Grandfather #6
By Sanat Kumara and Peter
Mar 29, 2010 - 8:56:48 AM


Grandfather 6



Me: "Grandfather, it's me. Grandfather, I am coming before you in a humble manner, I ask you to look this way for a moment. Grandfather, I think I made some mistakes, I think I concentrated mostly on my work with the spiritual realm and I forgot a little bit to take care of the human level, Grandfather. I might have thought everything would happen earlier and faster and now I am realizing, things could get a little tight, and it seems not easy in these days, where everybody is losing money and their jobs, to make a living.


On the other hand I really trust what you guys tell me, that certain things are imminent, and I know you always also say, that it is important to watch the streets too, not only the heavens, so I don't really know what's right to do anymore and I'm a bit confused here, I'm just an ordinary man, Grandfather, trying to make a living, trying to be the best that I can. If you could give me some insights, or some help, some ideas, which could help me on, and others who read this, I would very very much appreciate this. Thank you Grandfather."


Grandfather: "Aho, Peter. Sit down next to me, my son, and listen what I will tell you. I am Grandfather Sanat, head of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Yes, these are some of our dearest ones, who gave up everything serving us and the father's divine plan. Yes, some of you cut down all the bridges allowing you to go back if things wouldn't work out. That security-line will not be a security anyway. Some of you walked that inevitable step before others even realize such a step existed.


 We love you for that, even though we see the consequences you have to suffer for doing that courageous step. Hold on a little longer, my little brother, and people will see and eventually appreciate the stepping forward of those who did. My friend, if everybody would have gone that far, life on Urantia, life in the universe would be different and sure advanced. Yes, we might even greet each other already. But that's not how the world is working.


There will be always challenges and multiple things to accomplish at one and the same time. Now, this is not a curse, this is because you can deal with multiple tasks at one time. You can easy read a newspaper while you eat. You are able to watch TV while you work. The younger generation already seems to need several sources of entertainment on their ears and eyes and bodies to be able to focus. This is a development of time and a development of your society.


 Society likes the multi tasking, because it keeps the brain busy with outside challenges. In the spiritual realm, there are tasks too, though, they never seem imminent to be done in a certain time frame, because everything which comes from spirit is vaccinated with the spark of patience and forgiveness, mercy and love.


Oh Khola, the Father never would let you down, but he needs you to help him, he needs you to not let yourself down, and you know what that means. Life ain't easy, but you usually have what you need. Doesn't the father provide everything? It might not come the way you saw it coming, but it nevertheless came, and so it will in the future. So as society reaches out at you these days, this is one of the signs we were promising you would be able to detect the status of the ascension process of your planet. We told you to watch for signs, now this is one of it. If a symbol comes up more frequent it means that there is an importance to watch right there.

Now you ask: but I'm seeing it, Grandfather, I see that since such a long time and I suffer under it's influence. Now, my son, seeing and suffering does not have to go together. There is a choice you can do when it is presented to you. Remember, little brother, remember, God provides all the things, the uplifting, positive encouragements as well as the disturbing challenges and steady development, provides them all for you to learn to master your life. Life will always have challenges, musts and needs. Yes, the placement of focus will be different down the road, and as many people choose this path, things will be easier understood on a collective soul level.


I told you before, that this was not your plan, this was not the situation created for you, but that was not entirely correct, because the Father creates the situations for all the possible solutions. The Father always designs a space for a backup to jump in and fulfill the work not done. There is a backup-plan for everything, even for the backup itself, and there is no end in that line. There is a backup for a backup of a backup's backup and everybody is as equal, because the heavens don't distinct between an apparently successful solution or an apparently not successful way.


 Both will reach their goal eventually, though the one being apparently not successful, surely bares the possibilities for deeper, more solid understanding on a much broader level, as it comes to numbers of souls being occupied with that problem. If everything would go the golden way of wisdom, how many of you would be part of that, how many of you would understand? So the painful, slow-motion process of learning the rather hard way, really makes the accomplishment of such a path in sheer size of collective brain matter way more successful, if you have a far reaching overview which you can have once you're up here in the realms of heaven. You don't see these developments very easy, because a mortal perspective stays a mortal perspective.


 This is where your problem lays buried, that you are a mortal, while your soul responded to the call long ago and you were groomed for this time in going through a long period of lack and misunderstandings, of loneliness, and in all these, of immense individual love. You know, the father also groomed those, helping you now, so you can go on with what you decided is good to be done.


