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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Worship and Forward Thinking
By CM/Source thru Hazel
May 14, 2012 - 4:00:34 PM

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Worship and Forward Thinking

Thru Hazel


This first portion below from Christ Michael,  the next portion from the Paradise Father



The concept of worship is affiliated with the religious practice of outwardly honouring God of the religion. This honour is bestowed by those who gather in a specified place of worship where laud and adoration is attended unto God through the saying or repeating of prayers, singing of hymns or other religious music, chanting, and recognition and reminder of HIS word through the reading of gospels or various other texts.

Worship has become a convention of religion in that specified days are allocated when God is to be praised and honoured in a community fashion. Worship has come to signify man’s recognition or identification with a God who is Creator of all things; to whom homage must be addressed for gifts rendered of varying nature during the mortal existence.

The Father honours HIS children’s right to exercise their free will when they choose to approach worship in this egregious manner. HE is moved however by the intent and not necessarily the action. HE recognises that most have been conditioned to see worship through the limited view that religion offers. It has become an imposed practice which many have adopted as a routine in their lives. The form of worship may be distinct amongst religions but the intent is predominantly the same.

I come to provide you with an advanced perspective on worship so that communion with God can be fruitful whilst maintaining the reverent attitude that attends worship. It is by all means worthy for believers to congregate and share in communion with the divine. Yet the starting point must always be recognition that as each present carries the divine essence of God, God is present in each and in the presence of all when there is such a gathering.

Honour and homage should thus first and foremost be offered to each other from the perspective that it is the God within you who honours the God within the other. This births the higher vision that God is almighty within each and each is sovereign through the existence of God individualised within each member. Praise, honour and adoration should be exchanged amongst members of the congregation as an act of recognition of God’s presence.

When you come to recognise the God within each then you will appreciate the omnipresence of God and the Oneness of All. When you worship you will not be worshipping in separation but in Oneness. You will treat worship as a meaningful communion with the infinite spirit within you as well as meaningful interchange with the infinite spirit within others.

When you commune through recognition, with the infinite spirit within you, you are recognising self and self worth and honouring self as God. This form of worship is motivating and fruitful as it cultivates your thinking which will eventually accept the most incredible thought, that you and God are one. Why do you seek to praise and honour God in the first place? What are you appreciative of towards HIM? Are you motivated through love for HIM and desire to know HIM more and be obedient to HIS will; or are your motivations based on the expectations of others or fear that if you do not attend worship God will be displeased?

Dear children, true worship is always a result of personal desire to spend time with the God within or be in the presence of God. Can you accept that it is a possibility that you are seeking through, what you term worship, to truly know God; to experience what it feels like to be in HIS presence , to taste of the higher energy and joy that HE can bring to your life?

You sing song after song and you become empowered by the energy created through music. Many experience a high, in particular where worship is of a charismatic nature. This high MY children is that which you are seeking to experience because through it you feel the ecstasy of being in God’s presence. It brings radiant joy to your hearts as you feel the higher vibration take control of you and for many moments everything else is forgotten. Many are brought to tears through the experience and claim to feel closer to God. God is all love and all ecstasy of the purest nature. You therefore long through worship to feel God.

Worship need not be the reserve for Sundays or whatever day of the week your religion imposes. Feeling the presence of God, experiencing the ecstasy of God, and enjoying reverent communion with God should be a daily practice. It should be a willing part of your life; in fact a priority.


Worship should involve the joining of your mind with the mind of God. Daily communion with God shall enable you to develop a personal relationship with HIS presence within you and worship will take on a new meaning as HE begins to minister to you in response to your efforts to know HIM and be with HIM.

It is through meditation that you can truly engage in meaningful worship. Let your prayer, love, gratitude and respect be engraved in your heart and this will be your offerings to the Father. Through the meditation process you will be reminded of who you are and guided to fulfil your creative potential in the world to manifest HIS presence. HE is the archetype of what you seek to reflect and you can only truly know Him through silent communion.

As you come to know the Father within you as yourself, you will live in a constant state of worship. As your consciousness breathes new life of a celestial or cosmic nature your creations in this world will bear the stamp of all Godly attributes. Worship becomes a way of living for you as you honour, revere and love expressly every life force in God’s creation as your own.

Your life becomes a living praise through the service you shall render and works you shall do. This type of worship will bring the greatest level of self realisation and it will create an empowering life built on divine knowledge. You shall live in the presence of the divine and shall never feel the myth of separation. You shall be able at will to draw from your infinite resources to create the life worthy of living. You will dwell in the frenzy of joy and see through the eyes of maturity. You will truly love your brothers and sisters as yourself and you will be a God in action. Yes MY dear ones, true worship should bring you to this state of being; not the transient state of feeling love, joy and empowerment one day of the week and then collapsing into forgetfulness thereafter.

When you ignore the God within you, you ignore yourself. The Father is not in need of blind adoration. HE knows who HE is. HE wants you to discover who you are and in that discovery will be a worthy reason to celebrate. It is truly the discovery of God within you that will enable you to see many of your earthy practices and concepts in a different light.


The purpose of worship is to find and know the Cause and in so doing you will find and know yourself; for it is then that you shall live a worshipful life where all things and ones in God’s vast creation will be honoured, praised, revered and adored.


Message from the Paradise Father

Thru Hazel

Draw from MY breath that you may be propelled into timelessness to experience the ardour of infinite joy. In this you shall find ME for you shall enter into the nest where I can attend to thee as a Father/Mother would to a child. You shall be weaned and protected and come to a deep awareness of MY love. You will then know my expectations of thee. You will come to know ME as a loving God who serves HIS children through love and extends HIS all knowledge to them that they may wish to return to the nesting ground time and time again for nourishment.

I do not require subservience, affected, imposed or unnatural adoration. I do not seek you to love or revere ME out of duty or fear. I desire you to want to know ME and to experience the fullness of MY love so that you can come to know that there is no difference between us.  MY actions are exercised through pure love and I wish you to be so motivated. The world does not have to know your love for ME through loud repetitive words but must bear witness to it through your way of life; for the greatest praise and honour you can render to ME is to live a Godly life wherein I AM manifested in all you do.


There are many whose vision is jaundiced and their thinking coloured. They cannot behold reality but simply follow patterns carved out for them.

The synthesis of all truth lies in the vestibule conspicuous only through inner sight.  Each must choose to see in truth before they find the vestibule.

Solitude is the temperature most fruitful for worship. In your aloneness with me I can reveal myself and you will hear MY thoughts in heightened ways and come to know the ME within you. I will foster you from within and build your inner senses through a network of light that at every point will you be able to receive holy transmission. There will be no need for outer acclamations or praise for I can and will read that which is in your heart. If you approach me in reverie I will feel and know the honour and love you project. It is the song in your heart which testifies to your longings that moves ME within to respond, and not necessarily the words from your lips.

I do not require that you worship ME as if I exist beyond you; but to do so as if I AM a part of you. Only then will you truly feel MY love and hear MY message to you. The empowerment and comfort you shall experience through this knowing communion will be sustaining.

I know that your current understanding of worship is inherited and for many it is a practice born out of expectation and duty. For many, worship placates the soul and allows for recharging in an environment which presumes Godliness.  I am not against community worship; just the manner in which it is executed. I gently encourage that worship in the setting of a church by whatever name that church is called be aimed at a sharing of the revelations of the infinite spirit within each and an honouring of each other as God in manifest. You must come to know and accept that where you are I AM.


This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, Candace.


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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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