To Those Who Dare to Dream and Desire and Purely Intend Beyond Your Horizon.
By Monjoroson thru Johan
Aug 5, 2012 - 8:17:18 PM

To Those Who Dare to Dream and Desire and Purely Intend Beyond Your Horizon.  Saturday Aug. 4th, 2012

This is Monjoronson.

Hello Beloveds, as the offer still stands to bring forth a message to you all, I gladly take the opportunity.

Together with our Sovereign, Christ Michael, we ran many options against their possible outcomes in a very fluctuating landscape as is your society. But only for now anymore. You could call this ' The Bigger Picture ' including many other places that also are in Transition, before making the final call.

As this scribe is later going to confirm, that is a very common way of assuring that all possible grounds are covered as good as possible in the practical running of a Planet, a System, a Constellation and so forth.

Many Minds come together and look at any given problem or situation via the many results possible. Why am I explaining this to you ? Because some or you will be meeting me and become part of such teams, councils and decision making processes. Doing all of that in Divine Service and to the benefit and Highest Purpose of All involved, creates a wonderful satisfaction after all involved did their best to use their Divine given and empowered Minds Within the One Mind.

This My Beloveds is organization at its best, necessary to keep any group, community or organization Divinely running. All of that has been kept from you, but not for long anymore. The Abundance of ways to Serve will enthuse even the dullest amongst you, If and When that road will be chosen by you.

I am aware of the fact that you are Guided in sharpen your telepathic abilities already, but let me suggest also to Connect in what you call ' meditative ' state to learn more about those organisations skills if interested. Or some might remember stuff from your ' Night Shifts '. It will give you an advantage when those opportunities present themselves.

All I am further allowed to say in conclusion is that those amongst you who are hungry to know and thus best prepared, will enjoy the imminent and most significant Correction Time most intensive. We realize that you are limited to comprehend in full, but those who dare to dream and desire and purely intend beyond your horizon, will arrive just there with greater speed and ease. What might start as ' a rollercoaster ' can soon become a thrill for more. If you can see yourself in the new, then it is high time to leave the old ways behind.

I hope my humble message may open a window in that direction in your heart.

I AM THAT I AM, Monjoronson, the Son from Paradise, at your Service.

Love and Light,




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