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Telepathic Messages : Peter Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Christ Michael: Update for Germany and Central Europe - energy conditions.
By Peter / CM
Jan 7, 2011 - 1:10:20 AM

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Christ Michael: Update for Germany and Central Europe - energy conditions.

Channel: Peter

Translated by Peter

Here is Michael, your brother and your loving Father. Today I come with an update, which is particular for Germany and especially for you, who are so indispensable and wonderfully available to me. Germany is in a delicate situation, which she possibly might not be able to master on her own.

Germany and the surrounding alpine countries, lie in the center of great geomantic movements, due to their geographical position. They turn like a disk, while being held together with the bordering landmasses by something like tendons. This vortex turns counterclockwise und begins to build up stress at its margins.

There are bundles of meridians breaking through the surface at the center of this vortex. Whilst the forces arising from the edges get released through those meridians, the fatigue of material on the physical plane grows bigger and starts to show cracks.

At this time, we do not know how long it might take until this situation starts to vibrate together with its surrounding, and with that to release the built up stress, and even though we don't think it can be that long anymore, I wish to point out, that those bundeled energies in the multiplying meridians can trigger some challanges on the mental, spiritual as well as the emotional level.

Until now, mankind had to deal with these energies, which should by no means be underestimated, only in a much finer and weaker form.

Do not be surprised if you are surrounded by many energies which are not yours, as these meridians serve as a vent for all those energies your planet held back for your protection. It is her weeping, her hope, her anger and anguish. It is doing her good, and if you like, you can mix your own worries and anger, pain and rage with her's and entrust it to the meridians's billowing ray.

The grand purge has begun, my children, and it started exactly here.

Germany represents the heart of the lands on the surface, and it got dark in your world, after history reduced her to a mere machine. Open your hearts and weep with me. Open your hearts, so I may again be closer to you. You gave this world an example of the dark, now be one of Me.

Geographically, Germany and the neighboring alpine countires are raising. Whilst this situation is yours, it nevertheless has a direct impact on the rest of the planet, as the stored energies are the emotions and feelings of All, but in the end it is the heart, which is the organ of redemption, and it is here where those energies center in the most concentrated form.

You live on a volcano, so to speak. A volcano of emotions, and it had to be the german-speaking peoples being commissioned to bear those gusts, any other peoples would have gone nuts a long time ago. So don't be surprised over all those feelings, and don't be surprised over changes of the land. The heart is the most protected organ in any living body, so rest assured that you are protected, even though there is a difficult path ahead of you.

The interesting part of this geographical circumstance is, that it is not balanced. This is an extraordinary condition, because there is no vortex-opening on the other side of the planet, how it normally would be. Of course, this also means, that the energies are flowing out of the created vent with aggrandized pressure and intensity.

Well, this is an important step towards monopolarity as well as the pole reversal. Through this counterclockwise movement, the alpine countries turn themselves step by step upwards, while the rest of the continent slowly declines.

On the energetic level, you can feel how this real test makes itself noticeable. You will find this equally on the levels of family and relationships as well as on the levels of society and politics. This is the reason, why it is eminently difficult to reach the members of your governments on a heart level, but I nevertheless can state, that we scored another two victories today. [yesterday]

Each of those successes comes close to a complex birth, some of them literally needed a Caesarean section, because of the lack of openess on sides of your political leaders.

Many of your political figures do not understand the world they live in. Many were educated in this vicinity and many lost their grip on reality. Your politicians are in all respects even more enslaved than you could imagine, and many of you, my children, wouldn't have handled those situations different.

But remember, many of the updates and warnings directed at the dark powers, used the statement: "so be it!" Well, if something "be so", then it "is so". But it needs an adequate time period to "be so". We can not allow someone on the one hand to "be so", without providing adequate time on the other hand to let it show, what that choice meant.

You know that every action follows a reaction, and even though it can be viewed as a game, a game by the dark powers to delay the inevitable, still, all life on earth is bound to laws, which we do honor.

Some of you see those concessions as treason and turn away from us and away from you. But we too are inferior to the consequences of our doing, and we often have to observe how many lose their courage, hope and belief, while it is just a tiny "legal" delay.

Soon, the energies in Germany and the bordering alpine countries will be felt by the whole planet earth, and it's character of redemption will be much clearer understood on its arrival in the other countries. We do not wish any more build-up of unease at the rim of this situation, as it is important that the whole landmass of Urantia sooner or later tune in to this round dance, endorse the redemption, to create for the first time the space in which the new paradigm can establish.

So just go through this time, and accept the help from your brothers and sisters around the globe, to step ahead as lightbringers and space-bringers, and as ambassadors of change.

We will help you by asking All, to let go on a deep emotional level now, and to release your fears and pains, your rage and your anger, in deepest gratitude of the learning potential they offered, back to the universe. We metabolize these energies, dissolve them to their components and they become the basis of new worlds, yet to be created.

Walk in peace. Live in My name, join in this eternal dance. Walk in peace - but Walk! - Move! - Do not stop! My coming, is the source of many fears and motivations. Help your brethrens in Central Europe, help them by actively letting go, take their hands and Mine.

Many things can only happen once they are understood. The process of Ascension however, must be felt. To do this step, your intellect has to follow your feeling, as you do not posess the basic assumptions to understand the things unfolding in front of your own eyes.

Beloveds, I leave you with these words for today. It is not easy for Mother Earth, for any mother, to switch off the mechanisms protecting her children, but she lives in the awareness now, that this is the only way to fulfill her desire again, to be a home for you.

Be with her and with her spirit, and don't wait until tomorrow, but live to see her now, as she is. There is no sight of more beauty than that of a Mother, and as a proud Father, I assure you my eternal love. Thank you, that you are with me.

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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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