Greetings to All of you, Children of The Light.
By Siraya thru Johan
May 26, 2012 - 4:13:57 PM

Siraya : Greetings to All of you, Children of The Light.

I AM Siraya,
Representing Creator Source in Orvonton.

It is my greatest pleasure to confirm that what your Most Esteemed Creator son, Michael of Nebadon has announced, is upon us. From Universal Perspective, call it nano-seconds. His courtesy call to give notice of the days of the darkened sun has brought great joy amongst many dignitaries from all over Creation who have been front row, tip of their seats. And most recently been witnessing the last pieces of the puzzle, chess game if you like, been skillfully manoeuvered, masterminded into place.

What has been sent by Creator Source by His Decree, agreed upon by ALL involved, is making his entry as we speak. The Wave will impact accordingly and appropriately and will propel forward the long awaited finale of the most tedious works your Sovereign has endeavoured upon sofar.

To reach this highest possible level of perfection, with so many variables and constant dealbreakers or unexpected twists and turns at play, this deserves more then merely a quotation in the annals of this Local Universe. This feat, once determined a ' done deal ', will be further studied and adored far outside its enormous frontiers and boundaries. It is the cornerstone many would have rejected, but Your Creator Son accepted this challenge truely against all odds, not knowing its precise outcome by far. It is not the end, what never can be reached as Within The One Creation, cycles come and go, ever expanding Within a Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient Supreme Intelligent Power, that never stops.

Those in the knowing have reasons to rejoice, while standing firm still, those unknowing will be removed or made aware, much to their surprise. I therefore choose to bring those glad tidings from my heart and equally from Our Creator Source, in the knowing of a lot more work to be accomplished, but glad with where we stand.

I Bless all you Light Warriors and Star Seeds who stood tall no matter the storms. Your work and hearts content has not gone unnoticed at all.

I AM Siraya,
in Service of Creator Source.

Love and Light,



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