By Siraya thru Johan
Jul 14, 2012 - 12:13:36 PM


I AM Siraya,

Representative of Creator Source to Orvonton.

With the Most Esteemed Greetings from Creator Source, The Ancient of Days of Orvonton and Your Sovereign of Nebadon, Christ Michael, I greet you and bless you all.

Just some time ago, I came to inform you of the last consultation that took place and that you had very little to loose, but your patience.

We can see your patience growing thin, as can be understood.

Even with the final date set, and alot more accomplished by now, Your Sovereign is incessantly at work to make sure the new foundations arising out of the ashes of the old, will be stronger and vaster than even We could imagine. We could have stopped Him, but it is my pleasure to inform you there is absolutey no reason to, as He will all of the sudden do these honours Himself.

Every single extra attempt from His part, represents an extra opportunity for one of you,  for some of you, on your narrow future paths. By then, you will fully understand the basis or foundation He has layed out now for future worlds under your care. It would otherwise have taken alot longer to reach some of your goals. What Your Sovereign acts on now, is based on his future vision for all of you who have stepped forward sincerely. Who stood their grounds, who sailed their ships towards the Inner and Higher Guidance and Navigation, who diligently Connected and Honored the Truth.

Our advise: even as sudden as Christ Michael may call it a day, still occupy yourselves wisely and constantly. Your most precious discovery might be: yourself ! Inner reflection and future planning and sorting out of your dreams and desires need to be finished ASAP for all have the chance to choose, one way or another. It is Your Souls Path and Evolution however that is at stake. So focus on that while you still can, for once the rollercoaster starts slowing down at the top, at the end,when Your Sovereign calls it a day, you will have little time to think while plunging down. And it will be a rollercoaster ride for sure, no matter your past experience. Even Creator Source looks forward to the thrill, through all of you who made the trip.

Greeting you warmly and sincere, I AM Siraya, in Service of Creator Source.

Love and Light,


Candace:  I would like you dear readers to remember this is a planet for those in training to begin teh watch care of the new creations forming in right now, the first out space ring of the Master Universe.  MANY here are preparing to assume many new and expanded opportunities for Ascended Sons to enter management and there are also a number of young Michael Sons here in the learning also for their own future situations.  While there are 700,000 Michael Sons for the 700,000 Local Univeres already created or in the creative process, there are well over 800,000 Michael Sons created that I am aware of and these extras are destined for the new local creations forming in the outer space rings.

Then there are also Mighty Messengers like myself who are in training also to become like the Michael Sons.  We bring with us already a vast experience from out personal learnings along he ascension journey.  That is why the title of this piece, because this earth is not just a seed planet, and prison ward,  it is a experience all the shit on the inside training sphere.  Many of us have thus bestowed ourselves on this planet, in some ways much as Michael did 2000 years ago but we don't have quite his knowledge yet.  But we have bestowed ourselves never the less.

So what this piece is saying is this experience to come will greatly EXPAND on our abilities.  I was not a bit happy with the idea myself of going into the LONG stasis at then end of 2011.  It shut the door to other possible experiences and was not a happy camper about giving up the teaching period that I see as essential for all involved.  Those MOVING need some of this information they have not obtained from the rather poor "schooling" and use of religion and bad science on this world. Those returning here should have an advanced look as to why they are returning, amongst other needs.

I was so unhappy, I was depressed a great deal with that decision and was not so upset as many of the rest of you at all to see the big stasis delayed.  And it can be delayed MORE if we can have a proper teaching experience and give those that will be on the planet after the 3 dark days, options they could not have dreamed about otherwise.  Do not LOOSE your patience, just because you are sick of the planet and your life, for there is so much more possible this route to explore.  If you want OUT, ask your guides to terminate your contract, otherwise stay the course.   It would behoove you to do so, for the learning to be had and for the opportunity to further gift this world.



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