AH Sunday Meditation Invitation for 2nd Sept. 2012
By Johan / CM
Sep 2, 2012 - 4:07:24 AM


AH Sunday Meditation Invitation for 2nd Sept. 2012

Johan / CM



CMAton advised for our front readers for the Sunday AH Meditation Invitation to suggest :

That as Light Workers, we send all our Divine Love and Light towards those who are staying
behind after the 3 DD's, so they may accept THE TRUTH and THE LIGHT for what it is : THE TRUTH.

That they may invite, accept and embrace CMAton's Spirit of Truth to dwell in their Hearts and Minds by simple HUNGER TO KNOW THE TRUTH. CMAton considers this now a very important POINT OF FOCUS for us LIGHT WARRIORS / LIGHT WORKERS / STAR SEEDS / FAMILY OF THE LIGHT. Although TEACHINGS are planned, the degree of ACCEPTING AND DIGESTING things completely opposite of what they knew or have been given sofar or shocking to most, might find resistance and disbelief at first.

To soften their hearts and minds and see the NEW FUTURE this beautiful Planet has choosen and NEEDS to go now inevitably, with all inconveniances included, WE are asked to see us UNITED, accepting the Divine Light from Papa/Creator Source through CMAton and our Higher Selves and sending this like WAVE after WAVE to ALL THOSE WHO ARE STILL ON EARTH AFTER THE 3 DD'S.

If its possible to join together at 21:00 UTC globally, then that would be even better, but individually will be just find, OR state the INTENT to be connected with the Global 21:00 UTC meditation effort from AH.

Love and Light,


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