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Telepathic Messages : Kibo Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

Talk with the Guys
By Kibo and the GUYS
Sep 13, 2013 - 1:02:08 PM

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Talk with the Guys    August 27, 2013

K: Well? Tell me how this works again?  Straight, no chaser…… analogies or metaphors…..just give it to me straight from the unicorn’s horn…so to speak……..knowing me….as you do…..what the hell is going on!?

Papa: What do you mean?  Surely you can see it.

K: Yeah, but…what am I supposed to do with all this, anyway……It’s another take on all that archon stuff from commander cobra and it’s just more of the same and I get it….but it’s not as they’re presenting it….no one wants to deal with this thing as a training session on an advanced training ground….they all seem to ignore that aspect of it.  Sure, duality sucks.  It’s a helluva thing to deal with, but it has to be dealt with.  Why are they willing to deal with that aspect of it?  How can you say you’ve transcended duality until you’ve actually conquered it?  How can you say you know light until you’ve dealt with darkness?

That’s what the whole thing is about!  Training individual consciousness to be able to handle godhood is a heavy task.  You don’t just hand out that kind of power just because someone showed up to class, signed the attendance sheet and then went to sleep for the duration of the class…..and yes…..there is a final exam for this thing that determines where you go next….and yes…if that means that you’re just going to have a do-over or go to a more expansive field of experience…..then what of it?  They make it sound sooooooo fuckin’ evil……’oh, they lie to you and suck up your energy while you sleep…don’t believe that you’re actually doing anything good or of value…God forbid you think that!  God forbid that you take a stand to choose a side and do the work involved to prove yourself in a realm of experience in duality…….sigh… what?

I’m a manipulated manipulator?  Yes, Folks!  I am manipulating you to choose light and love over darkness and fear!  Yes!  I say that you have to make a choice in this experience in duality…that’s what duality is for!  So fucking choose a side and stop complaining about the language like that makes the message any less valid….or as they say in some places…the devil has a silver tongue that spouts lies of shiny gold and dazzles the eyes with its light…and his servants study how to do the same……ah yes…discernment is a valuable skillset around here…..and if you take ALL of it into consideration…..what is one to do……..


Then again…maybe we’re all doing that anyway and the light is doing what it is designed to do and the dark is doing what it is designed to do and we all go through the whole experience so that when we get to that place of unity….that perfection we worked…[WORKED] so hard to fulfill is regained with the extra added value of EXPERIENCE that qualifies us to be Creator Beings like Our Father…doing and being as PAPA does and is…….and appreciating all that because now, we know what it really means………

But this

This is all……sigh……

CMA: More bullshit?

K: A lot more bullshit and I, for one, am tired of wading through it….even with this protective suit…it’s a sloshy mess…….but i do see more suits on people….i think…it could just be me….i may be the only one that feels this way and at the end of the day, YOU have the last word, as a friend of mine has, at least, gotten that part right…..but as to what that word is and when we will have the pleasure or pain of getting it……

Granda:  Still trying to get a schedule itinerary out of us, eh?  Even after all the delays of the past….you still hope for clear word about now and what is to come…….and yet most of that depends on all of you, does it not?

K: That’s another thing.  It could be….decades until we, as a mass consciousness might be able to truly recognize, identify, defend ourselves against, and overcome and remove from our midst, the adversary of God and humanity.  Even though it’s right there in front of our faces….no one wants to confront it or name it or…well some………and what do you call them anyway?....Talmudists?....Zionists?....Morlocks….Rothschildren, banksters, Shadowmind, Jews?  Any or all of the above?

I’ve met some great people that happen to be Jewish….real human beings and I trust them, personally………Mind you, there are those that have joined the Luciferian-satanic-sacrifice-a-baby-a-month-club and the ones responsible for all the confusion and bloodletting and betrayal among those that truly are doing the work to evolve into greater Light……..and I’m doing what I’m doing and they’re doing what they’re doing and we’re all doing what we’re all doing and it’s all going where it’s all going and just….where is that and how and why and when?

CM: The truth will be.…inconvenient.

K: What hasn’t been.  I mean, I get it…but people need to hear it and then they can make up their own damn minds about it………People need to understand Divine tough love and all that.  It’s not all rainbows and lollipops and even rainbows need rain to appear and even though we all care about the individual and have that infinite love thing going on, that doesn’t mean that anyone can just coast through this thing and not make the hard choices.

The fact remains that there is light and there is dark, there is love and there is fear and you have to choose between them and act accordingly…and just because you choose love doesn’t mean that can’t defend yourself against evil, knowing it for what it is…even though you love them, knowing that we are all one and we are each other….if you have to kill them to keep from being killed by them……you………well see…..that’s one of those hard choices that one has to make for one’s self…….can you?  If you can, could you?  If you could, would you?  If you would, will you?  Can it be avoided?  If not, can it be justified?  Everything is its own reward, after all….for the good, the bad the ugly and the beautiful….is it not?

