Meditation suggests from CM with Johan's project
By CM/Johan/Candace
Jul 31, 2011 - 1:48:48 PM

There are several posts I selected to place here from Johan and Me, please translators, these are teachings and not updates and only translated all this if you want to.

Johan I. I have been talking, actually LISTENING, to CMAton, when I asked him to look into the suggested cities or areas for the new Mondays focus, IF that is what He thought was best.

He suggested to follow the same line of work we have been doing by focusing en tandem on Hollywood AND Las Vega first. Still linked to that, as much problems are caused by the money/drugs/sex/illegal substances, He suggested to follow the root of this and work on tandem again: first part of the new week : Colombia, and the city of Bogota in particular, and then moving on to the Mexican - US border where so much violence and gangs and murders have happened because of that drug trade, organised by the CIA mainly to fund their illegal black ops. Colombia is riddled by crime, Bogota was named the most dangerous and violent city in the world years ago. With a population of 9 million plus people, with lots of poverty, deliberately kept that way, the ideal breading ground for drugs and human trafficing, and the CIA supporting and maintaining this, from and through military bases officially used to so called fight the same drugs trade, also hungry for the resources of the country, what else is new. That flows over many ways, through Miami, through Central America into Mexico and then over the border with the us of a. Sprinkling nothing but violence, gang wars, police stations running empty of officers and police men, since it pays and saves you life if you join the other side ...., AND THAT THEN LINKS TO HOLLYWOOD AND LAS VEGAS in a further stage...... Like focusing on the root of the problem and the main area it comes through, the Mexican- US of A border.

When I asked about the other suggestions, He asked me to wait for that, but indicated that the political scene in the us of a is better left alone for now as this is IMPLODING instead of only exploding, as it does aswell. Since the Chinese Dragons are involved and High Status Players are defending what has become undefendable, terrible scenes are expected, not for us to engage into.... those cards seem to be falling on their own. The same with media houses we talked about, that is all sorting itself out internally, so not on His HOT (lanta) list for now.

I have the impression were are asked to focus on places where lots and lots of unfortunate people are suffering due to inhumane and greedy over lords so the next direction could indeed more be the South Pacific Islands, East Asia , or Thailand as suggested where the human traficing, drugs, money laundering, openly causing upset by bringing in Islam against Christianity in order to control etc... are also big time trouble for overthere and many other parts of the world. That we will see for later then.

If that sounds acceptable, then we will be moving towards Columbia first on Monday morning ok? Thanks for more suggestions as I will continue to add them to the memory box and keep presenting them for confirmation.

in Divine Love, Light and Service, Always and In All Ways, 



Johan II. XXXX,  I did some thinking about your question as there surely are others who would love some help in the process of better visualisation aswell and here is what I came up with from the Law of Attraction that I transformed towards our meditation work:

1. Focus LONG enough for you subconscious mind to be programmed with the imprint of your goal, so it can direct the super conscious mind, Christ mind above under the law of where two or more together in my Name ..... always towards the benefit and Highest Purpose of All involved, and harm to none. Then the Celestial Ones can take it from there and carry out in the same line ...

2. Try always to work with POSITIVE STATEMENTS since CO CREATING IN HARMONY works only through the Positive, whatever change you intend...

3. Relaxation ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Do not rush towards the meditation session. Make sure you are ready well before, BREATHE DEEPLY AND SLOWLY AT LEAST FIVE COMPLETE CYCLES : as long as possible while filling the abdominal part fully and up towards filling the lungs completely and then slowly out, almost pulling you abdominal belly section in to press out the last bit of air, waiting a little bit untill you HAVE to breath in again. Also listening to relaxing music helps alot.

4. As the Highest Energy always wins, since EVERYTHING is made up of Energy and EVERTHING responds to Energy, then make sure you yourself are filled up with the Highest possible energy, after a good walk, healthy food, good laughter, excercise, no alcohol or smokes, possitive attitude and gratitude, etc....

5. Try animating your visualisatons through SENSORY COMMUNICATION. Like you imagine your goals or intent through your senses, as you see them is ok, but when you can smell them, touch them, as this will communicate your imagined experience or visualisation to your subconsciouss mind AND THEN TO THE SUPER CONSCIOUS MIND IN THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY POSSIBLE... Now using your EMOTIONS, what you FEEL, WILL ALWAYS RESULT IN THE UNIVERSE, THE DIVINE delivering your imagined experience or visualisation more efficient and faster than what you merely visualise. Like MUSIC evokes a huge emotional response in you, so does your hearts feelings, expressions, felt and expressed by and through the HEART evokes THE DIVINE AND SPIRITUAL much better. Hence, Live from your HEART... 

