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Telepathic Messages : Kibo Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Submitting to Divine Overcontrol
By CM thus Kibo
Dec 9, 2010 - 5:06:16 AM

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i was about to write a message to a friend on the subject of control, having considered it for awhile and deciding that siding with and supporting and working for the Light of PAPA and CM also meant submitting to Divine Overcontrol and control. I wanted to help them see that control is not always what you think it is......when this happened.

CM: You didn’t think We’d let you do this by yourself, did you?

Kibo: Well, I thought i had a pretty good handle on the subject. Didn’t see any reason to bother YOU with it.

CM: Be that as it may, it is a sensitive subject and needs to be done correctly. You are dealing with an aspect of The Hierarchy that is not usually considered in the public mind. You are considering Divine Will as a matter of Overcontrol and if you are going to write it down then assumptions cannot be made. WE would prefer to let this aspect of Our work be considered for what it is. WE feel that it is a good time to allow the public mind the opportunity to choose their allegiances as individuals based upon these lines of consciousness that are firm in determining the procedures for separation in the time of Harvest.

Kibo: I was only considering control and received and opened a packie that stated that all things are overcontrolled. I remember in the wingmakers that the Elohim were concerned only with sovereignty and that the Spiritual Hierarchy was considered a control factor or mechanism or entity. I considered this and decided that it makes sense. This is a war, a war over control of consciousness. This is a realm of duality and duality demands control. There can be only one controller and so there is conflict. Republican and Democrat, rich and poor, black and white, male and’s all divide and conquer. The dark work to keep control and the light works to destroy that control...

CM: The dark were never in control.

Kibo: Looked that way to me.

CM: Their control is based on smoke and mirrors. It is an illusion. It was always an illusion and it allows them to act with impunity as long as the people they seek to control are keep ignorant. Treating the people like a mushroom farm, as you have called it, has allowed them to reap the benefits of their fruits. That fruit has turned more and more rotten as time has passed and now there is no pleasure in it for them, only labor and struggling to keep the illusion of their matrix system in front of the people so that they do not see what is behind it. But that is becoming more and more difficult and they are losing resources at an exponential rate and it is all spiraling out of their control.

What you are considering is that there must be control. If the dark are not in control, what does that leave? If the Light is in control, does that still not make it control?

Kibo: Well that does raise a question or two. There has to be control. This is war and the war seems to be about who is going to be in control, man or God.

CM: The war, on a galactic scale, has been about whether there should be control at all. The whole notion of ‘do as thou will’ started long before Crowley. Lucifer wanted to be a controller. He wanted autonomy. He wanted a realm where there was no control or need for control. He felt that the destructiveness would balance itself out and that there would exist a happy medium between the freedom to act and the consequences of that freedom. He wanted free will without consequences and had to watch the consequences that he did everything to deny, assail him and his people from every side. Add that to the fact that he could never ensoul them no matter what he tried and all that he had left was his anger and denial which developed into hatred and destruction for the sake of destruction. In the end, he could not accept or admit his failure and defeat and held out even to the moment of his uncreation.

Source is in control of all things. It can be no other way. As representations of Source, we also represent that control. Much as parents that try to guide their children to the do the right things, as much as WE lead by example, there are still times when strictness is in order and limitations must be enforced. WE don’t punish or ‘spank’ because there are already overcontrol mechanisms in place for that as all must suffer the consequences of their actions, for better or for worse. Everything is it’s own reward, as you like to put it. Still, as kind and compassionate and merciful as We are, We do indeed, still represent a controlling force. I AM the God of My own universe, should I not be in control of it? You have been a teacher. Are not teachers expected to control the behavior of their students?

Kibo: I was never good at that. I was a very bad teacher. I was never into control. It is all I can do to control myself, much less, another.

CM: So you have ended up with chaotic classrooms simply because you were unable or unwilling to establish a means of control? Well, I can. This whole thing comes down to, again – Who do you want to be in control, God or man? It is as simple as that. Are you willing to submit to the overcontrol of the Creator of ALL THAT IS? Are you willing to submit to My control of The Universe of My Own Making?

For all of Our support and respect for the sovereign freewill of any individual, WE will not let that freewill stand in the way of ascending this planet and this universe. If Gaia and Nebadon are to be settled in Light and Life, then there must be a method and a measure of control to ensure that will happen. It is not a matter of waving a magic wand or twitching our noses, there are natural and established energies and forces at play. Things must be allowed to progress in accordance with those energies and forces. Our intervention is simply a matter of taking that which is out of balance and allowing it to become balanced again.

If this means that there are people that must be removed, then so be it. If it means putting the planet into stasis, then so be it. WE do not instigate attacks but WE are more than able to answer to them. We do not force people to serve the Light, but WE are able to allow those that serve of their own freewill and accord to enjoy and experience service in a world that is no longer under dark influence and an opportunity to ascend to a state of being where control is no longer an issue. As local universes become settled in Light and Life, Hierarchal control is replaced by the discipline of Sovereign individuals of Divine Mind that stand in absolute control of themselves. This is what WE seek and to this end do WE direct our efforts and energies.

I have heard much from many of you concerning how you feel about this or that being violations of your sovereign free wills and while WE make no effort to abuse you in any way, make no mistake that these actions will be taken in spite of your feelings on the matter. Your wills have been violated over and over by the dark and when WE come to set things straight in the most expedient ways available, you resist us claiming freewill as an excuse. Trust Me, little ones, you will still and always have your precious free will, but will you be willing to pay the price of it?

