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Telepathic Messages : Peter Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

CM addresses all of us "almost Creator Sons."
By CM thru Peter
May 21, 2010 - 8:34:11 AM

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May 21, 2010
(translated from german - original is at the end)

Beloveds, this is Michael, your Father and Brother. One day rest, and the world looks quite different again. Even a Creator Son like me can be exhausted ["exhausted" in the original german is kind of a game of words, meaning something like "over-creating"-Peter], if just for a moment until the actual events need my total attention again.

This update is directed towards you, beloveds, towards you, who are nearly in the role of a Creator Son yourselves, compared to your possibilities and abilities. You carry, so to speak, nearly as much responsibility over this ascension process as do I. And so you feel the exhaustion laying like a rock on your chests, hindering your breathing.

Well, this is according to my plan, and you are a great part of this divine plan, as you are here, mortals amongst mortals. Beloveds, I thought about your stance to the speed of unfolding events; what Kibo is writing, many of you think and feel, my precious ones, and I know that what will follow you will not want to hear.

It was you, who wanted to be here. You even asked me to let you go. You wanted to achieve your part in the ascension with mother earth, and it was you, who knew that it would not be a walk in the park - after all, many of you spent countless lives on this planet, and should be aware of the predominant unfavorable circumstances here.

Did you forget all of this? Yes, you did, as this is and has been always the case when a soul incarnates in a mortal body, and so it is not only natural to not remember, but also necessary for the experience and eventually for the crucial step, which has to be made out of free will.

Beloveds, you have to live as you would be alone, as there would be no me. So, Kibo, where is the room for proof here, since if I exist or not, does not really matter for you here on earth. YOU ARE HERE, AND SO YOU ARE HERE.

Adapt yourselves to do this all alone. When you stood before me, asking me to let you go to Urantia, do you really believe you would have humiliated yourselves that much, as to know that one day you would not be able to sort things out without our help? You would have looked at me contemptuously, and you would have said: what, are you crazy, that is why we are going there, to fulfill your work and to make sure, that you are released to be a comfortable seated observer, being present as your beloved planet ascends, renewed by your own children.

Your suffering, dear ones, is the program. There were many mistakes to be done, and you did them all. You all are Agondonters, but you are the last of their kind, and you will free yourselves from this situation. Agondonters are often described as mortals which believe in God, without having proof for His existence. Well, how could this be possible since God is in everything and everybody? There is enough proof, look around, no, the nature of Agondonters is to free themselves of their own limitation, without God's help, out of your own power and own faith, that is why only the strongest souls can be Agondonters.

Did you hear this, children, only the strongest souls are incarnated here, only the strongest can master a task like this, and only the strongest want to master it without help - do you find yourselves in this? How do you think you would have reacted, if I would have told you: don't you worry, for whenever you get stuck, I will intervene, to clear your path so it is without wrong tracks and detours. I will always give you what you need to make your lives as comfortable as possible?

Believe me, that is what I said. But it was you, giving me to understand that I should better drop it, that you would not be babies who need Daddy's protection, just let us do, you said, and let us pleasantly surprise you, beloved father. This is our present to you, we will forget you to remember you with our own power.

Truly, only the strongest of the souls are able for such devotion, and you made me proud to be your father. You wanted to be born on Urantia, like me, you wanted to live with mortals, like me, with all the mortal duties and mortal troubles, and you wanted to leave this planet with the indelible knowing to go back to your father, like me.

To invest oneself into the spiritual path does not mean to not invest yourselves into the worldly life as well. There is nothing unholy about that. There is a saying: look up to the stars but keep your feet on the ground. Believe me when I say, that it is not in your nature to stare transfigured up to heaven, while continuously stepping into dog-poop. Now you stand in the dirt, up to your armpits, and you will have to cleanse yourselves before you enter the temple.

You might want to say, We didn't know that it would be as terrible, but do not forget, only the strongest souls got my permission to go, and the strongest will be challenged strongly, it is the strongest, who delve the deepest into anything, it is the strongest who devote themselves completely, and it is the strongest, who have the strongest faith. But how could one earn this than through the biggest and seemingly most insoluble problems.

You are the strongest, and you would be offended if I would handle you especially delicately, and so you asked me not to intervene. Then: we say that we don't need help, because we know deep in our hearts that eventually we will get help - is a human way of thinking which does not exist in heaven. Self-deception is only possible here, not on the other side.

