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Changing The Face Of Religion : Illustrations For The Urantia Book Last Updated: Jan 19, 2022 - 5:26:20 PM

Urantia Book Illustrations - The Universe Power Directors - Part 2
By Hano with Urantia Book Illustrations
Jul 24, 2019 - 9:28:28 AM

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The Universe Power Directors - Part 2

The Domain of Power Centers

The Supreme Power Centers distributed throughout the superuniverses number, with their associates and subordinates, upward of ten billion...

These power centers and directors are brought into being by the children of the Infinite Spirit. They are not germane to the administration of the Sons of God, though they affiliate with the Creator Sons during the later epochs of universe material organization...

Power centers and physical controllers undergo no training; they are all created in perfection and are inherently perfect in action. Never do they pass from one function to another; always do they serve as originally assigned...

The directors, centers, and controllers of power have nothing to do with anything in all creation except power, material or semiphysical energy; they do not originate it, but they do modify, manipulate, and directionize it. Neither do they have anything whatever to do with physical gravity except to resist its drawing power. Their relation to gravity is wholly negative...

They are both living and "personal," but they are beyond your comprehension...

Outside of Havona the Supreme Power Centers function only on especially constructed (architectural) spheres or on otherwise suitably constituted space bodies. The architectural worlds are so constructed that the living power centers can act as selective switches to directionize, modify, and concentrate the energies of space as they pour over these spheres. They could not so function on an ordinary evolutionary sun or planet. Certain groups are also concerned in the heating and other material necessities of these special headquarters worlds...

The power centers and their subordinate controllers are assigned to the working of all of the physical energies of organized space...The Universe Power Directors have nothing whatever to do with those tremendous actions of force which are now taking place outside the present boundaries of the seven superuniverses...

The Master Physical Controllers

These beings are the mobile subordinates of the Supreme Power Centers. The physical controllers are endowed with capabilities of individuality metamorphosis of such a nature that they can engage in a remarkable variety of autotransport, being able to traverse local space at velocities approaching the flight of Solitary Messengers...

The Master Physical Controllers serve throughout the grand universe. They are directly governed from Paradise by the Seven Supreme Power Directors as far as the headquarters of the superuniverses; from here they are directed and distributed by the Council of Equilibrium, the high commissioners of power dispatched by the Seven Master Spirits from the personnel of the Associate Master Force Organizers...

While the presence of the Paradise Deities encircles the grand universe and sweeps around the circle of eternity, the influence of any one of the Seven Master Spirits is limited to a single superuniverse. There is a distinct segregation of energy and a separation of the circuits of power between each of the seven supercreations; hence individualized control methods must and do prevail.

The Master Physical Controllers are the direct offspring of the Supreme Power Centers, and their numbers include the following:

1. Associate Power Directors.

These marvelously efficient beings are intrusted with the assignment and dispatch of all orders of the Master Physical Controllers in accordance with the ever-shifting needs of the constantly changing energy status of the realms. The vast reserves of the physical controllers are maintained on the headquarters worlds of the minor sectors, and from these concentration points they are periodically dispatched by the associate power directors to the headquarters of the universes, constellations, and systems, and to the individual planets...

At least one acting inspector is always present in each local system, maintaining headquarters on its capital sphere. They keep the whole vast living energy aggregation in harmonious synchrony.

2. Mechanical Controllers.

These are the exceedingly versatile and mobile assistants of the associate power directors. Trillions upon trillions of them are commissioned in Ensa, your minor sector. These beings are called mechanical controllers because they are so completely dominated by their superiors, so fully subservient to the will of the associate power directors. Nevertheless they are, themselves, very intelligent, and their work, though mechanical and matter-of-fact in nature, is skillfully performed.

Of all the Master Physical Controllers assigned to the inhabited worlds, the mechanical controllers are by far the most powerful. Possessing the living endowment of antigravity in excess of all other beings, each controller has a gravity resistance equaled only by enormous spheres revolving at tremendous velocity...

