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Telepathic Messages : Hazel Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

What it means to be awake?
By Cm thru Hazel
Aug 3, 2010 - 2:08:13 PM

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Christ Michael- thru Hazel
What it means to be awake?

We have been using the word "awake" rampantly over the years. I have cause to question however how many truly comprehend the full meaning of what it means to be awake. This explanation is long over due and I hope that the clarity which I bring this day will settle the minds of you my children that you are left in no doubt as to what I mean when I say you must "awaken".

There are many dimensions to the context in which this word or concept is used. Firstly we the spiritual hierarchy wish that you ones will awaken to the reality of your earthly existence and see that you have become veritable slaves to a matrix that is so entrenched that it is difficult for you ones to decipher that which is real. We wish that you will become cognisant of the lies and heinous practices of the dark ones which bind you in slavery to their exquisitely nefarious vendetta against the light.

You ones are embraced in a dark culture and the light is trying to peek in but the dark ones are seeking to cut off every vent that will allow the breath of light in. Only you have the power to press against the boundaries of the darkness initiated by those who seek to bleed the very life from your souls. We desire you to awaken to the drudgery of your existence which deprives your soul of food for growth. For those who remain unconscious to the darks' agenda, exist in the quagmire of ignorance and have assumed a machine like existence.

So to be clear we wish that you will see what you have become a part of and a willing participant in. For when you are able to see clearly that you are slaves, then you can rise up and fight for your freedom. It is time for you on earth to awaken to the illusion within which you exist. I want you to know that there is no life where there is illusion. When you can awaken to this, you will wish to recapture what is real for only then will you stand a chance of living and growing.

We wish you to awaken also to the plight of the planet earth to which I made you loyal custodians. You must see that I intended her to be a sovereign being just like you, yet she has been treated with contempt, disrespect and perpetual abuse.

Awaken in this context means that you must become aware of and acknowledge that the planet earth whom the celestials call Gaia is a living being just as you are and who must evolve and ascend as you must. She is a part of my creation and must be afforded the love and dignity that she is deserving of.

I desire you my children to awaken to the presence of the Mighty I Am within you, being the God presence, the divine you. It is this awareness that will truly start you on your eternal journey. When you become aware of your divinity you will see the greater picture of you and come into a greater understanding of who God is and what He stands for.

This is mans' greatest challenge for he is slow to recognise himself as a supreme being because for aeons the dark has subjugated him and taught him to measure his worth only by that which is physical. Man has forgotten where he came from and he must come into remembrance of his birth, his birthright, heritage and legacy. When man is awaken to who his is, he will begin his ascent for he will have become aware of the light within which will guide his every movement as he scales the mountains of life after life.

In awakening to his divinity man will come to know Me intimately if he so desires and he will come to understand My ways and laws by which he will abide consciously. He can awaken that spark within himself by connecting with his God mind initially, that the eyes and ears of his mind become activated which enables him to see, hear and know the rhythm of Me within him. Thus, will begin the unfolding of a beauteous relationship between us in the measure of his effort.

Awakening to my presence within is not enough, for mans' consciousness must unfold in greater measure that he discovers more and more about Me and thus himself. I fear that for those of you who think that you might be awakened you will find that you may be so in half measure. When you attain enlightenment, only then will you be fully awakened. Until then your efforts must be directed to coming into a greater awareness of your God self and mastering with tenacity those God attributes all the time. When I say you must be awake I mean all the time, not some of the time or when it suits you.

Being awake also means being aware of your habits, practices, thoughts and feelings every single moment of your life. It is only conscious awareness that will enable you to align your actions with Me.

I desire you ones to be alive to the fact that as your grow in light the dark ones will seek every opportunity to attack that light. You must therefore be aware of that fact and as I have taught you, protect yourself with the white light of God.

Finally I desire you to awaken to the Oneness in all things. Many of you sprout the phrase because it sounds "nice" or it is the spiritually correct thing to say. How many feel that sense of Oneness with all? How many can bless their dark brothers and pray for them? How many can see every life force in creation as One and Equal?When you can start to see, know and feel that Oneness through your God mind, then you will find that you will move in swiftness, into a knowing of your Oneness with Me. You will become that Oneness.

I am Christ Michael Aton your Father who has been telling you for aeons to awaken to your light. Will you hear me now?



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