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Telepathic Messages : Peter Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Esu talks about our struggles
By Esu thru Peter
May 17, 2010 - 3:43:33 AM

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Esu talks about our struggles (through Peter)


Beloved, let me assure you, it is I Esu talking.

Oh my brother, little one, I see your struggle and that's what I came for to address at this time. Will you stop doubting? Would you, for me and for Michael?

It is true, we mentioned it over and over again, that we need all of you in these times. But do not forget, that we know each one of you down to your very DNA, and believe me when I say, that all we do is finding the best possible way to communicate with you. Sometimes, you do not make it easy for us to access you, since you are so exhausted with life. Why is this so? It is the pressure on Earth you are feeling collectively. All feel it, some only know what it is for. You know, what it is for and so you move from spirit to act accordingly, but the acting itself is what you struggle with.

We know, it all feels senseless to do anything. But waiting is over, my friends, and we give you ideas of what is about to unfold on your planet as well as in the whole of creation. These informations are given to enable you to look in places in yourself, to find out where you stand in the unfolding events, because it is of enormous importance, that you know this, for only then you can act out Michael's will.

How would you be able to do this otherwise. You would run around in squares like all the other sleeping siblings of yours, and that would be real counterproductive, since a herd cannot be guided by a shepherd being handicapped. Even sheep in their nature would not accept a half-meant order, a confusing advise or an unbalanced guidance. You have to know what you know, to be able to lead and to protect the ones you are supposed to protect.

You all have some or more individuals to care of. Again, you know who they are. If you ask yourselves quickly inside, without using your ego-centered logic and without further hesitation - you know. It might be one single person, it might be a whole town. This depends only on your capability, the necessity and the desire originating in Christ Michael's Divine plan.

Listen to these voices, see them clearly in front of your inner eyes and prepare to jump on a moments notice to fulfill your duties. You will have, actually, you have everything you need, to do the things you are here to do. Trust me, when I say, that once we are over with this, you will look back and recall this time as kind of: Now, that was not too hard, was it?
You will join our happiness with your own choices and everything will come to an understanding of why, when and where it happened.

It will lay so clear in front of you as it is now, only as long as there is darkness on your world, it will throw shadows unto your light. These shadows do not reach your glowing light (physically) any more, but they sure feed your doubts and darken your receptivity. There is not much you can do, than to meditate, and clear yourself with means of smudging your home, keeping you free from outer conflicts as much as you can, and trust and surrender to mothers path, as it is yours, indeed.

Little one, my dear brother, beloved soul-mate. You don't see yourself yet as we see you. You asked the other night, if you lived up to your full potential, and we told you that you are still alive, didn't we? This is in no way the end of the road for you, my friend, it is rather the beginning. You lived up to what you lived up to, and that was your necessary evolvement in the great game, and by the way, if you could see yourself like God does see you, you would not have asked that question - that is why we all laughed, we actually loved you even more for your humble approach is of unseen light.

See, you struggled to know who you are. You said, that we don't know how it is to not remember, but don't forget, I was in the flesh as well and so was Michael, your creator, friend and brother. But even more impressing for you should be how fast you got your answers, is it not?

Only one day later, you got a mighty tool in your hands, and are willing to learn to use it. Now, if that is not a miracle, if that is not divine mercy and assisting you on every step, if you feel us or not, might be rather due to your momentarily state of openness. We told you, that you did well, as we also told you, that you do not have the understanding yet in what form you did what you were supposed to do. Indeed, this is one of the most struggles lightworkers are facing these days.

You understand not fully the "how", while you begin to grasp the "what". You all felt it all along your lives, your mission, your commission, and you struggled with the idea not being able to fulfill your duties, because you could not see the results, which your logical reception would accept as a possible outcome. Beloved ones, it was never intended for you to see the outcome inside, because an outcome is, as the word states, an outside effect of an inside action. Do I have to teach you mortals your own language?

It was always sufficient for you to first feel and later know your missions. Do you, and I mean all of you lightworkers, do you not know why you are here by now? Each and every one of you, as long as you are clear and receptive, do you not know by now?

You do, because you asked for it to be known to you. You do, because of divine timing did not allow for any further delay, so all of you had to be informed as of lately, so that everybody concerned would bring themselves into the starting-blocks from where you would propel yourselves in the direction desired by the Divine. WE NEVER LET YOU DOWN, NOT YOU EITHER!

Did you hear this? NOT YOU EITHER! We know, each time we yelled at the dark ones, you looked inside, slightly worried that you would find the mentioned darkness in you, searching for guilt, being worried about the possibility of being dark yourself.

And yes, you are, you all are, there is no-one on this planet, as long as it is a human mortal being incarnated, who is not part of the whole of humanity, neither you are expelled of responsibility for the whole and through this, of course, you are part of the dark. You know a saying, and forgive me for using your french: It needs two cheeks to make an ass. There is no enemy in a vacuum.

So yes, you are all in this together, and by looking at it, you already do your first part of releasing, and by forgiving yourselves, you render it up to Michael and purge one more soul right here on earth, and that is what is to be done.

I am so glad that you struggle. See, you just see your fight, while we see the potential for growth for so many others, reading these lines and identifying themselves with your very little problems, hence being enabled to learn the same lesson. This is why it is so crucial that all of you Transmitters and Receivers transmit and receive now, because as you are moved in the body of creation, others have to make the same move. YOU ARE THE ONES MOVING.

I let you go for now, little brother, know that we thank you , all of you so dearly as we can at this time. Do you all like brotherhood-water? crystal-water? We've got our coolers filled, ready for the big party, and guess who is going to sit at the head of the table, waiting eagerly to hear all your stories and laugh with tears of joy - You hugged him the other night - it is God, the One That IS, the Father of Fathers.

This is Esu Kumara, I place my seal on these words, they are as true as truth can be received by humans. Go back to work now, for indeed, there is a lot to be done.


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