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Telepathic Messages : Kibo Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

You can get anything you want at Aton's restaurant
By CM and Kibo
Sep 26, 2011 - 9:04:02 PM

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You can get anything you want at Aton's restaurant

CM: Greetings! And God is with you! Ahoye! As you like to say nowadays.......

You seem to be putting a lot of weight on yourself when you would be better off sharing that weight with us. WE, your Celestial brothers and sisters are gathered here to help and believe you Me, WE know more about your situation(s) than you do. It is all well and good to co-create, but with such a limited range of vision, how can you hope to make headway pass the tree that looms before you when you can’t see the forest that looms around you?

WE are here to tell you that it’s alright, everything is fine and we can tell you from experience that the best way to handle and deal with your many situations is to simply give them to US. Let US take the weight from upon your shoulders, thus lightening your load, as it were and deal with all the aspects and circumstances that you are so clearly unaware of and WE will let you know how best to handle and deal with those that you are aware of.

It is like a maitre‘d who silently waits for you to ask him what dish or wine would be best. He works in the place. He knows all about it. It’s his business, his specialty. All day long and everyday, he has to deal with people who think they know what’s best. They know what they want. They want something that they read about or heard about or something that sounds really great, without knowing what it truly is...he is saddened by their ignorance and pride. Their egos will not allow them to say that they have no clue and turn to him for advice and guidance.

He could provide an exquisite meal, perfect in every way, if they would just let him. He would pull out the best and true desires of the people at the table and give them something they never imagined that they would love beyond words. He wants nothing more than to give them the best and enjoy their enjoyment of it. The whole staff aims to please in every way. The chef can prepare a different dish for each and every customer, no problem. Tell him what you’re thinking of and he will whip up for you the plate of your dreams! The waiters will stand by for your every need with a staff of their own to supply them so that they will never have to leave your side...just in case there’s something else you need. Such enjoyment by all involved!

But too many people come with their minds made up that they don’t want this or they don’t like that. They think they know the make and year of the best wines and aperitifs. They never want to be told what’s best. They want others to look at them as if they are the ones that know what’s best on the menu. Others just grab the menu and stare, looking, reading, understanding or not understanding. They spend sooooo much time dreaming about the descriptions and how they might taste and what are they in the mood for? They never dream to ask if there’s anything that’s not on the menu. They shudder at the thought of saying “ what if I wanted a.........what could you do with that?”

Only one in a thousand customers ever comes in, sits with his party and asks the maitre’d “What’s good today? These are my loving friends and we want the best! He’s looking for this and she’s looking for that. They’re into this and the kids want something really special! What can you do for us, today? We’re really counting on you, my friend! We know that you’re the only one that can give us such a joyful experience!”

And he will smile and bow and ask questions of the party and when he is satisfied, he will say, please, enjoy these appetizers while you wait. Soon your entrées will be on the table and there are special desserts for everyone! Eat, drink, be merry and live knowing you will never die!”
Of course, the dinner party is a huge success and a joyous affair and who is to thank? Why everyone!

So now, here you are in your life and the plate before you is the one you ordered. Do you not like it? Is it not what you asked for? Is it not what you thought it was going to be...or was it?

Would you like to send it back? Would you like another plate? What would you like, now?

Are you going to make up your mind again over something else? Or are you going to let us do our jobs? Either way.....WE are here to serve you.
And you would best serve yourselves by letting US do so........but it is up to you.

Do you want what you want or do you want what WE have for you?
It’s as simple as that. There are no right or wrong answers here. You may just love your plate either way. Your choice is what to order. The rest is up to US. Do you want what you want or do you want what WE have for you?

K: and if i just want a simple sandwich? I mean, i want what i want. I can’t help that.

CM: In OUR kitchen, everything is everything. You think that you have ten choices where WE see one hundred. Spices and herbs and ingredients that you haven’t even considered! You may say that you just want scrambled eggs with salt and much salt or pepper? What about mushrooms and onions? Soft scrambled? What kind of mushrooms? What kind of salt or pepper for that matter. WE know what will give you joy better than you do. But how many people come in and say to US “ Give me the most joyful and wonderful meal ever!”?

You always like to say things like “ This is my plate.”, “My plate if full.” Full of what? The plate you have is the plate you asked for. You made it by order. Had you asked US for whatever plate WE saw fit to give you.....well, WE aim to please.

