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Telepathic Messages : Kibo Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Introducing One Without Name and Number
By One Without Name and Number, thru Kibo
Feb 13, 2011 - 7:33:07 AM

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[i was expecting a session with Emmanuel and they gave me this instead...I Am very glad to have finally met one of these! = kibo]

And so it has come to this. WE are closing this chapter of the story of Urantia. Life is, after all, a never-ending story of stories. This is not the end. This is simply the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next. This is the time to consider the story of your own life and how you would like to close this particular chapter. You are co=creators of your lives and so have the right to work with your higher selves in their being of the character that is what you are. This is the time for you to speak up and say what it is that you need and want to happen in the story that is your life. So often We hear you say that you would like a word with your script writers in the great drama of life. Well, now is the time. This is your best chance of creating your happy ending to this chapter and the great beginning to the next.

Within the framework of what must be, by Holy Will, there is room for you to progress, to resolve the issues that have been holding you back from the perfection you seek to manifest. It is left up to you to decide the direction that you will take in the continuation of your respective, individual journeys. Your desires and concerns will speak for themselves as you strive to define your place in the great event that is upon you. So many of you are still so concerned with the material, physical state of being by which you define yourself. Too often your spiritual concerns are outweighed, if not wholly hidden away and ignored, by your desire to hold wealth and power, fear and respect for your status in the failing system of things on this world.

So be it.

It is up to you to prove where you stand as to your status with and towards all things. But know that the world is indeed, changing. There is a wave of consciousness that comes like a tsunami, that will take those that have succeeded in letting go of the dregs, the weeds, the trash that is firmly attached to the bottom of the great ocean of life, those that have let go and have allowed the currents to sweep them away in the great flow of life. Those that have learned to swim and navigate through these currents so that they are not so arbitrarily dashed upon the rocks as they ascend to a surface of legends, a light that is but a dim memory of your true origin and point of return; Those that have seen the great journey through to arrive at the surface, poking their heads up above the waves to see a new world and a new land that they never knew existed, are those that shall ride that wave to the place that was promised so very long ago.

For those that have lingered near and upon this surface, through winds and waves and storms and sunny skies, waiting for the great wave to come that will carry them along a high tide of redemption and salvation and deposit them upon the solid ground of this new land, the time has come in which you may stand as human beings and learn to walk as the gods walk and learn to navigate this new ocean of light and love and holy breath.

For those that still cling to the muck at the bottom of the ocean, where the pressure is well nigh unbearable and the darkness is much more can we do to convince you that there is a better way, a better place? Behold, the wave has come and will pass you by because you fear where it will take you. Because you fear what is unfamiliar, so unfamiliar that you will not even strive to imagine it or think about it at all and so you cling to all you know with renewed fervor and do not even look up to see if the light is real. WE assure you that it is.

There is a wave of consciousness coming that will destroy the perceived shore of you lives and carry you away to a new shore, a land of light and abundance. A life where you may stand straight and tall and dwell in the unity of love and light, each one seeing all in themselves and themselves in all.

We tell you that that moment is now, but what is now? Take every moment of time, every square root of every nanosecond of the whole of being, past, present and future and realize, know that each and every one of those moments is the only now that is.

Like your movie films, the cell that appears in the light that you witness is the now that you perceive, and yet, does not the whole of the movie, the length of the film, stay the same? Yet the movie is one event, an experience that you perceive as movement and motion, as a whole, and still, at any given moment all you are truly seeing is but one frame of a fluid ‘now’ of frames that produce the experience of a whole expression of being. You are part and parcel of that expression and that experience and that being and although the outcome is already known and assured, the way there is still open to the intents, the energies, the meanings and interpretations that you are willing to give to it.

So now is the time to define the character of the characters of the roles that you play and embody. This is the time to make the supreme statement about who and what you are, to yourself, to others, to The One I AM and to The All that is.

You have been told that you are now on your own in regards to the consequences of your actions and how they will affect your cosmic fate. WE ask that you seriously consider the state of your beliefs and what you think you know and what you feel you know. Consider, if you will, known cosmic unknowns and unknown cosmic unknowns, for soon, you will know more of them and you must be prepared for the revelation and the affects thereof.

