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Telepathic Messages : Peter Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Four Archangels chat with Peter
By Archangels and Peter
Apr 6, 2010 - 6:23:34 AM

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Dear Candace,
These four angels transmitted the following lessons through me, revealing themselves as archangels. They told me their names, though asking not to use them in public yet. I compiled the messages and took out some personal remarks so you can post them if you wish to. In love and light, Peter.




Me: Thank you father for being alive in this time.

Archangels: "Beloved, we are the angles. Coming to lighten your soul and to uplift your spirit and mind. See, the second sun is here - the second son is coming, is on his way. What a time to rejoice, what a time to exult. Triumph of the light over the dark. The battle is won, friends.

You know, we are not any angels, we are archangels, talking to you. We fought that battle, we have been there, done that. It's over, friends, it's over. The dark ones in your world are unemployed weasels, running scared. They don't even know what struck them.

 On the other side, the foundation of light working individuals is growing by the moment of your earthly time measures. Be assured, the glow is seen, since the earth is ready to do it, the long awaited all, liberating enemies and foes, liberating everybody of the thoughts of evil still in the heads of so many of Urantia mortals. Even the animals have doubts, it is due to their immense love to Michael that they still serve as your daily meal. Take the animals off the plates and you will be able to show one of the rare moments of mercy to those who fed you for aeons one way or another, you will learn to live without this strange delicacy on your dinner table. You will learn how to drink clear water instead of chemical cocktails.

Your guys battle is about to begin. We are not going to leave you alone. We won't rest, our swords are still bloody, we bare no time to prepare to be of service in the name of the one creator of all, Aton.

When the new suns raise above the horizon, your world will fall apart. We don't mean Urantia as a world, but we mean the world as you know it, your image of the world. This will break down entirely and fast, as there is nothing there whereupon it would be build. It is undermined since such a long time now, much through means of your diligent work, there is nothing there and they will fall into emptiness. You will see it, soon, everything will implode in itself, all systems, all images. The only things counting will be experiences, compassion, love, talents, skills and openness to learn, and the battle is only a temporary last rear of that human system.

But it is nevertheless just a last twitch, and, comparing it to the long history of the past, of the many pasts, it becomes quite small. This little hurdle has only meaning for you, for us it is only about the love which we all, including your earth feel for you, unconditional and always. This last revolt shall not be too much of your concern, you will be prepared as you prepared yourselves, and we will do much to support you in your intentions, to guide you and protect you.

We are Archangels, battle-tried and never tired, and we never cease to defend the truth, the justice as well as the free will. Many of your birthrights stand in the way of your free will, or are not acknowledged by your free will, but soon you will be given a chance of enormous extend. We believe that you can make it and we decided to be at your disposal. Let's do it quick and clean. A last cut, that the healing may begin.

What a powerful matter, accumulated over millennia, a huge collective karma of monstrous stagnation and resistance. Reluctance to walk the easiest path, the most beautiful path. You deny the very qualities of creation and life which you experienced to be pure.

We leave it with that for tonight, you need some sleep, catch up with you in the morning. Good night."


Me: You called, I am ready. We can do this in english or in german. However you prefer.

Archangels: "Sure, my dear, we prefer english tonight. So we will start by saying, it is a pleasure to talk to all of you through this Abundanthope site, which has brought so much essentials to this process. It is a marvel. We thank everyone involved in this project. We are the angels. We embrace you with our light as a greeting tonight. We don't know about tomorrow, but tonight is a good night. So we will talk about preparation and about how to face religion in the coming days of revelation of the real truth and glory of Michael of Nebadon.

This true glory, my friends, will shine and convince anyone at any time and always - is the light of life in the universe. However, religions told quite some untrue things about how Urantia came to be and it's history and your history and about your connections to heaven. Oftentimes they were outright lies and in times there were subtle planted thoughts of rebellion, with the only reason to enrich the one seeding those intrigues.

