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Telepathic Messages : Joyce Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Expanding the Mind and MORE!
By Joyce , from her God within
Mar 9, 2010 - 3:01:45 PM

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A collection from Joyce from AHS.

Channeling Messages

I have eliminated personal messages. Some of what remains might be useful - remebere i am just a practicing note taker here for the channeled information to and through the God within. You may well find that i need alot more practice!  (Candace: these are
impressive Joyce, I think you are doing quite well!)

Taking notes from my attunement to and through GOD within:

Expanding the Mind 022510

We mean the intangible mind AND the brain as its vehicle when we speak of expanding the mind - for what good would an expanded mind be without a manifest receiver?  So we say to you that there will be a period in which you feel your minds stretch to the "breaking point" with totally new and revised mental constructs and the brain capacity will follow. How long will this take and in what forms will it "arrive" in your experience? All will be unique in the way this plays out - for some, there will be physical complaints in the head and neck region, for others, there will be none of this. Some have been stretching the mind for a good while and will remember periods when they did experience anomalies in these regions that passed with time.

(Candace: let me remind your readers, that your heads may well grow in size because of the expanding brain! I covered this months ago around the end of summer. Look thru my writings for the one that has MY BIG HEAD in the title. My sutures of my skull continue to expand since then.)

Let's be clear that here is much gray matter that is to be woken up in many. We are now on the fast track. Telepathic and intuitive capability will expand greatly - as this is the NORMAL being restored. Yes the normal communication lines are becoming reconnected. So go ahead with using them in connecting with your higher self, guides and guardians  - for these are the sources of much needed assistance to you. Much of what is received is of a personal nature to assist your little self along the way.

Much of this transition will be stretching your capacity to love more fully  in the truer sense of its meaning. Indeed - this is the answer to most seeming obstacles. Your willingness to listen and then ACT is of utmost importance.

Do not toy with receiving messages - they will stop - or worse - become tainted with the dark. Pure intent invites wonderful protection. Realize that, in many cases, these will be the much more capable YOU reaching out to the little you. It is important - otherwise the energy would not have been directed as such.  Until tomorrow.

Later on:
Now let us speak of the collective mind, the expansion of the collective mind and your part in this. Do you realize that you both tap and feed the collective mind - constantly?  Do you know that your capacity to consciously utilize this has been nearly shut down - compliments of the dark? Well NO MORE. Expect great ideas, expect greater realization of oneness, expect to be intimately involved in receiving and manifesting these things in your day to day. Oh how nice you say - yes, it is - challenging too! So none of you will be bored. It is time to start living again as it was meant to be. Strap on your seatbelts, take the steering wheel, and use the divine map that is ALWAYS available to you if you will but listen within.

You may think of this as a perfected GPS driven by the collective MIND to navigate you through these moments.

What We Know
We know that the plan will be realized for Earth and its caretakers
We know that the light is impossible to stop
We know that the sun is ecstatic in his role as your father in this system
We know that the mother is anxious in her willingness to move forward as she absorbs and reflects new energy from the father
We know that there is much to celebrate. It is already done in the higher realms.
We suggest that you face the sun with closed eyes, raise your palms, and open your mouth widely as a baby bird) and let the sun shine on the back of your throat for a few minutes each day.
We will discuss the results of this within the next several days.



(Chile 8.8 earthquake)Well - now you can expect more and more of this about the ring of fire with unexpected zones being affected as a result of these movements - and so on and so on. California will be one of those areas greatly impacted - as she has gone well past her timing on this. Expect the volcanoes in the upper west to be awakened as well.




People - do you not hear me when I say that change will come whether you are ready or not. You will! once the many - and we mean MANY changes become evident - you will become a believer. Preparation is key. Do what you can now to align your thinking and your actions with the upper light to ride the waves of these changes. What changes?, you ask. You already know of some of the portended changes such as earthquakes, and related changes initiating mostly around the ring of fire.

But what will catch many unprepared are the weather-related changes. All of this is very far-reaching in its impact on food and travel. Many systems will grind to a halt forcing many to turn within for that center point of stillness to maintain their balance. Many geographies that thought that they would be unaffected WILL be involved. So, everyone should be preparing by establishing a firm contact with the stillness within. It will be like roller coaster ride (and we know how much you like them, my dear) So fasten your seatbelt, expect to have a bumpy ride, and smile from the inside out knowing that all is well in the divine plan at work.

Truth be known, it would be advantageous to the US to be shocked into truth by events coming to the California region. You can expect this sooner than later, as it is already in motion.

Prospecting for the diamonds amongst the carbon is something akin to finding the rare instrument of pure intent and ability to communicate. We prospect and refine using pressures to grow the sparkling gems (instruments) that we utilize to bridge the communication gap with humanity. Be mindful that we do not intend for this to be a permanent means - it is a temporary connection until EACH one grows his own connectivity into a liquid diamond light that far surpasses anyone's ability to communicate for another.