Resistance is not futile, but it will delay your progress to the very shores of The Paradise Isle. WE offer you the opportunity to progress unhindered by the things that you have known in the past and those that act upon this offer will reap the rewards of it. I AM aware of the many that do not believe in these things and have their own belief systems to adhere to as well as those that want nothing to do with the dark nor with US. Ye may have it your way, but in the end, all will have to deal with US as WE are large and in charge.

The renegades of the Galactic Wars were of the same mind as many of ye ones and even they came to a point where they recognized that there is a need for control in their own ranks. As time progressed, they came to see the benefits of Our Way and the joys of mutual service to each other for the sake of all and the benefit of every one and while their desires are mostly similar to those of you that expect some magical solution to all of this that will allow you to gain without pain, it simply cannot be so. There will be those that will be pained by the final consequences of their actions and the effects that their actions and state of being has caused for them, as well as for others. This is all actually quite fair and if the fairness of it is a source of discomfort for ye ones, then ye ones should be looking deep into your own souls to see what you have done and what you have become and change whatever it is within ye that you can change before the moment of finality comes to pass...and it will come to pass, rest assured of that, for it is moving upon you as We speak and as you read these words.

Kibo: When all seven superuniverses become settled in Light and Life, will PAPA still maintain overcontrol?

CM: There is no other way for existence to be without that overcontrol. How can a being that is ALL THAT IS AS ONE not maintain self-control? WE are not asking ye ones to do anything that WE have not done. The only difference being status as descending or ascending beings. Just as descending beings must perfect control of their selves, so must ascending beings. As SOURCE declares that We should all be perfect even as SOURCE is perfect, so must We all endeavor to be in absolute control of our selves.

The sense of this should be plain and clear. Ye ones that wish to hold the powers and skills and abilities that populate your legends and myths must come to grips that these things are attained. They are earned. You cannot hope to hold them in actuality until your potential for control of them is actualized. If ye are to be the gods of the new universes, then ye must learn what it is to hold such force and power and use it in service to SOURCE and your universe creation. You will learn these things by and by and earn the right to your own creation and the administration of it. Let one of your first lessons be that administration is an act of ministering and that is an act of service. Remember I told you that, it is one of the first things they tell you when you begin your training in earnest on the Paradise Spheres of the Havona Circuits.

Kibo: Sooooo....this whole thing, in some way or aspect, is all about choosing who you want to be controlled by, God or man?

CM: It’s more of a matter of if you want to live by the awareness or consciousness, the philosophy, if you will, of either controlling force. This boils down to service to self vs. service to others. This has been spoken of a number of times, but seldom as a method or measure of control. WE do not force anyone to choose service to others. The dark are not beyond using force to make peoples minds up for them. This is one of the reasons why WE are endeavoring to spread the concept of the heart centered personality consciousness. The dark can control your minds and cause you to be separated from your spiritual heart. But they have no inroads to control of such a heart that is dedicated to service to others for the sake of serving The One that is ALL THAT IS.

When you define yourself as a spiritual being and let your mind be balanced by your heart, you are combining love and light as one. This creates a path for your Father Fragment, as well as My own spark within you, to access your soul personality and so your mind, heart and spirit may be as one. You increase as a spiritual being and your progress is made that much quicker and easier. When your original DNA is returned to you this will be easier to attain. Those that have attained it beforehand will have a great head start and WE will be tapping many of these ones for assignments and accelerated training during stasis and in the world to come.
Kibo: and that two week thing?

CM: Esu would be the first to tell you that that as an intelligent estimation based on many factors that haven’t changed. But, for now, things still look good in that direction. There are options and issues on the table that WE would also like to explore and implement before time runs out. All I can tell you is that WE will see what WE can do.

There is not much left to do, really, several bigwigs have joined us on the ground to experience firsthand what is happening. They are rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty for the first time and they are getting a real education about what WE have been dealing with. Their response to how they are being treated by the last, remaining cabal members, is not as generous as mine and so they are going to great lengths to make sure that any last remaining obstacles of obstinacy are removed with all due haste with little regard for any concerns the dark have about their own position and place in things. I admit that it is rather validating to be asked how I dealt with it for so long. They see now just how hard earned our progress has come. But with these new personalities in the mix there is no reason to hold back anything. The tilt is progressing, albeit slowly, and all is well.

So continue to watch everything that transpires, both large and small, with great interest, especially to details. Fear not and worry not.

[to the dark] Missiles fired at cloaked ships with dampening fields are of no concern. WE are here in force and there is nothing to be done about it. Nuclear devices, no matter the size, are not allowed and the consequences are swift and terrible, so feel free to speed things up for us.

WE are sticking to OUR plan and the only deviation allowed is your instantaneous removal for making the slightest move of any kind in your vain attempts to further delay the inevitable. I can tell you that you have pissed off the wrong people and so I AM no longer bound by any limitations in options and actions from Orvonton or Havona. We were well on Our way already. This does nothing but help, so thank you for that. We will see all of you very soon, rest assured. [end of targeted message]

Kibo: I do believe You’re smiling.

CM: I AM and you all will see why very soon. Please stop letting your expectations get the best of you in your impatience. This is no time to fall apart at the seams. Let US do what must be done the way it must be done when it must be done and to whom it must be done to.
Kibo: As long as it gets done and I’m sure it’s getting done and will be done....hey, I ain’t in Your way......

CM: No, you are not. Just stay out of your own way and you’ll be fine.

Kibo: Yeah...I’m working on that.

CM: Work harder.....

Kibo: Yes Boss...Sure thing, Boss...working on it......all good help is appreciated.

CM: and you have it. This is more than enough for tonight. We will talk more later. My Love and Light and Protection is with you always. I AM with you all.

Kibo: thanks Boss. I AM with You as well, as are all of us who serve You and PAPA

CM: Good enough and thank you all for your love and service.
Kibo: cya

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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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