Maitreya addressing AH Monday June 13th,2011

My dear friends,

The reason I have contacted a few of your membership did not come by accident. As spiritual teacher in your Elevated World soon, I will try to bring new expanded visions to the religious minds of many and build that into daily life.

AH is an excellent platform to start from and your Beloved Candace has indeed done all she could to change the face of religion, but to little avail. Even the awakened ones are still half asleep. I will be an honour to work closely with my precious Sister in the near times just ahead.

Those of you from AH that stay with Gaia will have many options, but I already ask you: If material concerning religion, philosophy based on Truth, Divine Love and Light, related to the UB, the One Source and CMAton interests you, please me know personally. If there is still time left, I can inform you etherically of the work to be done, if you ask me to.

As things look now, time might be running out as serious changes on the earth’s surface are underway with everybody in charge on extreme alert as we speak. I preferred to explain my recent contacts with many of you that I know well and the pleasure will be likewise soon for some of you.When you feel an affinity to me and the material at hand, look into it, if you please. At the same time: It’s High time to prepare yourself as Action can start from everywhere, so go over your preparations physically, also prepare emotionally, mentally AND spiritually so you keep your balance in those events to come to pass.

I am Maitreya, and you can call me your Friend. Through Johan, also Thanks Bella.