This might seem alot, but it also took a while to get used to driving a car, didn't it, and now its an automatic process where you do not even think about the gas, or accelerator, or brake, or switching gears, it comes automatic, so does it work with meditation, visualisation, Reiki, etc.... 

Let me also point out: please do not get stock on ONE particular WAY, as there are AS MANY WAYS AS HAIR ON YOUR HEAD, even mine ( but kept very short ). Benjamin Franklin ones formulated the definition of INSANITY : doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Now we do not want to go that way, now do we, my SANE Brothers and Sisters ??? 

I hope this helps a bit on your spiritual journeys, good luck AND KEEP TRYING WITH JOY IN YOUR HEART AND THE SINCERE DESIRE TO DO GOOD UNTO OTHERS, THROUGH SERVICE....

in Divine Love, Light, Service, Always and in All Ways, 



Johan III. Try to focus on the underground work, activities that are going on in Las Vegas, also having its tentacles with and from Hollywood. The surface is known and visible, but what is going on underground, really underground, in vaults, in tunnels, in hiding places, this would blow your mind. So bring your joint energy of Divine Light into any subterrain caves, vaults, hiding places, tunnels that are so prevalent there. The activities entail human traficking, drugs, money laundering, sex and porn, child abuse, illegal products of all kinds, and also interrelated with what happens clandestine in Hollywood. People from the East European Countries and the very widely spread Russian sex industry, earlier called the mafia, are smuggled towards these undergrounds places, taken away their papers so they cannot travel nor leave, and are forced to work for these despicable businesses, attracted under alot of false promisses, and accepted because of difficult living circumstances where they come from. That is why its important to stay with Las Vegas and Hollywood by checking in what needs/can be done there still, since this influence so much more people, unfortunately in very undesirable and destructive ways, all under the influence and over control of greedy and most evil people, that all have earned their tickets out of here very soon now...

Now, so much more became clear why we are still busy there, what most likely still be the same for tomorrow Sundays AH Groups Mediations, as CMAton told me to ask again tomorrow morning early if there was need to make changes, but not most likely...

So I focused on the Las Vegas strip, the pyramid in particular that kind of represents the whole atmosphere there, with that whole content spinning out of control, lots of dark thoughts and gremlings were jumping out, what I kind of took by hand, POOFED them into UNCREATION, and immediately transmutated them into white roses, white candles ( I forgot to install the one big candle on top of mother earth, only remember that now ) and white fairies, like small angels flying around, continuing the work after we left. I stated the intention towards the combined Light to find the underground cavities, vaults, tunnels and I saw streams of Light entering lanes of tunnels, etc... and sending more gremlins to the outside, that were just captured as they came to the surface, with many more to go...
Again, more and more Light was clearly present but lots of clearing still to do.

I went over to Hollywood and found myself drawn to the tentacles of underground activities that also had their extenstion towards here or from here towards Las Vegas. More dark thoughts and demons were transmutated but lots more Light was hanging and I keep seeing that huge cross over the Hollywood Hills obviously watching over the area.

That was pretty much it and I was very pleased hearing the explanation from CMAton why to stay at the area there still...

When I played with the idea where we might move on Monday morning, IF this will be the case, I keep hearing Bogota...., quite strange, but the capital of Colombia seems to be infested with crime, being called the most violent capital of the world many years ago, and although more under control, something due to a very high level of growing poverty, combined with drugs and the like, seems to be infuencing much more people there, and over the rest of the world, most likely silently and under cover stimulated or kept going by CIA and sorts... 

I am happy to hear your suggestions, but please do not just throw names around, ask your Inner and Higher Guidance, Your Celestial Ones you are comfortable working with and then we can still ask for Guidance and put this together. Perhaps Las Vegas might last us some longer aswell, we will see. 

Voila, this is my contribution, and I thank all of the participating AH meditators, even those incognito, all much appreaciated, 

in Divine Love, Light, Service, Always and in All Ways, 



Candace IV.  This is by ME, not Johan.  There was discomfort about KILLING GREMLINS.

Ok Johan was asking for a commentary from me here and I was having troubles discerning what he meant, the day has been busy and my focus is not focused.

