New "Open to All" AH Forum
By Candace
Jul 4, 2013 - 6:29:06 AM

PS we are still seeking to improve the chat room with software to make podcasts.


PS,  after you register you MUST go to the email address you supplied and confirm your registration by clicking on the necessary link provided.


Hi everyone, we are opening a new forum today which is open to everyone interested.   This is in preparation for the teaching period.  This is a "testing" period for us to continue to work out any problems which is why I am opening it now.   It is designed a bit like GLP and LOP  in that it will have one long running list and not separate subforums. is the linky in and then you click on "Talk It up" to see the listing of running threads.

However, a major difference is that you must create an account, as there will be no guest/anonymous coward sort of posting privileges. It is open to all to read, but to post, you must create an account.  This forum is part of that which is necessary during the teaching period to give all a voice, whether they like what they hear or not.  Click on the word "register" which is highlighted to bring up the registration page.

Moderation will be "as needed" on it.  We have a feature to prevent spam registrations.  And this feature includes access to a data base of known reported spammers. We will put spammers that do come to this forum,  on that global spamming data base.    If any of you who are to register, find out you are denied because your are on a global spam list,  please write to me at my address in the contact area and explain who you are. We had one of our messiah forum members show up on it, perhaps for posting AH material some where and we let him in by hand.

And unlike GLP (,  there is no "karma system".  We have retained a feature that allows you to say thankyou for posts that are liked, without have to post your support otherwise.

We will not allow junk threads of the sorts that sometimes show on GLP.  No sex threads and the like.  Please bookmark threads that you like, so you can keep track of them. We also have a feature for subscribing to threads one likes.  We reserve the right since we own the forum, to reject threads and posts that we deem not suitable.  The forum will however function similar other wise to "conspiracy forums"  in that all reasonable topics will be allowed.  And I expect and hope to see good discussion in these.

We have a fundraising feature on this new forum for donations as desired, easy to use thru paypal also.  Right now, unless for some reason after experience with this it should become necessary, we are not going to have paid memberships but if you find it valuable , please contribute, because we have greatly increased our costs.  We did get a very nice large donation that has allowed us to develop this, but we need to cover the monthly expenses from now on from donations thru readers.  We per usual are not going to have advertizing to provide support, it must be user supported.

The reason the monthly expenses have nearly doubled is that we are also developing a chat room, very very state of the art, not a free software, which required us to acquire a media server for its us, it cannot run on our regular server.  We have a problem with the dark ones making life difficult now on the chat room development, somebody erased the software that runs the media server and we had to have it restalled, as the chat room software must have the media server software to function!

Right now, we will learn  from the new forum experience as to what is required and continue to get the chat room working satisfactorily and perhaps open it in a month from now, or around June 1 if possible.  Again the chat room also serves the teaching period and those with memberships on the forum have access to the chat room. (once we open it).  So you MUST create a forum membership to use the chat room when we do open it.  The chat room features type chat, and audio-visual chat.


PS: I refered to LOP above.  That is where I have been working since all of us got tossed off GLP.

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