Sunday Global Meditation April 7, 2013
By Johan/CM
Apr 7, 2013 - 12:08:01 PM

Upon asking CMAton this afternoon for His Will/Guidance for our AH Sunday Global Groups Meditation, March 17th, 2013, 21:00 UTC, (now March 24)  He had asked me to Connect again since important decisions and meetings were ongoing and He wanted a GLOBAL GROUPS EFFORT to be the most effective and precise in detail :

Major points that can use our Divine Light's focus, with Intent that CMAton and Fleet know how exactly to use and direct more precise :

* Complete Ring of fire, with West Coast of the America's mainly and COAST OF CALIFORNIA IN PARTICULAR.

* New Madrid Fault Area connected to the GOM, both IN VERY BAD SHAPE ... , SINKHOLE IN LOUISIANA !!!

* The entire Mantle and Crystal Core of Mother Earth

* All underwater and land Volcanoes

* The triangle T-I-I ( Turkey - Israel - Iran ) with surrounding countries and the big International Groups surrounding or involved in this Middle East warring ( Russians - Chinese - Arabs - Chazars led by Israel - Us - Nato )

* Syria in particular

* People in danger zones, so they may accept the help offered

* People during massive Fleet movements and during and after 3 DARK DAYS, that they may keep their calm and have the hunger to know THE TRUTH and open up to the Spirit of Truth from CMAton.

Try to visualize all AH MEDITATORS to work as ONE TEAM AROUND THE GLOBE, and remain Connected and Inspired as much as possible. Remain vigilant and ready for BIG CHANGES. Time for people TO WAKE UP, IF NOT PREPARED ALREADY !!!

Love and Light,

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