As to the Gremlins, they are not real souls. They are thoughtforms, and they should be "killed". If you don't like that word, then perhaps UNCREATE Them, is more pleasing. It is not the FAther's role to uncreate them, although any remaining will be uncreated by the act of the Magnetic Pole Reversal. they will fly off the earth and be decimated.

There are souls who come to earth to spend their lives in "prayer" who are often called mystics. They both uncreate gremlins and create lots of nice little fairies. Uncreate the gremlins, which you can do by saying in the name of either your own holy self, remember people the FATHER IS WITHIN YOU, or in the name of Jesus Christ because generally they are not fond of that term. I mentally blow them up myself when I see them with inner or outer eyes. I am an christ and I have that ability. Works for me. Get rid of, by whatever method works for you. They go on harming until they are removed in some way.

In any of various ways and methods you are here to rid the planet of the darkness and bring in the light. This included activities such as teaching truth, showing the way in living choices and all sorts of other ways and means. Most people have been taught to stay away from "magic" as folks see it. Christians are great practioners of black magic with their hell fire et all, and fail to see they are being used to do black magic! They fault anyone doing "magic" whether black or white magic. Jesus cured people, I remind them that is WHITE MAGIC. And I remind them a lot of similar stuff was used to toss demons out and the like, since they are so into "demons" which are thought forms and not the fallen angels. the fallen ones use "black magic" to make gremlins/demons do their nasty work. Sometimes they take the gremlin back into themselves. By uncreating the gremlin, you make them smaller. 

Many star seeds are so brainwashed by new age ANd religion, they do not make use of their "white magic", but its always good when moderating the weather to make sure it falls with the Father's Will, as per a story here in this thread! It takes long lives of practice to always be able to make decisions that are alighned with the Father's will. This is not generally fully accomplished until the end of the Superuniverse schools in fact. Practice makes perfect, is how it goes. 

Dark beings or ones who simply don't realize their power of mind are kept on lower worlds because they make lots of goofs too and these worlds I suppose are where to practice and learn from it. God Conscious folks are ones that have acquired a reasonable understanding of the power of mind and seek to learn to control that power consciously. Before that stage of evolution of soul, people do all sorts of shit they have no idea they have done, because they realize the power of mind. And that of thought forms that come from themselves. it is one thing to not realize that ones dark thoughts are collected into the genetic mind and have effect, it another thing to do that intensionally, and that is what the black magic masters are very good at, and they of course do it by intent. 

This is one reason to clear any dark energies off of used clothing, and furniture you might purchase, it can hold energies of the previous owners. You just put your hands around the object or over it, and draw Christ energy or God energy, your label, thru your crown and into your arms. It will enter the piece of whatever, furniture, water, your food, it doesn't matter, and if there is dark energy or poor food energy in the case of water or food, this energy will cleanse and raise it up. Your hands will stop tingling when the cleansing is done. If they don't tingle, the article is already in good shape. thats an easy test for STUFF.

A bit harder to test Washington DC by that method and perhaps right now, that is a good place to state, because that place is a stir right now.


Candace: V.

Oh and with your mind certainly DO put good stuff into the Genetic mind of earth to counter the dark stuff. You can pick areas to work on that way. Before james was murdered, in his last website at that time, they were going to gather groups to do focus works over certain dark areas of earth. Perhaps you ones here could pick some nasty overpopulated terrible places and work on the etheric around there, so the people are cleansed from all those naughty "demons" always wandering around. You are allowed to uncreate the demonic thought forms, always! That does not violate anything, it is good. There are nasty places around the pacific rim.........Holly wood is full of demonic thought forms. So consider picking a joint project maybe for a couple days at a time, and cleanse the little buggers from those areas and then move to another one????Rather than a full holon placed in some of those places, just place lighted fairies or thought forms in place of the demonic ones. Place love fairies, little hugs all over. 

I didn't pay attention much to the hurricane that recently was approaching Japan, I think I read south korea caught some of that? Perhaps redirecting storms allows cleansing of the anger, but without the people being so directly affected. Something to think about beloveds, while you are busy with your minds. every though you have has impact. And basically creation goes on, because your thoughts travel....... Prisons wards like earth , much of the thoughts are imprisoned here, because they are so negative, the creation does not want them. All lower worlds are detention planets in fact, because the people have not yet learned the power of their minds and thus are not responsible yet. The dark beings that create negativity ON PURPOSE are always kept on lower worlds until they change their focus.