So people deeply rooted in religion, as well as people deeply rooted in science as an option, will be paralyzed by the fact that there is just one direction, one "easy" way to go, and this is to go with spirit, and they will have a hard time accepting this, since spirit comes to all, wether they believe in it or wether they don't. Spirit is. Those who know, will feel happiness, and those who don't will feel happiness too. And this happiness, my dear friends, comes from the heart. Don't you feel it, when we talk about it, how your heart opens, opens wide, and the feeling of calmness entering your body and mind? That is the calmness of the center of creation and this is the joy of eternal love.

Why are we doing this, and why are we doing things? Do we know this? We don't know, but it's love, which is the driving factor of our actions, and love does not really have so many questions. This is an experience, my friends, rather than a play. You will act in this interactive enterprise as you act already, but rather important is your experience while doing and living in this time you are in. Some of you went through a lot of heart-ship and begin to finally see light at the end of this dark age.

Believe me, they did not do that for no reason, because what they went through, many, many of you earth inhabitants will go through. (And yes we are using your own words - you can take this off if you want to - but these were good words, and there is a truth behind it, that's why we use them.)

After things fall apart, there will be a grand demand for calmness, and quiet aware action, assistance, help and lots of education. And thanks to your all putting into collective karma of this planet, we all together can now perform this movement of grace and transformation and trust the Father's will.

We will go on tomorrow, it is late. We are the archangels. Good night."


me: I'm ready when you are.

Archangels: Beloved Father, this is your sons, the archangels, here in name and stature. We love you, Father. We are your hand holding the sword, and we are your heart beating the pulse of the universe. We come here to witness this gracious moment of love in it purest form - love of such unmeasurable value and power, which has been unseen in this world for a long time. This literal "power of love" is combined in the rays of the two suns shining on you. We all feed from that love and we all give to it, because the love is the source of all being. Now this is your right. This is it, friends, your birthright. Now it is here, it doesn't matter if you see it or not, since it is invisible anyway. Mother earth herself is a source of that love. She contributes all she has to this process of healing and changing the course of destiny towards the fulfillment of a divine decree.

We are often asked, why would you allow this? Why shouldn't they rot in hell for the rest of time? First of all, we love the challenge. Without that, life as an archangel seems a bit boring in your terms of words. Boring in the sense, that we like the challenge to find solutions. Without a challenge there is no solution, so we are drawn to pitiful situations, we are drawn to hopeless suffering and needs of those in soul survival. Aside of this, it is our honor to stand alongside Christ Michael and his team of unseen helpers. He is such a joy for everybody in the universe, this is one reason why this event became so big.

And yes, it is of immense importance that this happens, for it happens for the greater good of all, and this is the turn. This is the turn which was required, the step out of darkness into light. The essence though, is and stays love, because even in love we search for the challenge. We love you so much, we would die for you if we could die. You are our sisters and brothers, you are a part of us as we are a part of you, connected in one father, one son and one spirit. This is the reason, why they wanted to kill us, when we were fighting alongside all those, who took the stand  for the father. They know, what we are talking about. It was shameful to see, what side they choose. We are the Archangels. Four of us here...

[All talking at the same time, telling me their names and that I am not allowed to reveal them]

Me: Can only one of you please speak.

Archangels: Yes we can - and we can! That necessary mess does still not wake your sleeping siblings up, does it? Well, things can change overnight and in an instant, and then you look back and you were in it all the time.

Me: Can I ask you about time?

Archangels: Sure. We know your question and we'll go right to the answer. Time is so relative, even more than you think. In our realm we would be able to stop time for, let's say three hours, for any individual. It could be called a "mini stasis", if you want so, but the essential meaning is that time forms not only through perception, time is it's own living being, which is by far not trimmed to your watches and clocks. Time is everywhere, always at the same place while it is constantly in movement. Time is it's own matter and can be utilized as that, and so is light, and sound and growth. There are several models which are close to it, the rest seems to be fairly unknown to your scientists.

But coming back to your question, we usually try not to give any "time ups" or "time downs", because we simply don't know, and even if, we just wouldn't tell you as we follow a plan and not our own free will. It can be pure excitement, it can be blossoms of words, it can be tactics to pull some more of you out of their hiding places. So many of you want, and so little of you dare. It is so easy as going home, and still, it seems so unreal to you.