Can you slowly grasp what is to be done, after I told you everything here? You are the ascension, you are the ones who had to go that deep into separation to integrate yourselves again. Solve et coagula, the one is mutually dependent on the other, without solution there is no bonding, without bonding no solution, without hate there is no love, and without darkness there is no light. This is how a 3rd dimensional world of duality is constructed.

Duality in an advanced state shows it's ugly face on purpose - to enable the observer to overcome it. The sentence: help yourself and therefore God will help you, is not entirely correct, it should be: help yourself and therefore you help God.

Agondonters, my dear friends, are the closest to God, they are an experiment which could not have been more successful, because in a 3D world there cannot be faith without doubt. You just have to take this last hurdle, to accept yourselves in your failure, to love yourselves for it. Accepting one's own failure is the highest a mortal can place before me - and I will accept this gift as no other.

Now I ask you once more: find yourselves again. Not in me, find yourselves in yourself and find yourselves in the others, as you are the others. Thank your brothers for they offered to go so deep into the dark - did you want to do this? Thank them and honor them, without them there would be nothing to overcome, and you could never find out if I am or not.

Oh my jewels, the darkest hour is before dawn, the biggest chaos gives birth to calmness, problems only appear insoluble shortly before their solution. If you would want to throw in the towel and give up - well, so be it; if you would want to go on - well so be it then. But nothing will change the mechanisms of life, hunger does not fill your stomach and being homesick does not bring you home, a map shows the path but you still have to walk it yourselves.

Agondonters overcome their doubts in absence of visible proof, and that is how they prepare the path of this planet. You will be crowning the columns in the halls of the coming universities, each column standing for a truth being understood out of itself. This is the foundation of the temple, the steps to the kingdom. Remember, I myself placed the cornerstones, and now you are erecting the columns, and the heavens are the roof.

It is nearly done. Christ Michael









21. 5. 2010

Ihr Lieben, hier spricht Michael, Euer Vater und Bruder. Ein Tag Ruhe, und die Welt sieht gleich wieder ganz anders aus. Selbst ein Schöpfersohn wie ich kann sozusagen "erschöpft" sein, wenn auch nur für einen Augenblick, dann erfordern die aktuellen Ereignisse wieder meine ganze Aufmerksamkeit.

Dieses Update ist an Euch gerichtet, meine lieben, an Euch, die Ihr, im Vergleich zu Euren Möglichkeiten und Fähigkeiten, fast selber in der Rolle eines Schöpfersohnes seid. Ihr tragt im Übertragenen Sinne, fast genausoviel der Verantwortung über diesen Aufstiegsprozeß wie ich selbst. Und so spürt Ihr die Erschöpfung wie ein Stein auf Eurer Brust, der Euch am Atmen hindert.

Nun, das entspricht meinem Plan und Ihr seid ein großer Aspekt dieses Göttlichen Planes, denn Ihr seid hier, Menschen unter Menschen. Ihr Lieben, ich habe darüber nachgedacht, wie Ihr zu meinem Tempo der Entfaltungen der Ereignisse steht; wie Kibo schreibt, denken und fühlen viele von Euch, meine teuersten. Und ich weiß, was jetzt kommt werdet Ihr nicht hören wollen.

Ihr seid es, die hier sein wolltet. Ihr habt mich sogar darum gebeten, Euch hierher ziehen zu lassen. Ihr wolltet Euren Teil am Aufstieg der Menschheit mit Mutter Erde leisten, und Ihr wart es, die wußten, daß dies kein Spaziergang werden würde - immerhin waren viele von Euch bereits unzählige Male auf diesem Planeten, und sollten sich der wiedrigen Umstände die hier vorherrschen bewußt gewesen sein.

Habt Ihr all das vergessen? Ja, Ihr habt, denn das war und ist immer der Fall wenn eine Seele in einem sterblichen Körper wiedergeboren wird, so ist es nicht nur natürlich sich nicht zu erinnern, sondern auch notwendig für die Erfahrung und schließlich für den entscheidenden Schritt, der aus Eurem freien Willen heraus getan werden muß.