Candace VI. well this was interesting to watch. I have't been hiding, just watching. i did tell johan because he was maybe feeling a little guilty that CM and I had a nice chuckle, because they can undo the holons, but you learned some lessons about the power of mind.

If there is a terrible hurricane coming into someplace I think its ok to put up temporary holons just for the storm at hand to LESSEN it or change direction some, so Mother can still clean. If Johan had kept that strong holon up they may have been looking a drought which would NOT be good for they are so lush and green and maybe eventually a water for drinking issue could manifest and everyone would be worried about why the strange drought. 

Hurricanes really cleanse anger, that is a reason not to interfere except to change the direction a bit. the direction was changed by a mix of prayer and those above on Katrina years ago. My, it's been a long time since Katrina it seems, that was the year me and Esu started this, and I didn't have the website yet, mark and I got it started in the fall and worked on it for a time before we opened it on december 6th. 

The powers wanted New orleans sunk, and the storm moved a bit east and there was destruction from the wave that came on shore in Mississippi, but not near the loses that would have occurred if it hit New orleans directly. However, New orleans got sunk more or less anyway, because just in case the hurricane didn't do it, they had planted bombs and detonated them. CM contacted me when the first one blew, and it was covered shortly after on TV and then the coverage suddenly dropped, because the first one, was out towards the gulf, I forget the name of the bay and SALT water was pouring in and this coverage was stopped, (because the storm was gone, and it would be obvious with the salt water, something had happened) and just the coverage of the so called failure of the levies in the city was covered. And many in the media KNEW and kept the coverup. The storm was not the 5 it was said to be, previous images from cat 5 storms were shown. New orleans only mostly got SOME rain and SOME winds from the westward winds of the storm. Many people heard the detonations and were subsequently deaded. 

Now where am I going with this story? Using media, this storm was hyped up, and the direction and size given to get people to SUPPORT mentally, that this would sink new orleans et all. So a lot of people helped that out! Not knowing the power of mind of course. So others of us worked against that to lesson the storm and move it a little east and fleet did some changes also on that. The storm was really a cat 2+ Enough to bring a large 20 wave ashore in Mississippi. But no where near a cat 5.

So when there are hurricanes and the like where advanced notice is covered HEAVILY and seems FULL OF SOME PROPAGANDA, use your mental powers to counteract what the thugs want you to do. People LOVE DESTRUCTION, it's excites them, so the media is used to get them to help visualize the storm or other results even bigger. 

I call Holons "Pillars". I have no idea why, but I named this for myself long before I read the word holon. Pillars in particular when I build it as a "fence". Where I live, in a mobile home park, there are homes only a couple feet from the sidewalk, and if somebody is drunk, or the roads are icy, its easy for a car to skid into a home, and often the bedrooms are on that end of the house, and if people are sleeping there is no notice. So I build my pillars like a fence to protect these homes from freak accidents. That is a good use. Now the strength of your holon can vary. I have them on some of the corners here too, light enough so people drive through them, but they get the advantage of a "light shower" when the drive or walk thru the corner. Which may decrease some anger or other negative emotions. 

There are different methods and colors to use. I had quite a problem once when I white lighted myself at bedtime. There were various critters who were coming around and providing me with some nasty nightmares and other stuff. Well, it was suggested maybe not such a bright light, made me stand out like a sore thumb. Also it was suggested I put small night lights in my rooms, particulary close to my bedroom or leave some lights on. this really helped, for it is true, they don't like the light. My daughter had terrible nightmares when she was over a year old, always seeing monsters (her word) in her room. Once, I was pregnant with my son, (they are 21 months apart), she came into my room waking me from the monsters again, and I carried her back to bed and in bending over I threw my back out the worst this has even happened. I was in bed for days, even with muscle relaxants, and had to crawl on my hands and knees to the bathroom. Later years I wondered if one of her monsters had helped that to occur. 

Anyway, once I could move again, I thought we should try light. but leaving the ceiling light on all night wasn't the option, so we went to the store and she picked out a small childrens lamp, it was a wini the pooh light, and I put the smallest lightbulb in it we could find. I had a shade and that worked, the monsters stopped. I of course told her, this was a MONSTER Light and it would keep the monsters away and she bought that one! Our nightly problem was over and I repeated this one for my son when his started. He liked tigers and got a tiger light. Even if my daughter woke from a bad dream or for any other reason, she was always quite assured that the light kept the monsters from her room. She wouldn't give up the monsters, but at least she no longer feared them. When she was older she didn't need her light any more. But in these days of change, lights are not a bad idea and night lights don't use a lot of electricity. I still use mine, one in the bathroom, and one in my bedroom and my living room et all have them. I don't have them in the back bedrooms, they aren't used. These modern ones that turn on when the room darkens are nice.