Go home, leave everything, go home. Go home to your families, live together, be together, love them, enjoy them, meditate with them. Go home, you have all done enough. Whenever there is a spark of senselessness, [and you] feel it - lay them down, your tools and go home. Wherever you think it's not the whole truth and nothing but the truth you're standing for - lay it down and go home. If you think that what you are doing, just helps to enrich ones while impoverishing others - stop doing it and go home. If you are in the business of bringing death and horror over others, whatever the reason to justify might be - lay them down, your tools, and go home. Don't wait to follow, just go.

You'll be guided, you'll be helped. You are going towards the light, if you go, and there is not much what can happen to those, because they have many friends. We will finish for tonight with one more remark: as you go, always keep in mind, that we are going too, everything is going but you. When will the bubble burst? We believe it's soon, so brace yourselves for the bubble to burst. On whatever side you are, it will get messy. Good night.


Archangels: We are the Archangels, back this morning to teach another lesson of insights.

Me: You told me last night, that the connections are going down a bit due to the immense solar activity, and that this would trigger the cataclysmic event everybody is talking about, and that we shall brace for impact. Could you please comment on that.

Archangels: Yes, we said that, and as you can see, the circuits are not the easiest to use these last two days. It is harder for you to understand us. You, my dear, use the visual technique to receive us, which means, you see the projection of what we wish to tell you as spoken word. You see the spoken word, when you look to the inside, and now there is rather lots of breaks in between simple thoughts and there is emptiness. Now, you are not alone. You are the perfectly camouflaged avant-garde of our brethren of Urantia, and in this moment there is nothing else to do then to duck down to survive the inevitable impact. What is the impact? What can we expect? We use the word impact, because that is [how] you will see the coming changes of your material world. You will see it as an impact, because of it's enormous effects on your society. You will call it an impact, because it will be coming down like a sledgehammer.

It is funny though, that in your collective description of impact, you rather seem to see the act of coming onto you as being the impact already. So to speak, you anticipate the impact, just because you perceive the heavens of being above, and so anything coming from the heavens logically has to come down onto you. So it is a matter of perception and imagination as well as a matter of judgment. You judge where you are and where you want to be. Where you want to be, you judge higher than where you are. Now this is one way of growing over yourselves, but you have to take good care in trying to learn to reintegrate what was so successfully separated. That what separated you is gone, and that what unifies you is defined as coming down, even though it was always here. So be careful that in all your healthy judging, you don't start to separate again.

We told you to go home. Now we tell you to stay at home. Stay with your father and mother. Stay there. Oh my friends, you who choose the light, you don't have to worry. You did what you could, and you did well according to the circumstances, and even if you didn't well, you still would have done well, because you did, unlike others who waited and let do, unlike others who stood in the path [and] restricted doing, unlike all others - you did.

Endangered [of] being ridiculed or worse. But the spark is and was in all of us to all times, so there is no excuse in not accepting this, and all those will be held responsible. Don't suffer too much, friends, for what you are afraid of, doesn't even scratch the surface of the blank fear others are facing for their own dark actions of the past. So when we say [to] brace yourselves for impact, this is rather a last present of another piece of knowledge for you to use as you wish.

It is just to provide you the option, the possibility of either making some time or taking some time to make you[rself] familiar with the procedure of impact. As in your transportation sector, they have little movies recommending what to do, and how to behave in a state of emergency. We do have nifty videos as well, but we find it a bit excessive to show them in your TV at this time, because even though the impact will be felt at all physical levels, the main impact is on the spiritual plane as it opens the possibilities again, and how could you show the people of your world how to brace for a spiritual impact better than beaming that show right into your mind and heart, and so we will do at any given moment.

How we really would like you to prepare and to brace yourselves is in enjoying and contemplating, reviewing, not only your life but the life of Urantia's inhabitants, and herself as an inhabitant of her own idea. Review that as far back as you can and try to forgive yourselves, for you were all parts of that past. None of you is excluded as we are all one, even in history and time. There is no exclusion. If you are in it, you are in it. You step out, you step out and if you are going down, you are going down.

We thank you for being an open channel for those messages. We will come back when there is more to say and whenever you ask for it. We are four Archangels. Fair well now, prepare your soul and take care of your physical needs, do it in that order - it makes it simpler. Good day.

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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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