G: You know that there are levels of existence where all that is experienced is experienced in unity and there is no duality for all is one and one is all.

K: Yes, I am aware of that.  But experience is craved where all possibilities and potentials can be actualized in experience and hence, a realm of levels of duality.

P: And who craves that experience?

G: I do.

K: Because there is nothing else for you to do but everything……so to speak……YOU are all of this, after all.

G: Yes.  I am willing all to be as I AM…well….as your PAPA/MAMA/SONNY is, anyway……once and if you reach MY level…’s all a moot point and there is only one and I AM THAT ONE and you becoming WHAT I AM doesn’t change that at all in the least, for you came from WHAT I AM in the first place and you are simply returning ME to ME and being again, fully WHAT I AM…..and so…..there you are, there I AM, there we are.

K: That’s all well and good as far as I’m concerned, but people here that keep up with this are all very sick and tired of this system of things as it still appears to be standing, whether on its last legs or not, and rhetoric is getting worse daily………we all have to figure this out for ourselves, that’s for sure, but while we’re doing that……what can we do for….group reassurance?  I mean……reports are coming out left and right about this and that and dragon societies and paperwork and endless negotiations with the culprits and the Vatican releasing a proclamation that, after September 1st, it will be open season on corporate crimes and any local crimes and such that will then be left open for arrest and prosecution and then there’s the Mideast thing and it just goes on and on and the end of it is always told to be coming but never seen and this faith in things unseen is wearing thin and still….we endure….and we look ahead to gauge how much is left to endure and there’s no real clue to be had and I know that you guys aren’t going to give me anything definitive in that respect….but give me something please….please…pretty please………and all that…….

CM: You want us to say what?  That we’re going to swoop in and handle it all for you?  Is that what you want?  Do you want to play your parts to fulfillment or not?  The question is:  Can you save people that don’t realize, or even think that they need saving?

K: There are those of us that do, actually realize, think and know that we need saving…..

CM: So you say.  But there are many more that prefer to save themselves and even more that deny the whole perception of that in the first place.  The question then becomes:  How long are WE going to wait for ye ones to get your act together and even then, if you are perceived as taking too long and the view down the line is one of things just getting worse and even to the point of utter destruction, as per the agenda of the adversary…at what point do we make our move and even then, what would be the best move to make?  Do we swoop in with thousands of ships and appear to be an alien invasion, as hoped for?  Do we stealthily move in and take the leaders of the adversarial group into custody as is our right to do by universal jurisdiction?  Do we go into stasis?  Do we let the three days of darkness commence?

What are the effects of any of those actions as it pertains to you and also how we are perceived?  You still look for God to come with clouds parting and angels in Roman armor and Jesus and The Mahdi in the fashion of their respective times.  You still believe in an afterlife of becoming angels in a heavenly choir singing the praises of God forever and ever or just lounging around with your harps and wings at an endless barbeque.  If you can be convinced that killing people in the name of your respective god will gain you favor in heaven, what do we have to do to change that without causing those of you that cling to such beliefs, to go into deep shock?  You all expect US to take care of it and WE are expecting you to wake and, apparently, neither party is happy with the results that the other has shown, so far.  WE have faith in you…but you insist that your faith be answered according to your beliefs in the matter and We just want you to wake up and open up to a truth that is beyond all of your experience so far and it shouldn’t be that far beyond you.

P: Not that we fully blame you.  You have been subject to much manipulation on several levels of being…but still…by now, most of you should have noticed that your troubles all stem from a single source and, at least, intend to do something about it.  But too many just want to go along to get along and money seems to be the key to your lives.  Even you can’t escape the power your money system holds upon your way of life.  Whether you care about it or not, you are forced to deal with it as a primary or secondary consideration.

Even when you have more than enough, the maintenance of it takes up your time and energy and attention and THAT is the greatest weapon that is used against you, yet you still refuse to stand up as a majority of population within the planetary consciousness of the population and help the few that are struggling to take the steps that are necessary to rid yourselves of the ones who wield that weapon and thus, the weapon itself.  But in that respect, there is momentum and a growing awareness that things need to change, and drastically.

Awareness that central banking needs to be resisted and taking the planet off of fossil fuel technology is increasingly becoming a topic of discussion and that also includes losing the connection between oil and the US dollar.  There is turmoil and panic in the ranks and we are counting on that increasing desperation on the part of our shared adversary, to experience the culminating events that will bring this all to a swifter end.  But it remains to be seen how long it will take for everyone to do as projected and there is always room for surrender on their part.  Most of your peoples surrendered to them long ago, but now are beginning to change their minds on the matter and that has been because they were given time to do so and you should consider that a blessing and continue your own work to evolve spiritually and in consciousness as ascending beings of free-will intelligence.

