This is CMAton, Sovereign of Nebadon, 

This morning I would like to address all of you at AH.

Even though you are ' in the knowing ' , or call yourself ' ready ', PLEASE CHECK AGAIN before the floodgates open, since you have no time left to waste. 

The waiting has given you ample opportunity to cleanse and purge yourself of all negative images, unhealthy beliefs and destructive cellular memory and all resulting physical consequences. PLEASE CHECK AGAIN! Forgive yourself, forgive all others you did not understand why they did to you the things that hurt, that caused alot of upset. If you can but come up with ONE positive reason in that and any particular drama, then you have plenty reason to forgive even faster. Reflect upon your journey, as far as you can remember and Bless All componants, all players on your stage of life, for they all brought you lessons, whether nice or hard ones. Let all known God characteristics speak to you, speak through you and bring forth what you know, it will bless you unabashed and with greater strenght to stand tall in the days ahead.

CHECK AGAIN is my advise for the winds of change will be blowing hard and without propper anchorage, your vessel will float out of control. Even the well prepared might be taken for a ride of a life time, but with courage and deep Inner Connection, you will make it through unharmed. Secure your spiritual anchorage before all breaks loose and you have nothing to worry about. On the contrary. We don't want to catch you, licking your wounds, when we clearly told you so.

For those who keep it ' business as usual ', think and check again; this is my dear advise from my bossom to yours, my children. We have come too far and crossed many eons for letting caution blow in the wind. I only have the best for you at heart, but a show of appreciation by words only will not do.

Your actions and resolve will be needed! NOW! Give heed to my call and we meet at the finish line in great jubilation, as said before. All building blocks will be available for some of you to start a new chapter, a new season, a new SPIRITUAL dawn.

If not, you will suffer while we are doing everything possible to prevent just that. Our instructions have come plenty,you most fortunate ones, but you are the captain of your vessel. So steer it with diligence, but also with great pride and courage in Service.

Its no longer possible to hold back and mother Earth is ready to give birth to a long overdue New Self, with you in the balance. Your determination will catapult you in either direction. The choice is yours, the pleasure will be ours, together with you, if chosen wisely.

I love you all, including my humble scribe who deserves his welcome HOME, so join in unison, in Love and Light and we welcome you Home as well, before you know.

I AM CMAton of Nebadon.