Be sure to put generous protection, using white and GOLD light UNDER your homes if you have houses, because a lot of "monsters" are coming up from the ground with the earth heating and changes. I had on come up in my kitchen recently. there was sudden loud vibrating noise next to the stove, over my counter. Nothing there to vibrate. I thought perhaps a loose lid on the pot of boiling something, but that was not it. it got worse and then suddently there was a LOUD screech, a bit like a smoke detectors and then the vibrating stopped. there were no appliances there or smoke detectors so I landed up asked what that was, I named it my screaming banshee. those of you around voodoo should know what a banshee is. I was advised it was quite likely a screaming banshee, releasing from the underground. So you may notice these day of earth changes more and more dark stuff coming up from below, that is one reason people believe hell is under them. 

I wrote a post recently on GLP and hopefully saving the teaching some place, about the famed "demons". Demons are not the dark angel or invisible dark beings. Demons are nasty THOUGHT FORMS and the earth is full of them. Guess who makes these????? MAN. The earth is full of demonic man created thought forms. That IS the power of mind. And during the magnetic reversal, these will be released during the period of the stillness of earth. When the rotation stops, but you ones may certainly encounter them from time to time. They do not have an intelligence of their own. But they do exist, so that is one reason to clean up your minds of ugly shit. So you don't create ugly shit!

Black magicians do just this stuff to put spells on people and the like. There is a black magician on GlP, the one I call YAH, (goes as Yahisking), and she tries to spell me all the time, she will even announce it! but claims she is of the light and spelling ME to stop my actions. She once claimed she would prevent me from going to ship that night. Well interceded that thought form and it did not work. this is one reason to keep yourselves shielded. Shielding with light is why the Mormons wear holy underwear, this is a corruption of the teachings and the mormon church of course produces the underwear the are REQUIRED to wear and they make a lot of money on that one. it's expensive. it is manufactured by volunteers, there is little labor cost, but the savings is not passed on to the one purchasing it.

So use the powers of your minds carefully. IF you have a negative thought about somebody, such as "I wish............ " please uncreate it as soon as you realize you created it. The power of your minds is great.

If you want to help those around the pacific rim, put out good vibes where you ask that they realize there are at risk and they prepare for it. I imagine many there are aware anyway. For people who have chosen to live on top of fault lines, you know, that is their problem, and they take that risk. I have no sympathy for all those living on or near the SA in california, it is their risk they take for their choices. I wouldn't live there and I wouldn't live under Mt Rainer in Seattle either. I have been there and saw that puppy, NO WAY. visit yes, live there NO. if people choose to live under volcanos they need to have evacuation plans. 

I know its hard. You can ask for protection to them, but not for prevention. too much protection may prevent the cleansing. People are responsible for themselves. Let them experience their choices within reason. don't let your 2 year old play in the street is resonable but let the mother cleanse. She still cleanses most of the time in places of lessor population, you have noticed. leave it to her as to where and how. 

those people killed in that terrible set of tornados in Missouri recently, there should have been adequate storm shelters and they have gotten to them. This is both individual and public accounting needed. We don't have enough shelters where I am either and I live in a mobile home, but even the brick homes nearby don't always do well, but some have basements. I bought this because it was the most reasonable choice. IF if had 6 minutes notice, I can get to the main building in the center IF it is OPEN in the first place which might provide somewhat better protection. it has no basement though. So I have to consider the best places IN this house, no place outside is safe, there is not a ditch or anything close. And then PRAY and cover myself. I am not too worried because of my protection, but I would still take cover as best as possible. Always get under or between furniture as lots of people in tornadoes and hurricanes get crushed by the roof. so consider stuff like that. One man in the one in Missouri was saved by being in his bathtub and he held on to the faucets when the wind was pulling him.

There have been houses left standing when people have asked in prayer for the house to be protected but they leave it in some hurricanes. Here in tornado alley where I live, the mobile homes should be over strapped. This was something I did not know about until just a few years ago, when there were hurricanes, and mobiles that had straps over them suffered far less damage. Nobody here had heard of such an idea. When I ask or suggest this, blank stares. There is no firm here who specializes in over strapping mobile homes. So a little mind effort might pay off for you ones individually.