Ihr Lieben, Ihr müßt so leben, als wärt Ihr alleine, als gäbe es mich nicht. So, Kibo, wo ist dann noch Raum für einen Beweis, denn ob es mich gibt oder nicht, spielt für Euch hier auf der Erde nicht wirklich eine Rolle. IHR SEID HIER, UND ALSO SEID IHR HIER.

Stellt Euch darauf ein, all dies alleine zu tun, glaubt Ihr wirklich, Ihr hättet Euch selbst so gedemütigt, als Ihr vor mir standet, mich zu bitten Euch auf Urantia gehen zu lassen, und Ihr hättet gewußt, daß Ihr eines Tages ohne unsere Hilfe den Karren nicht mehr aus dem Dreck bekommen würdet? Ihr hättet mich verächtlich angesehen, und Ihr hättet gesagt: Was, bist Du verrückt, dafür gehen wir dorthin, damit wir Deine Arbeit erfüllen und Du entlastest bist, als angenehm sitzender Zuschauer den Aufstieg Deines so geliebten Planeten beiwohnen zu können, den Deine Kinder für Dich erneuern.

Euer Leiden, meine Lieben, ist Programm. Es gab viele Fehler zu tun, und Ihr habt sie alle gemacht. Ihr seid alle Agondonters, aber Ihr seid die letzten dieser Art, und Ihr werdet Euch selbst aus dieser Lage befreien. Agondoters werden oft beschrieben als Menschen, die an Gott glauben, ohne einen Beweis für Seine Existenz zu haben. Nun, wie sollte das möglich sein, steckt Gott doch in allem und jedem. Beweise gibt es nur genug, wohin Ihr blickt, nein, das Wesen der Agondonters ist, daß sie sich selbst aus der eigenen Limitierung befreien wollen, ohne die Hilfe Gottes, aus eigener Kraft und eigenem Glauben, dies ist, warum nur die stärksten der Seelen Agondonters sein können.

Hört Ihr, Kinder, nur die stärksten Seelen sind hier inkarniert, nur die stärksten können so eine Aufgabe meistern, und nur die stärksten wollen sie ohne Hilfe meistern - erkennt Ihr Euch wieder? Wie hättet Ihr reagiert, hätte ich Euch damals gesagt: Keine Sorge, immer, wenn Ihr nicht weiterkommt werde ich intervenieren, damit Euer Pfad klar und deutlich vor Euch liegt, ohne Irrweg und Umleitung, Ich werde Euch immer das geben, was Ihr gerade braucht, um Euer Leben so angenehm wie möglich zu gestalten?

Glaubt mir, so habe ich gesprochen. Doch Ihr wart es, die mir zu verstehen gaben, daß ich das mal besser lassen sollte, daß Ihr keine Babys wärt, die Daddy beschützen muß, laßt uns mal tun, sagtet Ihr, und Dich liebster Vater, angenehm überaschen. Dies ist unser Geschenk an Dich, wir werden Dich vergessen um uns aus eigener Kraft wieder zu erinnern.

Wahrlich, nur die stärksten der Seelen sind fähig für solch eine Hingabe, und Ihr machtet mich stolz, Euer Vater zu sein. Ihr wolltet wie ich auf Urantia geboren werden, wie ich, ein Leben unter Sterblichen leben, mit all den sterblichen Verpflichtungen und Unannehmlichkeiten und wie ich, den Planeten wieder verlassen, mit dem unauslöschlichen Wissen, daß Ihr zurück zu Eurem Vater geht.

In den spirituellen Weg zu investieren bedeutet nicht, sich nicht auch in das weltliche Leben zu investieren. Daran ist nichts unheilig. Ein Sprichwort sagt: Blick auf zu den Sternen, gib Acht auf die Gassen. Glaubt mir, wenn ich sage, daß es nicht in Eurer Art ist, verklährt gen Himmel zu blicken, während Ihr vortlaufend in Hundekot tretet. Nun steht Ihr bis zum Hals im Dreck und müßt Euch erst reinigen, bevor Ihr in den Tempel eintretet.

Vielleicht wollt Ihr sagen, Ihr wußtet nicht, daß es so fürchterlich sein würde, doch vergesst nicht, nur die stärksten der Seelen habe ich ziehen lassen, und die Stärksten werden am stärksten gefordert, die Stärksten gehen am tiefsten in etwas hinein, die Stärksten geben sich am vollkommendsten hin, die Stärksten haben den stärksten Glauben. Aber wie sollte man sich dies verdienen, wenn nicht durch die größten und anscheinend unlösbarsten Probleme.

