you still wonder how it came here so fast. This volcano on Iceland has an immense effect on your neck of the woods, europe. There is not a single plane flying towards you or starting [from there]. There are no goods coming in and no goods going out.

This, my friends, is the first impact, which comes to your doorsteps and you guys feel it. Yes, this one here is even happy, because there is no sound pollution of planes flying over his head. We told you too, that some will rejoice for the things coming, and some will be in fear and feelings of loss.

Well that's how it is, we gave you enough time to make up your minds, and still Christ Michael's heart is open to greet each and every soul still making it's decisions. We all love you so much, and all this love is nothing against the love of your Father. Be with him in these last days of the earth as you know it. Be with him, embrace his creation. Observe the things you like, and those you don't, for both might be not existent in this form anymore, once the changes decreed by the divine took place.

So enjoy and pray. Pray strong, pray hard. Not for yourselves, you are all being taken care of. Pray for those who don't know how to pray anymore. Pray for those who don't have a future, for those without a roof over their head and food in their stomachs. Pray for those who are in need for assistance, and pray for those who are lost in fear and pain, and who don't have a direction to go. Pray, that they might see the Father's all-encompassing creation. Pray, that they find a future, pray that they get fed and shelter. Pray for others instead of yourselves. Pray for your loved ones, pray for mother earth.

Let me tell you something about prayer. A lot many of you were brought up in the belief, that praying is somewhat like words, being directed towards heaven. Words with meanings and definitions of agony, pain, joy, love or anything thinkable. Just petition your desires to God and he will make them be. Well, my friends and dear ones, this is not prayer, this is merely theory and talk.

Prayer, and that you find only in the native american tradition, prayer is doing. This is why I choose to have my altar with the natives, because they knew and were open to receive, that prayer is always, in any moment of your life. It is your prayer when you get up in the morning, it is your prayer when you take a shower, it is your prayer when you eat and when you go to work. It is your prayer how you go about your work. It is your prayer when you come home at night, to your family, brothers and sisters, it is your prayer what you do to them, it is a prayer what you do in your free time.

Prayer is doing, I tell you. Thinking is prayer, because thinking is doing, even being is prayer, since being is doing. As a matter in fact, you mortals cannot not do. So, if you cannot not do, you basically constantly pray, and since you are not aware of that, that is until now, your prayers throughout your day might be distorted by your own emotions, feelings, actions and reactions. Your prayer could be filled with anger or fear, and that is what you will harvest.

Many people work the best with the driving engine of emotions, and many of them even with the driving factor of anger. With anger people get endurance. They can do the dishes for an hour and giving it all their anger, and believing at the same time, that they could redeem their feelings through their action. But, my children, you are a bit more mature by now, and there is some responsibility attached, which grows with your expanding knowledge.

If you do the dishes, be aware that this is your prayer, and then chose again, what you wish to pray for, and how. Doing is the most powerful tool you have, because doing amplifies your thoughts. So if you think something positive while doing any kind of repetitive work, the work itself, the mode of doing, the action, amplifies this very thought, this very positiveness. That is prayer, remember this, dear ones, as the days are getting more and more filled with the unexpected.

You dear lightworkers, you have to embrace the unknown, as the unknown slowly ceases to exist. What is unknown in the unknown if you know that you are embedded in the highest love possible? This is why you are able to step into the unknown with your head raised and your chest filled with positive outlooks to a future realigned with the Father's plan. You are able to step there, because you know.

Oh chelas, beloved ones, marbles of Urantia, the time has finally come and everything is on the move again. You think you waited, ask us, we waited much longer than you could even imagine. I told you this before, this event, though it happens upon your earth, is sending it's waves forth throughout the universe to trigger the ascension process on a higher level.

This has to be done. As it is done. In it's timing. And in it's form. This has to be done with or without you, this will be done as it is unstoppable. It is done.