Remember that ALL ensouled folks are chipped with RFID sort of technology and connected to the computers on the New Jerusalem. A lot of people were lifted during the Japan Tsunami and Haiti and places of other massive quakes. this happens during storms too, and many are picked up and then returned without knowing and they are always perplexed and thankful to god they are alive. some are put back some distance from the main destruction, if they can't be placed in the same general area and these always have stories of how the angels or whatever must have moved them there out of harms way. Will that is basically what happened, except they were moved generally by craft. The computers always know where you are and storms and quakes are anticipated. Some are not returned in these end ing times, they are sorted and are not returned. that is one reason some folks are never found after something of this sort. Certainly in Japan, many were washed out to sea, and never found but some probably were just not returned also.

Just remember, your MIND is powerful. So use it well. please don't make demons! make nice little fairies instead. You can always place a little fairy around someone, but with the stipulation that their protection is in the hands of their guides and guardians. One of the reasons California has not has the big one is in part because people keep praying against it, and I still think their should not be too much interference with nature because man does not yet understand how his mind works, and protecting one area is going to leave another exposed to EXTRA force of cleansing, it can put it out of balance for someone else. You can hold GAIAS hand and give her courage to blow up because she gets terribly depressed and can't move. think how depression affects you! And sometimes blowing up is the only thing that is effective and causes change and release. Gabriel showed his anger the day Esu was on that cross. Even that story made the bible, except Gabriel is not mentioned as the cause of that dark weather. but it probably helped cleanse the great darkness of that day. Use your minds well. 


Johan VII. OK Johan's post here, where we began discussion on a new focus, because all of you folks have awfully strong minds, and this is good training and experience on how to use them. Last post in this post.-C


I learned a BIG lesson today, that I need to share with all of you so please pay attention as it involves some if not all of your meditations aswell: 


With good intentions at heart and in mind, merely for protection against hurricanes, having just entered our yearly rain and hurricane season, volcano activity, any cataclysmic event, also for my personal and my partners protection for the Light work we do against any attack of the dark, I have steadily enlarged the holon of Light from just around myself, to the size of garden and house, to the valley we live in and ended issuing the Holon the entire size of our island. For weeks I have witnessed, as mentioned here before, stormsystems, thunderstorms coming towards us, AND PRACTICALLY EACH AND EVERY ONE EITHER VANISHED OR SPLIT JUST BEFORE REACHING US. To my great joy, happy with the holon protecting us so good, I continued that untill this evening....

A big system that intensified into a thunderstorm, as I could see on the radar and weather satellite charts I follow, especially during the hurricane season, came straight towards us, was just about to make landfall before 6:30 as I mentioned to Candace and here on this thread. 

Strangely OR NOT, not one drop of rain came down since, and we are 10 pm now as I am typing this. I looked at a number of radar pictures since :

So I decided, or was drawn or inspired to mention that to Candace. She looked at it, asked Her Guidance and mentioned she was told to watch me learn my lesson on this one, since my holon of light, who does not know nor think, is just put in place by myself, prevents Divine Purpose, mother nature, mother Earth to do what needs to be done. Although with the best of intentions AND mentioning to respect Divine Purpose, it does not seem to matter, since once that holon is in place, it INTERFERES. 

Even when we place the holons of Light around the ring of fire OR ANYWHERE ELSE to saveguard the people, to prevent them from being in harms way, mother Nature, mother Earth, Divine Purpose cannot do what needs to be done, so it INTERFERES !!! 

The most important thing here is TO LET MOTHER EARTH DO HER CLEANSING, AND NOT TO INTERFERE IN THAT PROCESS. ( despite our good intentions and stating we respect Divine Purpose ) 

So please drop the holon of Lights for that purpose, just use them for more smaller situations where danger of car or other accidents can happen, WITHOUT INTERFERING WITH MOTHER EARTH. Like Candace mentioned and I also described, ask your Guidance, your angels to do what needs to be done, since you normally do not know WHY things happen or what the soul purpose or souls agreement of certain people is. You can try to send Love and Light whilest being in line to enhance the atmosphere, to get it going more fluently, but leave the rest to the Higher Realms who know. When people find themselves in dangerous situations, if needbe, they will be taken care of, as happened with people in Haiti, in Japan, as starfleet is always around to help.

I did my evening meditation as usuall, BUT THIS TAKES PRECEDENT. Thanks, Johan.


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