By Johan/CM
Mar 10, 2013 - 1:36:20 PM

AH SUNDAY MEDITATION INVITATION, Febr. 24th and Now March 10, 2013, 21:00 UTC

CMAton suggested the following ACTION by as many as possible AH FRONT READING MEDITATORS at the same time, at 21:00 UTC, seeing themselves part of a large group of meditators holding hands around Mother Earth :

Visualizing that as much LIGHT AND LOVE from your heart and Third Eye combined goes to the Crystal Core of Mother Earth, for as long as you can hold that visual ...

When you see the Crystal Core as the engine running stationary, WE INTEND TO REV UP THE ENGINE or you to lend your support to that process at hand, at work already. Being in the photon belt already and having received wave after wave, has already increased the Frequency/Vibration of the Crystal Core ( part or residue of your Sun ) and after much work done by Fleet, we are preparing for the Crystal Core to start running in accelerated mode, ready to jump start the controlled process needed to let Mother Earth do what needs to be done to proceed in her Ascension Process.

Enough detailed explanation of that has been shared already, but now that the pressure on Mother Earth is increasing, by focusing on her Core as an engine, you are lending a helping hand to the energetic process at work. Time to be on standby if not remaining vigilant overall.

Love and Light,

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