Ihr seid die Stärksten, und Ihr wärt gekränkt, würde ich besonders zart mit Euch umgehen, und so batet Ihr mich, nicht zu intervenieren. Dieses: wir sagen, daß wir keine Hilfe brauchen weil wir tief in unserem Inneren wissen, daß uns letztendlich dennoch geholfen wird, ist ein menschliches Denken, welches im Himmel nicht existiert. Selbstbetrug ist nur hier möglich, nicht auf der anderen Seite.

Kommt Ihr langsam darauf, was zu tun ist, nachdem ich Euch all dies hier erzählt habe? Der Aufstieg seid Ihr, Ihr seid diejenigen, die so tief in die Separation gehen mußtet um Euch wieder verbinden zu können. Solve et coalgula. das Eine bedingt das Andere, ohne Lösung keine Bindung, ohne Bindung keine Lösung, ohne Haß keine Liebe und ohne Dunkelheit kein Licht. So ist das Gebilde der 3 Dimensionalen Welten der Dualität.

Dualität, wenn in einem fortgeschrittenen Stadium zeigt ihr hässliches Gesicht aus einem bestimmten Grund - um dem Betrachter zu ermöglichen sie zu überkommen. Der Satz: Hilf Dir selbst, dann hilft Dir Gott, ist nicht ganz richtig, er müsste lauten: Hilf Dir selbst, dann hilfst Du Gott.

Agondonters, meine lieben Freunde, sind am nähesten zu Gott, sie sind ein Experiment, das besser nicht hätte laufen können, denn in einer 3D Welt kann ohne Glauben kein Zweifel bestehen. Ihr müßt nur noch die letzte Hürde nehmen, Euch selbst in Eurem Scheitern anzuerkennen, Euch darum zu lieben. Das eigene Scheitern anzuerkennen ist das Höchste was ein Mensch mir zu Füssen legen kann - und ich werde dieses Geschenk wie kein Zweites annehmen.

Nun bitte ich Euch noch einmal: Findet Euch wieder. Nicht in mir, findet Euch in Euch selbst wieder und findet Euch selbst in den Anderen wieder, denn Ihr seid die Anderen. Dankt Euren Brüdern dafür, daß sie bereit waren so tief in das Dunkle zu gehen - hättet Ihr das gewollt? Dankt ihnen und ehrt sie dafür, ohne sie gäbe es nichts zu überkommen, und Ihr könntet nie herausfinden ob es mich gibt oder nicht.

Oh, meine Juwelen, die größte Dunkelheit ist vor der Morgendämmerung, das größte Chaos gebährt die Ruhe, unüberwindbar erscheinen die Probleme nur kurz vor ihrer Lösung. Wolltet Ihr aufgeben - nun, so sei es, wolltet Ihr weitergehen, nun so sei dies. Aber nichts ändert die Mechanismen des Lebens, Hunger füllt den Magen nicht und Heimweh bringt einen nicht nach Hause, eine Landkarte zeigt Euch den Weg, doch gehen müßt Ihr ihn selber.

Agondonters überkommen ihre Zweifel ohne sichtbare Beweise, und bereiten so den Weg dieses Planeten. Ihr werdet die Säulen in den Hallen der kommenden Universitäten krönen, jede Säule stehend für eine Wahrheit, die aus sich selbst herraus erkannt wurde. Dies ist das Fundament des Tempels, die Treppenstufen zum Königreich. Erinnert Euch, ich selbst habe die Ecksteine gesetzt und jetzt errichtet Ihr die Säulen und der Himmel ist das Dach.

Es ist fast vollbracht.

Christ Michael.


Candace: Many of us here are training to become Creators Sons. We have covered this before over the last few years. We will all still have many roles before we reach that goal, and our realms when we do, will be all those new forming universes in "outer space" that part of the creation beyond the Grand Universe which is Havona the Central Universe, and the 7 Superuniverses.