Oh, Khola, my little brother, let them yell at you, let them be nasty, let them do what they do, because this is their task at hand. Your task is to deal with these unnecessary things, while their task is to deal with the necessities. Now they both are observed out of their own perception unlike harder than the other, though in the end , it is the same task. IT IS THE TASK OF THINKING ABOUT IT, OF JUST NOT ACCEPTING IT HOW IT IS, but to look critical, to be able to make a clear decision, towards it or away from it. Before you can come to any acceptance you have to see, and without obstacles in your path, you won't appreciate when they are missing. Your situation is not so dire compared to many, many of your brothers and sisters."


Me: "Grandfather, I also fear, if I have to make money, I might not have so much time to do this rewarding work with you for humanity and the heavens."


Grandfather: "Yes, it is right. You might have to learn to set priorities and to trust that the things will be accomplished. You know, it might seem to take away time for your spiritual work, but on the other hand, suffering under not dealing with these relatively little challenges, may they be of a ridiculous, useless background or not, still robs you time for focusing as it keeps you occupied with feelings of guilt, of losing, fear and worry. So if you deal with them you have to invest a certain amount of energy to accomplish these simple tasks, and my friend, simple they are, compared to the tasks you are dealing with.


But if you do it, you'll free up a lot of time, being able to relax in a deeper and more earned way. Yes, in society all comes down to money. This is how you build it up, this is how you let it happen, this is how you wanted it, and I know, that it was not you but a handful of your brothers and sisters, enslaving you with their rules and regulations. But again, mankind has to see those things, and so, my brother, do you. People of your group are waiting for announcements in the television, stating the facts and uncovering the truth, but see, you guys still lack the perception of the divine concerning time, timing, and the unfolding of events promised to you.


We never said who's going to come, who is going to show on television, and now look around, don't you have announcements on a daily base by now, isn't the truth uncovered week by week? Doesn't even your mainstream media slowly report on events formerly not reported on? God knows his way. He might let them announce something, without them being aware that they are announcing something. We can hide truth in a lie and let them hiding a lie in the truth. You human children, you have to use your common senses again, only that will distinguish between right and wrong and enable you to chose again.


The biggest accomplishment of the dark ones was to cover your ability of choice, because if you don't see an alternative, you will eventually go with what is, whether you like it or not, because to go an alternative path without detecting it first is like walking blind through a maze. And again, there you see the mystic of the backup from the backup. See, walking through a maze, you are always blind, that is the idea of a maze. Believe me when I say, the good always wins, and it is not a matter of time, it is just a matter of fact.


Trust into that and learn to deal with the tasks at hand on whatever plane they may lay. Just do it as it is presented and get on with life. Don't waste more time than you already have to invest, just as much as you need to deal with it in the best possible way. Being angry, being emotional, putting your anger on it, just potents the energy required to make it disappear, and through that it can become cemented as a wall, closing up your path and you might have to use great measures to find either end of it to be able to walk around.


Oh yes, we are aware that your darker brothers, they build good walls, they build them high and wide and hard to climb. They dress it up with barbed wire and pieces of broken glass. Your dark brothers, they are not very friendly characters, but we are, and we let you see who they are underneath their masks and facades, their backdrops. We let you see them. Yes, this is part of the spiritual pressure, we let you see them, so you cannot not see."


Me: "But Grandfather, what if the other people don't see, will it go on forever, or until a certain amount of people act? I don't know how much energy I have to keep on going like this, if there is not a base, a foundation from where I can work."


Grandfather: "You are not alone, while there is not many of you. It is one of those paradoxes, but it is completely balanced out. You had a handful people ruling over you, enslaving you, robbing you, dictating your lives, and now, you have on the other hand a handful of people lifting you up, showing the truth, developing sustainable paths for the future of mankind. Yes they work extra hours and their tasks seem to be bigger than life, but they have our support and the support of the divine plan, and as those people align their will with the will of the Father, this train will roll to it's destination and there is nothing what could possibly stop it.


My little brother, don't be concerned with what they could do to you or to your siblings. We know that you are sensitive, we know that you feel the pain of each and everyone, each and every little lie, but it's better, believe me it's better, to feel the pain than to feel nothing at all. And your task is one of clearing the emotional base of people, their pool of feelings overtaking their common sense. Step up one more time, little brother, step up. We need you to not give up, we need you to stay sane, we need you to fulfill your tasks. If it's not you, it's going to be somebody else and everybody will have to wait even longer. So if you don't want to wait any longer, don't abandon your job. We will refill your batteries, we will sustain your life as you sustain ours. Confusion comes like everything to a climax. This is it. THIS IS IT.

Go now, Khola, we need you rested, clear. The Father is with you and so am I. Aho Mitaque Oyasin."


Me: "Aho Grandfather, thank you."

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