It is all up to you, now. WE have done our part and the affects of that are upon you and this thing will take it’s divinely intended course no matter what you think or feel or want or do. The power lays fully in your own hands to decide the direction of the continuation of your own life journey in the greater reality of being of ALL THAT IS...whether you are aware of it, or not.

At one time, you chose to come here and experience this chapter of being. Now, it is time for you to choose how that chapter will close. Know that it will close and it has been done. There is only left the experiencing of it in expression. That expression is up to you.

I AM One Without Name And Number
In service to First Source
Through service to Christ Michael of Nebadon
I AM honored to be a witness to this event
And a participant in the giving of this message
Thank you
And may the Supreme Blessings of First Source and His Michael Sons
Be with you in the decisions that you make
And the actions that you take
That will define the direction
Of your freewill, ascending journey
Towards the perfection that has been mandated for all
By the Living Father Creator of All as One

Candace: Ok, you can once again look at Paper #22 in the Urantia Book, The Trinitized Sons of God.  This is the specific teaching from there on Those WithOut Name and Number:

The Trinitized Sons of Attainment — the Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those without Name and Number — are all Adjuster-fused ascendant mortals who have attained Paradise and the Corps of the Finality. But they are not finaliters; when they have been Trinity embraced, their names are removed from the finaliter roll call. The new sons of this order pass through specific courses of training, for comparatively short periods, on the circuit headquarters planets of the Havona circuits under the direction of the Eternals of Days. Thereafter they are assigned to the services of the Ancients of Days in the seven superuniverses.

4. Those Without Name and Number


(246.6) 22:4.1 Those without Name and Number constitute the third and last group of the Trinitized Sons of Attainment; they are the ascendant souls who have developed the ability to worship beyond the skill of all the sons and daughters of the evolutionary races from the worlds of time and space. They have acquired a spiritual concept of the eternal purpose of the Universal Father which comparatively transcends the comprehension of the evolutionary creatures of name or number; therefore are they denominated Those without Name and Number. More strictly translated, their name would be “Those above Name and Number.”

(247.1) 22:4.2 This order of sons is embraced by the Paradise Trinity in groups of seven thousand. There are of record on Uversa over one hundred million of these sons commissioned in Orvonton.

(247.2) 22:4.3 Since Those without Name and Number are the superior spiritual minds of the survival races, they are especially qualified to sit in judgment and to render opinions when a spiritual viewpoint is desirable, and when experience in the ascendant career is essential to an adequate comprehension of the questions involved in the problem to be adjudicated. They are the supreme jurors of Orvonton. A maladministered jury system may be more or less of a travesty of justice on some worlds, but on Uversa and its extension tribunals we employ the highest type of evolved spiritual mentality as juror-judges. Adjudication is the highest function of any government, and those who are intrusted with verdict rendering should be chosen from the highest and most noble types of the most experienced and understanding individuals.

(247.3) 22:4.4 The selection of candidates for the trinitization classes of Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those without Name and Number is inherent and automatic. The selective techniques of Paradise are not in any sense arbitrary. Personal experience and spiritual values determine the personnel of the Trinitized Sons of Attainment. Such beings are equal in authority and uniform in administrative status, but they all possess individuality and diverse characters; they are not standardized beings. All are characteristically different, depending on the differentials of their ascendant careers.

(247.4) 22:4.5 In addition to these experiential qualifications, the Trinitized Sons of Attainment have been trinitized in the divine embrace of the Paradise Deities. Consequently they function as the co-ordinate associates of the Stationary Sons of the Trinity, for the Trinity embrace does seem to precipitate out of the stream of future time many of the unrealized potentials of creature beings. But this is true concerning only that which pertains to the present universe age.

(247.5) 22:4.6 This group of sons is chiefly, but not wholly, concerned with the services of the ascendant career of the time-space mortals. If the viewpoint of a mortal creature is ever in doubt, the question is settled by appeal to an ascendant commission consisting of a Mighty Messenger, One High in Authority, and One without Name and Number.

(247.6) 22:4.7 You mortals who read this message may yourselves ascend to Paradise, attain the Trinity embrace, and in remote future ages be attached to the service of the Ancients of Days in one of the seven superuniverses, and sometime be assigned to enlarge the revelation of truth to some evolving inhabited planet, even as I am now functioning on Urantia.  (Candace:  "Mother" Shekhmet is the author of this whole paper and two others in the UB.  thus this last comment, "even as I am now functioning on Urantia." )

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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