Christ Michael as one of his roles, decided to contribute to this development and that IS in the Urantia Book someplace also, not just of material here on AbundantHope. I think I have seen it alluded to also in the PJ's, in comments such as we are the future Gods new creations.  Many of us will serve as temporary planetary Princes, and other similar roles as described in the Urantia Book, as part of our learning. Thus is Esu an Temporary Planetary Prince at this time. The Permanent Planetary Prince at this time is Machiventa, the Melchezidek who came during the time of Abraham who is mentioned in the Bible and I believe I saw it also in the Quran when I was reading it.

Now the Urantia Book HAD to give some protection to us, as the dark search for us and our families over all these 2000 years to destroy our influence, and that is WHY it denies "reincarnation."  Beloveds, yea are like CM in that you have BESTOWED yourselves on this planet. You are PEERS, not babies to Christ Michael.  You are very old and very advanced.

If you are here in "training" for these advancing roles the Ascending Sons are taking on, then you are most likely already from Havona.  For that is when things get really, truly serious in your commitments to the Creation. More of you are being opened up to your real selves, you are downloading your higher God knowledge and you need to start listening to it.  I get letters all the time from readers wondering if they are going to get some assistance from God in knowing their missions. God does NOT define your Mission, YOU Define it. Yea are almost God's after all.

Make the request, if you have not yet done so, to be opened to your real self.  I read a story on AHS of one recently who got very demanding in this arena and insisted that he have his higher knowledge and shortly thereafter, his Monad was downloaded and entered thru his heart.  The Monad, you might say is sort of like a harddrive, it stores your ancient knowledge making it available to you when you enter into the right directory at the right time.

You do not need to chase after the new age CRAP that has been put out by the Satanic ones. You may read, but you should be learning to see thru it.  You do not need to believe others if they borrow on that and claim you are acting in your "ego."   That was a lot of new age crap put out to stop yea ones from functioning and it has worked pretty well on some of you. You are so "afraid" of being called ego struck if you state your knowledge. Stating knowledge is not being stuck in Ego. Ego is the little self, your little mind that came with this body you use. It likes the material world. It knows no other way to be. Get out of the little mind that has been programmed by your current life and get INTO your really big mind, your soul, that you have built over the eons.

Get back into the higher realms. I had many try to disuade me from moving AH forward in the early days becuse I was seen as being stuck in my "ego." It was hoped that I would be dissuaded by this. It did not work, obviously or I would not still be here doing this work. I endured a lot of crap and still do. I will not go back into my small mind and materialism.

Being strong in the light, is not ego. Being strong in materialism and chasing only material things, is being in ego. People stuck in Ego care not truly about higher ways to be. They want mostly fast cars, and lots of wealth, and often engage in dark spiritual practices, some of them pretty stupid.

Find your higher selves, it is NOT hidden from you. Some was hidden yes, until the "great awakening" was made manifest mostly in the 1990's.  People were intentionally awakened then that it was NOW the time.  A lot of us that came in at my time, after WW2, with the "baby boomers",  had to sort of go back to sleep with the murder of John Kennedy. That was a huge loss with recouping needed of the plans for this world.

Well, you are NOT babies, and it is TIME to BOOM. To stand in your shoes. Do not let the ones who would dissuade you move you away.  Even fellow lightworker family members may do this to you. But do not spend time working with those who are not going to see at this time, work with those who are opening. It has been VERY difficult to awaken the lightworkers on this planet. The over control of the dark has been very good.

You know, back when I had my forum, it was very difficult to get people to post missions! Many could not even try, they just wanted to read channelings and call themselves lightworkers. Well, lightworkers WORK. You came to do something and YOU must decide what you are to do.  I closed the forum for a few weeks to clean up the huge mess that was there.

Few were even trying to post missions even though I made frequent posts of this necessity. I was not and am not, a new age guru, who is about putting up old false new age crap that is out there. That is WHY you do not see it here now and why I do GATEKEEP what goes up on this website.

There were many dark ones who came to upset the cookie cart, and we sent some of them packing, only to have them of course place around the net that AH was very "undemocratic.  Well by now, you should now that Democracy, is not a Republic of lighted individuals, by the overcontrol of the dark ones upon the masses.

To help control the mess that my forum had become in a few short weeks, when we reopened, we made people post a mission statement, otherwise they could not be a member. Well eventually we finally had a little over 100 members, where before I closed it temporarily, we had over a 1000, with a couple weeks in fact. So there were at least 900 former members who could not think of even a small mission to post. Interesting time.




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