Let us now celebrate. Celebrate that the bells were rung, that the storytellers finished their storytelling, because from now on, we are at the presence and will live that story, others might tell in times to follow. This is the greatest story for a while to be told around the bond-fires in the whole universe, at the dinner tables of celestial artisans, sitting together, enjoying a dramatic play. This will be whispered from one ear to the other. This is recorded and written down for the archives.  (Candace: indeed the creation is watching little earth right now, the other planets and higher realms do have cosmic "TV")

This is inspiring for all and the last creature somewhere in this far and wide creation. You are inspiring, since you are about to survive the mortal life. Take prospect out of the unfolding events. Didn't we tell you, and isn't that proof for what we told you. How can any of you, reading those messages frequently, still doubt in your hearts the words of your creator? How could you not feel the tingling and the excitement, creeping up all around you, making you dizzy and shaking, and calm and understanding at the same time?

Know, my dear ones, you are protected, and you are not protected through us, you protect yourself and your loved ones through your heightened vibration, your preparations, your diligent work and help. This is what protects you. You have got everything you need to master your situation. Each and everyone of you have the means to survive life, and each and everyone of you are making a difference.

You made so much of a difference, that we are where we are, and events are rolling in unstoppable. Don't be afraid now, since you brought the stone into movement. First there were just a handful of pebbles, gently rolling down the hill. Now that triggered an avalanche, which will eventually put so much pressure on those of you, hurdled together in the slim valley of dark perception, that it will move them ahead of their time to apprehend the changes upon them.

Yes, many became those sheep, but we have very educated and skillful shepherds now, authorized by the Father. These shepherds are not necessarily of any major religious belief system, as a matter in fact, only little will they be found in this realms. They are ordinary sisters and brothers, friends, parents, children, being the shepherd of the many. c)Soon, the many will realize that their former shepherds have abundant  (abandoned?-them, to leave them prey to the jackals and the coyotes, and soon they will look for you to collectively lead them to the light and life.

Lead them well, as you lead them to the Father. Lead them well, as you lead them to us, and lead them even better, since you lead them to themselves - home. They are coming home, as you are, finally. Can you see the house you were born in? Can you see were you were raised in love and light? Do you remember? It should be in your vicinity by now, just look and lift the fog of 200.000 years of misguidance, deceit and lies. Lift this heavy fog and let Thaté, your brother the wind, let him blow all the old mists of the dark away to clear the path to your divine parents home.

Their doors are open for you, at any time. Where they are, there is no night and day, there is no off hours. You can always come back and they always will embrace you with open arms, for each child which comes home is reason to celebrate. Your journey was long and hard, dark and full of obstacles, you nearly lost your flashlights on the way, but you made it thus far.

Now there is one more boulder in your path, my friends, one more, which we all will help to lift a little bit, just so we find a way to keep on going. But let me assure you, the way ahead will not be without obstacles, and the tree of life will not be an evergreen, at least not right away, but all the problems of rebuilding mother earth and your society in unity with the divine will and Christ Michael's plan, is about to be filled with excitement and trust, because all of your little actions, thoughts and prayers, will finally fall on the best soil to grow to it's highest potential.

And this is for you to see. We told you, any action you do, has an effect on the next seven generations. We also told you to consider being reborn one day, as to say, you might be your own grandchildren, and so to leave the world a better place than you found it, could be called an end in itself. But this time, little ones, this time, you are directly working for yourselves, as you have to be situated well to be able to help others.

This time it is like in the plane, where you are urged to put on your oxygen-mask first, before you put it on the child next to you. You have to survive, friends, to help others to survive and cope with it. You were educated and groomed by us. Sure that was because you opened up to it, and others didn't. Don't you judge anymore. They will open up, they will take your help and guidance.

Don't you judge in these days, for judging in your sense is the work of evil. Don't judge, but accept the differing souls and things. Accept the Father's manifoldness, accept his colorfulness, accept his varieties, because anything that you can see and realize is merely a fraction of what he is. Accept that fact and find your place in the web, as this is your home, where you will find your powers to overcome yourselves.

The times to come might seem dire, but they nevertheless glow in a different light, and this is the light of Michael, illuminating the path home. Follow those roads. Don't concern yourselves if it is the right one, as all roads direct your path to him. All roads. There is no dead end anymore and no detours, as you aligned your will with his will. It is a physical law of attraction, like two magnets eventually will reach each other and connect in a melting way to become one, inseparable, forever.

Enjoy now, little brothers and sister, enjoy now. Enjoy his creation, and also enjoy the hard times, the fear and angst you still have, enjoy it, it will be gone forever. Aho Mitaque Oyasin.

Me: Thank you Grandfather.


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