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Telepathic Messages : Kibo Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

What is Perfection
By Emmanuel and CM/Aton thru Kibo
Jan 28, 2011 - 4:49:27 PM

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What is Perfection?   Introducing Emmanuel, the Union of Days, CM's elder brother. (Candace: I placed some teaching about Emmanuel at the end from the UB)

CM: WE have come here today to sit with you and talk and ask that you write it all down, as far as possible. The excursion to the treehouse was a party for some and an experience for many. Some of you found yourselves in meetings and planning sessions and some were taken aside and offerred choices to decide upon then and there and some to consider for later. There are those that remember not a thing and it is for good reason that such a thing is so and is mostly for your protection as such knowledge and experiences should not be revealed as of yet and WE ask all of you to consider that you are all preparing for a future time where such knowledge will be more useful and thus, revealed as evidence at that time.

There are those of you that would not be able to wait until the proper time to reveal all to all without considering the full consequences of your actions in this sense. But your places are assured and each of you has been measured and gifts have been given which will open themselves at the proper time for each of you that you may know for a surety that there is a place for you and you are standing in it as you serve the ONE WILL.

WE have with Us today, Emmanuel of Nebadon, Divine Counsel of Havona in Nebadon who would like to have His say here and now.

E: Thank you, dearest Aton. I have watched with great interest, as have We all, the events and experiences that have been and are ongoing towards the fulfillment of this Grand Plan of Yours for Your universe. I have come personally, not just to see, but to place the Blessing of all Havona as a kiss and a seal upon this, most glorious endeavor. I will be here for awhile, helping to keep all records straight and true down to the tiniest of details for all involved and concerned. As this is a period of adjudication, the accuracy of all recorded experiences are greatly enhanced to reflect the importance of these times that it all may stand as a witness and testimony to the ONE WILL OF THE ONE SOURCE TO SERVE HIS CREATION AS WELL AS TO HAVE IT SERVE HIM.

So it is at this time that I ask you to ponder a question:

What is perfection?

What is it to be perfect? What is a perfect life? What is it that you consider to be perfect?

The human cannot fathom perfection. Nothing that is imperfect can truly grasp what it is to be perfect for a perfect thing is a forever thing. A perfect moment would exist always and forever. For something to be perfect, it cannot decay or lessen. It is, always and forever, what it is, which is perfect.

Yet, The Perfect One extends itself to teach you all what it is, what it means to be perfect. To be perfect is to be perfect in all things to the point of perfection that makes it all one, perfect thing. The Perfect One created all things to be perfect. It made life to be perfect that It may love it in it’s perfection and life, in its perfection may love It in Its perfection. Life is the perfect bride for the perfect groom.

Life is perfect and you are part of that perfection even as you are imperfect becoming perfect. It is your goal. It is your destiny for The Perfect One has made it so in Its Perfect Will.

What is it to be perfect?

Is it to have no needs?

What can the Perfect One ever want? What can perfection desire?

The Perfect One has one desire. To share Its perfection. The Perfect One Lives! The Perfect One desires to share Its perfection and live in light with Its perfect love = LIFE!

All of life is a living thing that is perfect. You are all experiencing the making, the becoming of that perfection. What is actually an instant, is an eternal moment and is also the time/space becoming/evolution/experience of that instant and eternal moment and that moment is perfection.

The human mind cannot grasp this in it’s fullest measure and so it uses analogy and metaphor and signs and symbols to grasp at the straws of understanding that are available to it in its present form.

So We are asking you today to consider what you think/feel/be=live is the perfect life.
What is your ideal of a perfect life, for you? Consider yourself as God on Earth. Each of you is an aspect of The One. You are gods in the making. You are living the life of God on Earth. Yet you feel that your lives are....?

Some think they have perfect lives? Some are content with what they have and some are never happy. Each of you has their own set of individual circumstances that applies to every aspect of your being; spiritually, soulfully, mentally, emotionally and physically. Each of you has a unique idea of what the perfect life would be for you if you could only have it. But is what you consider to be perfect, really, actually and truly perfect?

What does perfect mean to you? Is it lots of money and no debts? Where do you live and in what?

Who is with you, is anyone? How perfect are they in your little scenario?