The mechanical controllers are competent to directionize the flow of energy and to facilitate its concentration into the specialized currents or circuits. These mighty beings have much to do with the segregation, directionization, and intensification of the physical energies and with the equalization of the pressures of the interplanetary circuits. They are expert in the manipulation of twenty-one of the thirty physical energies of space, constituting the power charge of a superuniverse. They are also able to accomplish much towards the management and control of six of the nine more subtle forms of physical energy. By placing these controllers in proper technical relationship to each other and to certain of the power centers, the associate power directors are enabled to effect unbelievable changes in power adjustment and energy control...

As requirements vary, they can upstep and accelerate the energy volume and movement or detain, condense, and retard the energy currents. They influence energy and power transformations somewhat as so-called catalytic agents augment chemical reactions. They function by inherent ability and in co-operation with the Supreme Power Centers.

3. Energy Transformers.

The number of these beings in a superuniverse is unbelievable. There are almost one million in Satania alone, and the usual quota is one hundred for each inhabited world.

The energy transformers are the conjoint creation of the Seven Supreme Power Directors and the Seven Center Supervisors. They are among the more personal orders of physical controllers, and except when an associate power director is present on an inhabited world, the transformers are in command. They are the planetary inspectors of all departing seraphic transports...

These transformers are powerful and effective living switches, being able to dispose themselves for or against a given power disposition or directionization. They are also skillful in their efforts to insulate the planets against the powerful energy streams passing between gigantic planetary and starry neighbors. Their energy-transmutive attributes render them most serviceable in the important task of maintaining universal energy balance, or power equilibrium. At one time they seem to consume or store energy; at other times they appear to exude or liberate energy. The transformers are able to increase or to diminish the "storage-battery" potential of the living and dead energies of their respective realms. But they deal only with physical and semimaterial energies, they do not directly function in the domain of life, neither do they change the forms of living beings.

In some respects the energy transformers are the most remarkable and mysterious of all semimaterial living creatures...The status of the physical realms seems to undergo a transformation under their skillful manipulation. They can and do change the physical form of the energies of space...

The remaining four groups of the Master Physical Controllers are hardly persons within any acceptable definition of that word. These transmitters, associators, dissociators, and frandalanks are wholly automatic in their reactions; nevertheless they are in every sense intelligent...They seem fully able to receive our communications but quite powerless to make response.

4. Energy Transmitters.

These beings function chiefly, but not wholly, in an intraplanetary capacity. They are marvelous dispatchers of energy as it is manifested on the individual worlds.

When energy is to be diverted to a new circuit, the transmitters deploy themselves in a line along the desired energy path, and by virtue of their unique attributes of energy-attraction, they can actually induce an increased energy flow in the desired direction. This they do just as literally as certain metallic circuits directionize the flow of certain forms of electric energy; and they are living superconductors for more than half of the thirty forms of physical energy...

They can detect currents which are much too feeble to be recognized by any other type of living being, and they can so augment these energies that the accompanying message becomes perfectly intelligible. Their services are invaluable to the broadcast receivers.

Energy transmitters can function with regard to all forms of communicable perception; they can render a distant scene "visible" as well as a distant sound "audible." They provide the emergency lines of communication in the local systems and on the individual planets. These services must be used by practically all creatures for purposes of communication outside of the regularly established circuits.

These beings, together with the energy transformers, are indispensable to the maintenance of mortal existence on those worlds having an impoverished atmosphere, and they are an integral part of the technique of life on the nonbreathing planets.

5. Primary Associators.

These interesting and invaluable entities are masterly energy conservators and custodians. Somewhat as a plant stores solar light, so do these living organisms store energy during times of plus manifestations. They work on a gigantic scale, converting the energies of space into a physical state not known on Urantia. They are also able to carry forward these transformations to the point of producing some of the primitive units of material existence. These beings simply act by their presence. They are in no way exhausted or depleted by this function; they act like living catalytic agents.

During seasons of minus manifestations they are empowered to release these accumulated energies. But your knowledge of energy and matter is not sufficiently advanced to make it possible to explain the technique of this phase of their work. They always labor in compliance with universal law, handling and manipulating atoms, electrons, and ultimatons much as you maneuver adjustable type to make the same alphabetical symbols tell vastly different stories.

