This is CMAton, Your Sovereign of Nebadon, 6/13/2011

I have come with some heartfelt thanks for all who joined yesterdays and other Groups and Individual Meditations and Reiki. Although the numbers are small, fortunately for and thanks to your Agartha, Inner Earth Brothers and Sisters, the combined effort that Esu had invited you for, is remarkable, taken all in consideration. It will take our Plan, all decided on, to finish this and help your Beloved Sister Gaia move forward, but all of the Light and Love combined only strengthened our resolve to push through what nearly seemed impossible.

I take full responsibility for all delay but once all cards will be displayed on the table and the banner of Light will fly in the fresh and renewed wind on this old battlefield, all will rejoice beyond imagination. 

We are monitoring every move of Gaia as much controlled by us as possible, but again I say: You must be prepared for anything now, as things will surprise even those of you who thought very well ready; that is for things on Earth AND that is for things on board. Prepare yourself means also INTERNALLY, by your Inner and Higher Connection with us, as Maitreya opened another door and chance to do so. Take any opportunity and repeat since only a Divine solution will bring the only way out now, as you are all Divine by Nature. 

More time I cannot spend, only more Love for all of you, as tired as you are, look up and use common sense for you KNOW in your hearts of heart the beginning of the end and the rise of the new is at hand. Do not count in hours and days, as is however very well possible, but in blessings and lessons learned while striving towards OUR COMMON GOAL: The Reign of MyFathers Love and Light where darkness overstayed its welcome way too long.

Any previous delay will melt like snow in the sun into the newwaters of Gaia for you all to enjoy. This may very well be my final update, I do not know for sure yet, so prepare seriously and no harm will find you. That,I, Your Sovereign and countless helpers are ready for. Bless those who did not listen for this will be goodbye to them en masse for a long time to come and Welcome Home to you, My Precious.

Salu, and thank you my scribe.