Your life is your plate. It is the life you asked for, that you picked out. It is what you wanted so you ordered it. That was your co-creation. Now you’ve had your fill of it and you want something better. Are you going to try it again or trust US to deliver as only WE know how? We know what will spice up your life. WE know what will stimulate your soul. WE know what you have a taste for and WE can deliver.

K: and how do things like money fit into all of this?

CM: It has its parsley. But too many of you want just that. If you don’t think you have enough of it, some of you want to grab it off of the plates of others. Usually this is done when they’re not looking, but lately........people are starting to notice....usually, at that point, WE remove such greedy and unruly patrons from the premises so that others can eat in peace. It’s not that we ever condone such behavior, it’s just that WE can’t really kick people out unless they’re proven to be a problem. WE don’t like to be seen as kicking people out for no reason, so we wait until the reason is obvious.

K: Please tell me we’re there now. Please tell me that this is the case and that everyone is now getting just desserts because the meal is over. Perhaps it’s time to move the tables aside and make room for the dance floor while we strike up the band or the DJ or whatever...?

CM: LOL Well, by that analogy, a few more people need to leave in order to free up the tables. But you could say that the party is about to begin. They are being informed that it is time for them to leave and the.....bouncers are escorting the more belligerent ones to the waiting paddy wagon out back...and yes, there’s one out front, too. But that one is mostly for people that have left quietly without a fuss. They’ll get off a bit easier than the others, usually overly drunk with power and you know how they can get. They are taken away rather unceremoniously through the back door and hauled off straight to the lock-up to await court....We will make it up to the rest of our patrons by declaring everything on the house, start the music up and invite them to stay to dance the night away.....

K: Sounds like fun.

CM: Oh it is! It truly is!

K: So! How long? How long until the announcement is made? When does the music start? When can we applaud the removal of these disruptive thugs to the peace and joy of our meal?

CM: The police are parked, ready and are standing in the restaurant. WE point them out, with the help of some of our more observant patrons and they take them away. Some, who saw what was coming, have already surrendered to the owner and talked to the maitre’d about repentance, mercy, forgiveness and making amends. They have been held to the side for further review while the others are hauled off...some kicking and screaming, some fighting and cursing...some have preferred to go down shooting and so, they are being shot down, bag, tagged and removed...It is happening while we speak. The bus should be here any minute now, to haul off the bulk of the crowd waiting outside the front door. Those taken out the back door...well....there are lots of wagons all lined up for them. So it goes. It is what it is.

You think that this has to do with elenin. Elenin is just a symbol of what’s happening. It is a product of the mass mind in action in real time for your linear consciousness. It exists as the face, the mask of this need fulfilled. The need for the end of the material system of men and the beginning of a Divine system of human beings. You insist upon a cause outside of yourselves to be the leveraging catalyst that pushes you over the tipping point of no return and this is what you have created for that purpose.

This is beyond you. This is not just a matter of people saying ‘oh we need a sign or symbol to get us to the next phase.’ This is a non-linear consciousness event that is culminating in real linear time because this is where the sum total mass of human consciousness sees to be the enduring point of possibilities. This is where everything changes for everybody. This is where you see your plates and make a decision on what to do with them.

The human spirit is always hungry, always thirsty. Their plates must ever be full. What they fill their plates with is their choice. But this is the point where people decide if they want to order from their own desires, straight off the menu, or leave it up to the house to decide. Tables are being rearranged accordingly. There is more than one dance floor. There is more than one band and each band plays different music and the music is the same as the you want the all request band, the DJ, the jukebox or the house band?

From this point on, the rooms will be different, the views will be different and the decor and atmospheres will be different. Everyone will get what they asked for, no doubt. There is still time to change your minds and hearts on the matter, but at this point, it’s pretty much done and decided.
Know that the owner remains the same, the maitre’d remains the same and the waiters are always there, doing their jobs...this applies to every table in every room. Your plate will always be your choice. Whether you want US to choose or you choose for yourself, WE are always here to serve. WE always have job openings to join our wonderful staff, apply within, and just ask to speak to the manager.

K: Hmmmmm

CM: Do you really have something to say after all of that?

K: lol...nah, hey...let it you need a dishwasher? Triangle player for the band? Anything where I might be actually helpful?

CM: Janitor? You could really clean up! LOL

K: wow.....really?

CM: No, seriously, you could help set up for the remodeling...rearrange the tables, help people get seated, set the tables, pour water...stuff like that....

K: lol, sure...whatever...glad to help....what’s the pay?

CM: The pay is.....good....but the benefits are great!

[We decided to leave it off at that........thanks for reading!
Oyahe! God be with you!


This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, Candace.


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