Dearly Beloveds, 

I AM Christ Michael of Nebadon.

As this chela was a little afraid of taking on another message, he surely does not know yet what he is in for in the near future (in positive sense), I will keep it short in as opposite to the amount of work that has been done now and that only a hand full of you are fully aware off. 

Go deep inside now and fine tune yourself with the fabric of Life, the Divine Life and Light and Love that is about to undergo a mayor transmutation never seen before on that scale.

As you know, many are here from far distant places to witness and learn and take their experiences home. That, my Warriors of Light, is what you are awakening up to. Listen to the Internal Sound of Pure Living Consciousness and that what you hear, you will Become and realise YOU ARE. If what you see or shall see soon frightens you, GO WITHING and OBSERVE for that Inner Awareness will harness you at all times, and balance yourself.

When that Flash of Light that rolls like a Wave will embark fully upon your shore, as it has begun, it will open every cell and every fiber of your Being to FULL AWARENESS, to never forget WHO YOU ARE and you will remember your purpose as clear as the Lightening that connects all of Creation with its Creator. This Divine Proces, has happened before, even many times AND WILL SEPARATE THE GRAINS FROM THE DUST ONCE MORE. Know that it takes grain AND fertile soil to get to harvest !

You my Children are High Vibrational Organisms of Light, my warriors of Light, ONLY IF AND WHEN YOU RADIATE THAT INNER LIGHT TO YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL, AS IS THAT RIVER OF LIFE MORE AND MOST ABUNDANT that will embrace and penetrate ALL that exists Within and Around you.

This Flash of Lightening, issued by Creator Source, leaves no shadow,is pure- all good Light, absolve all polarity or duality, is Absolute, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, is the Consciousness of Creation, penetrates through ALL and this Gift of the Father, some have called the Wave, the Black Light, The Purple Celestial Waters, The Celestial Sea of Violet Healing and while you are moving into the Interdimensional Protection Dome or Golden Shield, (oh this chela remembers well ), the big transmutation will transpire. In this you will bathe and Know your Being.

Cleanse yourself, purify your entire Being and this will Lift you unto a Celestial High and you will ride that Wave with pride! For those that choose their own superficial and concocted thrills, they will come crashing down underneight that Wave and beg for mercy and lick their wounds, somewhere else.

May you reflect upont these words, more than merely giving them a glimps, and accept our Love and before your know, Celebration will be at hand. Cry, like this chela who does writes my words for tears of joy will be plenty AND cleanse and lift your Soul even more. Carry that joy and peace that surpasses all understanding, as many quote, but very few experienced. '' Love all I AM, Welcome Home to thy Heart '' as said before. Welcome Home for NOW IS THAT TIME.

I AM Christ Michael of Nebadon.

ps After taking this Message, I thanked and asked CMAton : '' Is there anything else you need me to know? '' Answer : '' After taking this message, is there anything you can possible be missing still ? '' I felt the humorous intent and witt and wisdom, laughed, felt a Fatherly Embrace that felt like a Heavenly Hug, and thanked again. ''