Please be on standby for a message. Yes we note your exhilaration today.
Meet me where I AM in truth! For I AM the center of thy being, at God's central computer if you will. Answer for me the following: Are you one with me, or a reflection of me, or separate from me? All of these would be true to differing degrees - this is where your consciousness is at the moment. It is a matter of CHOICE. Where you are I AM - where I AM you are to the degree that you realize it, is your vibrational experience.



Me: I would choose to be with you in the vibration of Paradise.

And so you are - but you are also in this moment in a physical body with a mission that requires a filtering of this Paradise energy. It is quite wonderful that one can choose to learn to play the cosmic keyboard is it not? Place yourself as close to me as possible right now.

Me: I feel the joy /bliss that I was noting earlier today.

Exactly! And you are experiencing that part of me through your vehicles and in physicality. This is what the Great Work is all about Dear One! Choose this more often until it becomes a steady habit. You will notice some minor and some not so minor changes manifesting as a result of your efforts. Some changes will be in your body, others in your surroundings - but mostly those in your perceptions, your consciousness. This is the opportunity for all upon the earth that would choose it now during these opportune energies, Dear - ALL.

It is not secret - on the contrary - it is whispered to each from within to those that will hear. LISTEN to this clarion call calling you to these vibrations from your Father's home. There is nothing more fulfilling than this. These vibrations are packed with nurturing energies, information and instruction that can be downloaded if you will into the human instrument. Monitor your progress with this. Note those times when the information peeks through - this will be occurring more and more frequently. Press not to make this happen - but allow this to happen in your experience - as it already IS.

Attuned to CM = saw large foreheaded figure quickly packing up, readying necessities and suggesting that we do the same as it will be days -not months to realize major changes now. (Candace: He does have a Large forehead, and I have posted an image similar to what he looks like, under the section about the team members of AH.)

030410 (posted)

Prosperous times ahead! It is clear that I've surprised and confused you with that one. What is meant by "prosperous" is that invaluable truths will come to light, invaluable raising of mental constructs, invaluable realization of oneness - these are the riches I speak of! These are the things that will fill one's spiritual piggy bank and one's spiritual belly and craving for an unknown satisfaction.

All else leaves you spiritually malnourished - and you know it - but you have not - until this point -  been able to break through to experience these truths in a more tangible way. Get ready! I have already started the outflow of this premium quality nourishment for my children. Open up ( saw the open baby bird mouths again) to receive it!

Well what do I do with it when I receive it? - you might well ask. DIGEST IT. Extract the perfect nutrition from it to grow on all levels of your expression. That is what it is for, my children - you will be starved no longer!
(now a different more stern vibration)
Expect a special dessert to be served this weekend.

Me: What do you mean dessert?
Nosy. (pause)
We are not finished. There will be an unparalleled event that will occur within your experience of this weekend.

Me: I thought you stayed away from giving dates. That makes me all the more hesitant to share this.
And therein is your little test.

Me: So, is this meant to be shared, or it personal guidance?

I thought we were clear on that. You are encouraged to share this information so that all can be seated at the dining table with napkin in lap!
That is all. Go about it.




Chipping away at the little self sculpts it into a work of art that conveys meaning, purpose, and has an effect on those that are encountered. This is what you are doing when practicing meditation and joining with others to radiate positiveness.  The "work of living art" is often not aware of the effect - yet this diminishes not the effect. The intent is paramount. So, remember to set the intent each morning upon rising - for each day is a cocreative event.




The peace and turmoil spectrum of duality that has worn workers to the bone - THIS WILL END. It will not happen overnight - but it will end. And a great step forward is happening now to that end. I have NOT forsaken you! Let it NEVER be said or thought that I have forsaken my children as it would be impossible for me to feel their dulled agony and turn away. Intervention is my prerogative - and I shall use it liberally to clean house! Loss of my dear ones to despair is NOT an acceptable loss. Many have been beaten by the system into submission to the point that identity has been questioned, alignment with the light has been questioned, GOD has been questioned - even after a millennium of work in the light. This is unacceptable. I DO extend my hand to you, I DO offer you passage on my ship of souls, I DO NOT FORSAKE MINE OWN. To those that are so war torn, I say that the time is now. Raise your vibration in intent to be with me - and it shall be so.




Think. Think of those times when you have been most vulnerable and low. And now think of those times when you have been most deeply joyful. What has made the difference in your experience? Choice! You choose this. Therefore we say to you to choose the joyous vibration as it is not only a much higher expression - but also serves as a protective shield. How wonderful! Sovereign choice is so different that the day to day free will that you speak of. Choice comes from the consciousness and empowers the lifeform to do what he is meant to do - EXPLORE! EXPERIMENT! ENJOY! There is such abundance that has been closed off to your experience until now. Welcome to this most joyous realm of sovereignty!



Yes - you will recall your chosen personal motto "FREEDOM" - and have a deeper appreciation for that vibration. And with sovereign freedom comes the greater responsibility for choices aligned with the light. Shedding the heavy mantle of deep density is a very joyful thing indeed.


All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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