The associators are the first group of life to appear on an organizing material sphere, and they can function at physical temperatures which you would regard as utterly incompatible with the existence of living beings. They represent an order of life which is simply beyond the range of human imagination. Together with their co-workers, the dissociators, they are the most slavish of all intelligent creatures.

6. Secondary Dissociators.

Compared with the primary associators, these beings of enormous antigravity endowment are the reverse workers. There is never any danger that the special or modified forms of physical energy on the local worlds or in the local systems will be exhausted, for these living organizations are endowed with the unique power of evolving limitless supplies of energy. They are chiefly concerned with the evolution of a form of energy which is hardly known on Urantia from a form of matter which is recognized still less. They are truly the alchemists of space and the wonder-workers of time. But in all the wonders they work, they never transgress the mandates of Cosmic Supremacy.

7. The Frandalanks and Chronoldeks

These beings are the joint creation of all three orders of energy-control beings: the primary and secondary force organizers and the power directors. Frandalanks are the most numerous of all the Master Physical Controllers; the number functioning in Satania alone is beyond your numerical concept. They are stationed on all inhabited worlds and are always attached to the higher orders of physical controllers. They function interchangeably in the central and superuniverses and in the domains of outer space...

The frandalanks are created in thirty divisions, one for each form of basic universe force, and they function exclusively as living and automatic presence, pressure, and velocity gauges. These living barometers are solely concerned with the automatic and unerring registration of the status of all forms of force-energy. They are to the physical universe what the vast reflectivity mechanism is to the minded universe. The frandalanks that register time in addition to quantitative and qualitative energy presence are called chronoldeks.

I recognize that the frandalanks are intelligent, but I cannot classify them as other than living machines. About the only way I can help you to understand these living mechanisms is to compare them to your own mechanical contrivances which perform with almost intelligentlike precision and accuracy. Then if you would conceive of these beings, draw upon your imagination to the extent of recognizing that in the grand universe we actually have intelligent and living mechanisms (entities) that can perform more intricate tasks involving more stupendous computations with even greater delicacy of accuracy, even with ultimacy of precision.

Not all of these orders are persons in the sense of possessing individual powers of choice. Especially do the last four seem to be wholly automatic and mechanical in response to the impulses of their superiors and in reaction to existing energy conditions. But though such response appears wholly mechanistic, it is not; they may seem to be automatons, but all of them disclose the differential function of intelligence.

The physical controllers are chiefly occupied in the adjustment of basic energies undiscovered on Urantia. These unknown energies are very essential to the interplanetary system of transport and to certain techniques of communication...

The Master Force Organizers

The force organizers are resident on Paradise, but they function throughout the master universe, more particularly in the domains of unorganized space. These extraordinary beings are neither creators nor creatures, and they comprise two grand divisions of service:

1. Primary Eventuated Master Force Organizers.

2. Associate Transcendental Master Force Organizers.

These two mighty orders of primordial-force manipulators work exclusively under the supervision of the Architects of the Master Universe, and at the present time they do not function extensively within the boundaries of the grand universe.

Primary Master Force Organizers are the manipulators of the primordial or basic space-forces of the Unqualified Absolute; they are nebulae creators. They are the living instigators of the energy cyclones of space and the early organizers and directionizers of these gigantic manifestations. These force organizers transmute primordial force (pre-energy not responsive to direct Paradise gravity) into primary or puissant energy, energy transmuting from the exclusive grasp of the Unqualified Absolute to the gravity grasp of the Isle of Paradise. They are thereupon succeeded by the associate force organizers, who continue the process of energy transmutation from the primary through the secondary or gravity-energy stage.

Upon the completion of the plans for the creation of a local universe, signalized by the arrival of a Creator Son, the Associate Master Force Organizers give way to the orders of power directors acting in the superuniverse of astronomic jurisdiction. But in the absence of such plans the associate force organizers continue on indefinitely in charge of these material creations, even as they now operate in outer space.

The Master Force Organizers withstand temperatures and function under physical conditions which would be intolerable even to the versatile power centers and physical controllers of Orvonton. The only other types of revealed beings capable of functioning in these realms of outer space are the Solitary Messengers and the Inspired Trinity Spirits.


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