Please to develop as many details as you can about every and any little thing. Leave no aspect of your perfect life untouched, even as to textures and colors and sounds. Consider the environment, the plants, the weather, clothing, pets, family and friends and neighbors....Do you have a job? A perfect job or is no job at all perfect for you? Please develop the details and dynamics of every little thing you can possible imagine in your perfect life.

Now...consider God, THE PERFECT ONE. What do you think His perfect life is?

Please consider as much as you can of this....


Are you in God’s perfect life?

Is He in yours?

I leave you with this for now...


The Blessings of Havona are upon the seal of this event as it hurdles towards completion.

K: That’s all for now. There will be more, but this comes and light to you all
In The One I AM

Candace:  Ok, on seeing this piece, I remember who this is, and it's NOT Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara, which has caused misunderstanding in some readers of this material and the UB.  I have copied my posts from the forum below to make my life a bit easier.

C: If my memory serves, this Immanuel (UB spelling I think) sat in Michael's chair, while he was absent Salvington, being here at that time, (2000 years ago)  and maybe pitching in again, for all I know. I will edit this post after I do my research.

YEP correct, you can read it on pages 1324-1330. To long to post here. paper 120. While I have it in my lap I should post also to the UB thread on GLP.  (

Here's a short paragraph however on page 1324.

Having determined the time of his final bestowal and having selected the planet whereon this extraordinary event would take place, Michael held the usual prebestowal conference with Gabriel and then presented himself before his elder brother and Paradise counselor, Immanuel. All powers of universe administration which had not previously been conferred upon Gabriel, Michael now assigned to the custody of Immanuel. And just before Michael’s departure for the Urantia incarnation, Immanuel, in accepting the custody of the universe during the time of the Urantia bestowal, proceeded to impart the bestowal counsel which would serve as the incarnation guide for Michael when he would presently grow up on Urantia as a mortal of the realm.

C: I think Emmanuel (Immanuel in the UB, is a Union of Days, still researching. 

OK Yes, and the basic description is in paper 18 page 212-13

6. The Unions of Days


(212.3) 18:6.1 The Trinity personalities of the order of “Days” do not function in an administrative capacity below the level of the superuniverse governments. In the evolving local universes they act only as counselors and advisers. The Unions of Days are a group of liaison personalities accredited by the Paradise Trinity to the dual rulers of the local universes. Each organized and inhabited local universe has assigned to it one of these Paradise counselors, who acts as the representative of the Trinity, and in some respects, of the Universal Father, to the local creation.

(212.4) 18:6.2 There are seven hundred thousand of these beings in existence, though they have not all been commissioned. The reserve corps of the Unions of Days functions on Paradise as the Supreme Council of Universe Adjustments.  (700,000 because there are 700,000 universes projected for the current grand creation, not including those creations forming in "outer space."  -Candace)

(212.5) 18:6.3 In a special manner these Trinity observers co-ordinate the administrative activities of all branches of the universal government, from those of the local universes up through the sector governments to those of the superuniverse, hence their name — Unions of Days. They make a threefold report to their superiors: They report pertinent data of a physical and semi-intellectual nature to the Recents of Days of their minor sector; they report intellectual and quasi-spiritual happenings to the Perfections of Days of their major sector; they report spiritual and semiparadisiacal matters to the Ancients of Days at the capital of their superuniverse.

(212.6) 18:6.4 Since they are Trinity-origin beings, all of the Paradise circuits are available to them for intercommunication, and thus are they always in touch with each other and with all other required personalities up to the supreme councils of Paradise.

(212.7) 18:6.5 A Union of Days is not organically connected with the government of the local universe of his assignment. Aside from his duties as an observer, he acts only at the request of the local authorities. He is an ex officio member of all primary councils and all important conclaves of the local creation, but he does not participate in the technical consideration of administrative problems.

(213.1) 18:6.6 When a local universe is settled in light and life, its glorified beings associate freely with the Union of Days, who then functions in an enlarged capacity in such a realm of evolutionary perfection. But he is still primarily a Trinity ambassador and Paradise counselor.

(213.2) 18:6.7 A local universe is directly ruled by a divine Son of dual Deity origin, but he has constantly by his side a Paradise brother, a Trinity-origin personality. In the event of the temporary absence of a Creator Son from the headquarters of his local universe, the acting rulers are largely guided in their major decisions by the counsel of their Union of Days.

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©2005-2018 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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