When in Need, We are on Standby for You
By AA Michael thru Johan
Aug 31, 2012 - 11:03:58 PM


This is Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel of the Resurrection on your planet, in Service to CMAton of Nebadon.


Beloved Masters,


A while ago, this Beloved Scribe called upon me to help out with a particular Reiki matter, as CMAton had referred him to me. Hence the reason I knocked on his door with the Secure Circuit still open to address myself to all of you, My Dear AH - , CMAton of Nebadon's Second Coming Organisation, family.


As last warnings have been published and delivered in alignment with Cosmic Law, we are ready to proceed in a ' as controled as possible ' manner. This is not me standing in CMAton's shoes to announce when we start the ' end of the old and the beginning of the new ' , but rather me drawing your attention to the approaching dark hours in which many of your earthly Brothers and Sisters will ofcourse question what is going on. Especially coming out of that period will be quite mindboggling to some.


Besides the many explanations and updates you have received most recently, I prefer to let you know that also some of the most ardent Light Workers and Star seeds will have questions as to what or certain things going on. The barrage of powerful events might throw some of you for a loop and leave you fairly breathless, even if you thought of yourself as ' well - prepared ' . Not too much time or earthly cycles captured in your calenders might have passed, before you reach another milestone in your unremembered kind of life - experience, or another finishline, but each of complete different nature.


As a good preparation is half of the result already, so do I come to advise you to make DAILY CONNECTIONS with your Higher Self or Going Within or Meditating an absolute MUST in your schedule. Enough tools have been advised to help you in this.


As living as an example is highly reommended, please make an example of such activity, that has brought You balance and knowledge, Truth and understanding A PRIORITY. Your Self or Divine Immortal and Invisible Soul knows what needs to be done so use this as a means to show others who come to you for answers, that they too can find those Within, even in critical times.


Then also You shall fully understand the magnitude of KNOWING WHO YOU ARE and very little will move you away from your center. Going With The Flow is one way of seeing the River of Life More Abundant once this raft is water-born, but also the rapids along the way will have to be dealth with, with equal great strive.


This is my reason to address you : that when you find yourself in need of help while passing the water rapids in the upcoming decent, before we can ascend through other means, CALL UPON US, CALL UPON ME. Enough instruction will be shared, enough help will be available, but it is important to know that WE and the entire Fleet take your call for help not lightly. Due to the fact that others may call upon you while you yourself might not feel too strong or too sure, YOU HAVE TO KNOW WE WILL BE ON STANDBY FOR ALL OF YOU.


Everybody involved in the period after the 3 DD's will quickly feel the Instructions Guiding you very well, but as you on the ground deal with life situations, as they usually come like rapids = strong and unexpected, we will throw you a lifeline if you request. This CMAton operation embraces the cooperation of so many beings involved and ALL do account for being supported when in need.  Service to Others = Service to Somebody their needs, including yours.


Now, since we are at work with great anticipation of what is to come, let us assure you that many of you are not called Masters for no apparent reason. Many of you have been through all of this before. This should take away anxiety as you can Trust in the painstakenly preparations and revisions under the auspices of our Christ Michael of Nebadon. As some further pockets of high resistance are being dealth with forthright, ' the moment of Truth ' is on the table. The dark are seeing this as a chopping block, We see this as a breading ground for a society that will not be going in that direction again. The well known saying : '' The Truth shall set you free. '' has never been more fitting then NOW, and NOW in this regard will only be defined by the moment ' the sun went dark ' , as alternative or last resort.


Stand tall, Our Light Warriors, even when you find yourself in different and difficult circumstances as Your Light will always show you the way or show us how to be best of help. We stand by you.


I AM Arch Angel Michael.


Love and Light,


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