G: Too many of you feel that you, as individuals, cannot help things to change and constantly find yourselves looking for one group or another to give your attention and efforts to.  But it is in the effort to evolve one’s self and grow in consciousness and the expanded awareness that comes with that, that helps others to do the same.  It is not by seeking to conform to a dark and perverse system of things so that they will leave you alone, it is in becoming and being your true, divine self that encourages others to more fully become themselves that more effective changes the world consciousness.

As you are constantly barraged with images and symbols of death and destruction and mind control that seeks to manipulate you into a certain way of life and perception of that life…as you are dictated to as to what is acceptable and what is not and increasingly forced to comply and conform…it is up to you to decide when and what is enough.  It has been enough for us for too long, but we do not want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak and while we do not expect to give you forever to reach whatever level of awareness is deemed the best possible outcome….and even that changes on a moment to moment basis because of your ever fluctuating frequencies and vibrations…

We would prefer to have a better sense of consciousness stability, at whatever level, before WE act and cut off once and for all, whatever opportunity there was for any and all of you to do something…extraordinary and wonderful…or at least take just one more step in your own personal evolution……at the end of the day all of you will have to account for yourselves as individuals and that’s that.

WE CARE, of course WE do…but do you?  Do you truly care about yourselves and each other?  We won’t even get into how much you may or may not care about US.  Of course We want you all to be happy in light and love and not in darkness and fear…..but there are levels of light and love and happiness that you have never experienced and will never experience until you have done the work to gain the consciousness necessary not only to be able to comprehend such values and ways of being, but to actually be capable of acting upon them to the point of fulfillment.  Just as there pleasures of love that are way above and beyond sex, could you really imagine and comprehend such a thing in your present mode of being?  There are levels of freedom and liberty…well….there’s no comparison to what you believe such concepts to be in manifestation in your here and now.

P: All labels held in a realm of duality have relative meanings.  What is the meaning of ‘lightworker?’  What is the meaning that you give to it?  You are perfect beings experiencing existence in an imperfect realm and so you necessarily must be imperfect yourselves in order to fully explore it and understand it and appreciate the meaning and value of it.  Eventually your concepts and perceptions will evolve you above, beyond and out of dualistic experience, but you will always know what it is and what it means to the fullest extent possible.

That is invaluable experience and knowledge to one that is creating and maintaining and administrating their own creation, their own universe and that is what all of this is for….training you for just that.  Ye are gods and some of you know this fact better than others, on both sides of the dualistic coin.  It is this way for that reason and The Hierarchy is means of helping to facilitate all that as a guided experience just as the Elohim help to facilitate those that would ascend on their own, without such guidance……yet, at the end of the day, it is all guided and maintained and administrated by the one that created it, on every level and you will experience all that as well when your time comes to do so.

K: In the meantime:

G/P/CM: In the meantime….evolve as best you can and see what is happening for what it is, experience and know that this experience is quickly coming to a moment of drastic change.  The changes that are necessary to get to that point are, indeed, happening as we speak and if you are judging strictly by appearances, then you haven’t been paying enough attention and need to pay more and look deeper and wider and higher and even lower, than you ever have before to see the myriad circumstances and changes that are bringing all of this together to one point of convergence that will change forever, your planet, yourselves, your system, your universe, this superuniverse and the whole of creation.  Do not take this lightly.  You are being told to evolve and whether or not you choose to do so, for whatever reasons, is up to you.  But you are being told to do so and that is that.  It is in your best interest and the interest of all but it is up to each and any and all of you to act upon it from within that it may affect change without.

K: I was just hoping to ……that we could get this all done this year…but I’m selfish and just want it to end and while I’m doing my best to evolve and share what I can about all of this………sigh……..hey…you guys make up your own minds…….out there…….i think/feel that it’s all so very close…but I have no proof of anything and these guys [who just smile right now] aren’t giving anything away……..i want to earn what I can….you do what you do but do it because that’s what you want….not what someone or something else wants.  Serve because that’s what you want…..and so on and so forth and yadayadayada………

*This is where it breaks….for all intents and purposes……during the…intermission, as it were….things have changed and changed again and it remains to be seen if all the talk and hoopla about what next week should really look like…….will look like all it could and should look like………but for now…I find myself in a room surrounded by female energies…..and so we will have to have this conversation as a second part to the above… with the guys…kinda thing….so I guess the next one will be  a talk with the ladies………..hopefully I’ll be able to grok it enough to post this weekend……6 pages should be more than enough for now……….love and light and blessings to you all and thanks for reading……kibo

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